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A New Case Of Group Rape Generates Controversy In Spain

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A new case of group rape generates controversy in Spain


Known as La Manada de Manresa, they were responsible for a case of rape, now new protagonists of a case of supposed group violation emerge, this has caused great controversy in Spain.

Some time after the closing of the Manada case, the five men who violated an 18 -year -old girl at the popular San Fermín parties in 2016 and who were sentenced to 15 years in prison by the Supreme Court, after a wave of historical protests, again in Spain another group is judged to incur the same crime.


In the case of the pack, it was known as a ruling of two courts condemned to the group for sex more, however, not for the most serious crime of rape, considering that there was no violence or intimidation. A huge controversy and great manifestations have been unleashed that extend throughout the country.

For its part, the Supreme Term estimating the legal qualification of these sentences incorrect and has the penalty of the culprits, because the story according to the high court described as a true intimidary scenario, where the victim never considers the sexual acts made by the defendants.

The victim raped by the pack in Spain wrote a letter thanking for not having left her alone, it was a very encouraging letter.

Even people remember and take into account the case previously occurred, this month began a new trial with some similarities to that of the pack.

Wait! A New Case Of Group Rape Generates Controversy In Spain paper is just an example!

So much is the similarity that manresa’s pack calling them.

This time it is a group accused of a sexual attack on a 14 -year -old infant in Manresa, a town located northeastern Catalonia. This group currently faces the accusation of sexual abuse and non -violation, which has once again placed the Spanish regulations and the action of the Prosecutor’s Office.

In Spain, sexual crimes are classified as follows:

  • Sexual harassment: when favors of a sexual nature are requested in the workplace, teacher or presentation of services, caused in the victim a highly intimidating, hostile or humiliating situation (sentence of 1 to 5 months in prison or fine).
  • Sexual abuse: go against the freedom or sexual indemnity of a person, without violence or intimidation, but neither consent (sanction of 1 to 3 years in fine prison).
  • Sexual aggression: attempt against sexual freedom using violence or intimidation (the conviction is 1 to 5 years in prison).
  • Violation: It is the sexual aggression that consists of carnal access by vaginal, mouth or anal (sanction of 6 to 12 years in prison).



This new case is estimated that he will have a sentence of 10 to 20 years in prison, the Prosecutor’s Office imputes a crime of sexual abuse, the maxims of this criminal type are to punish the attacks in which there is no violence or intimidation, but that the victimIt is under the consumption of drugs and alcohol and its will was annulled.   

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