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Art marketing plan

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Art Marketing Plan
The wedding dresses exhibition will take place at the Victoria and Albert Museum. The exhibition will start on March 1st, and the grand finale will be on August 31st. The expected number of visitors is about 210,500. Below is a brief overview of the V&A Museum and Wedding Dresses exhibition.
The Victoria and Albert Museum is located in London; the Museum has a collection of various art from best metal work to painting. The collection is from all over the world and particular composed of the best work in Britain. The founding principle of the V&A museum was to make artwork available to all. Here you should concisely state where the event is, where it would like to go and how it intends to get there.
The V&A museum is designed to give visitors from all the world a new insight into the British history and also link one to key people in the history. All over the years the, V&A museum has tried to promote the artwork by providing a place to display the great artwork, making this work available to all.
The development of the Wedding Dresses 1775-2014 can be traced back to the designer white wedding dresses and treatment of wedding dresses by key fashion designers such as Charles Frederick Worth, Norman Hartnell, Charles James, John Galliano, Christian Lacroix, Vivienne Westwood and Vera Wang over the past last 200 years CITATION Vic15 l 1033 (Victoria and Albert Museum). The Wedding Dresses 1775-2014 display have the most expensive and beautiful V&A museum wedding dresses collection.

Wait! Art marketing plan paper is just an example!

Some new dresses and loaned wedding dresses like that worn by Dita Von Teese display were the most expensive and beautiful wedding dresses from the V&A, the collection also included new wedding dresses plus superb collection and included some important new acquisitions as well as loaned dresses. For example, the wedding dress was worn by Dita Von Teese and that of Gwen Stefani. Apart, from making the wedding dresses available to the public, the exhibition provide vital information about the dresses such as the circumstances that lead to the choice of the fashion.

The exhibition will take place between March 1st and August 31st, 2015. During this period, the tourism industry is usually at its peak. V&A Museum is one of the many tourist destinations in London. At the peak of the tourist industry, a higher number of tourist are expected to V&A Museum compared with other days. To take advantage of the peak period of the tourism industry, the exhibition is scheduled between March 1st and 31st August 2015.

The budget for the marketing of the wedding dresses exhibition is £105,500. The number of the expected visitors is about 210,500. The targeted income from the exhibition is £1.6m.
Income target
Wedding Dresses Exhibition Ticket Price:

Visitor Ticket price
Adults over the age of 18 year £ 12.5
Students £ 8.5
Old adults over the age of 60 years £ 6.5
People with disability £ 6.5
The members of Arts fund and D&AD £ 5.5
educational groups student £ 3
The museum staffs and Patrons Free
Children under the age of 12 years Free
Not more than two people taking care of a disabled person Free
Individuals with museum association card Free
Community group Free
Figure 1: Ticket price
The ticket price is inclusive considers all the target group. The price of the ticket varies depending on target group interest in wedding dresses. The ticket is free for some target group such the V&A members and patrons.
Exhibition Booking
Exhibition booking through the telephone must be booked at least 24 hours before visiting. Booking through the phone require more time to be completed on the side of the staff, compared to in person booking.
In person, exhibition booking can be done in advance or on the day of the visit. In person, booking requires a few minutes to be completed and thus can be done on the visit day.
Exhibition booking for students and teachers from all parts of Britain & European Union sponsored a school, college and even the university are required to complete the booking ten days prior the exhibition. For every ten students, one teacher is given a free ticket to the exhibition. To prevent overcrowding in the V&A museum, booking 10 or more days prior the visit for students visiting the exhibition is necessary.
The V&A wedding dresses exhibitions is free to the community groups booking are completed ten days prior the exhibition. The ten days advance booking will ensure that only the interested community group benefit from the free entry.
Tickets for the wedding dresses exhibition
Mobile phone and online booking prior the exhibition. The wedding dresses exhibition can be booked prior the exhibition through making a call to the booking office; the telephone number is +44 (0)20 7942 2211, the call is received during 9.00-17.30, from Monday to Friday with the exception of the public holidays. The booking office is also closed from date 24 to 28 December. Through What’s on, one can book the wedding exhibition online 24 hours, the charges for every transaction applies.
Advance booking of the exhibition through the use of poster. One can post a cheque payable to the V&A museum. An alternative way is to send the debit card information that include; debit card number, the date of expiry, and the number of issues to Victoria and Albert Museum address
One may also buy the ticket in person during the day of the exhibition. The tickets are purchased from the reception desk in the grand entrance side. There is no guarantee of the availability of the tickets, and booking charges do not apply. The reception desk is closed after 5 pm.
Adults over the age of 60 years are eligible for the senior concession. The full and part-time students in public and private colleges are eligible for the student concession. Also, the course one is taking must be approved by legit approval agency. Student ID card or the NUS card are used to proof status. For the international student, EC student card is required to be grouped in the student category.

Current Investment Policy
Reserves Policy
In every year, the Trustees review the amount of available liquid cash taking into account the risk profile of the organization.
During the financial year of 2012-2013, the V&A museum received Grant in Aid (GIA) from the DCMS, which accounted for 49 percent of the Museum’s income. The additional operational costs the V&A museum are financed by income generated from various activities such as exhibition and also trading income. The income generated from the exhibition, and trading income are not stable and they involve a significant risk. Thus Museum’s policy was formulated to manage the risk and provide emergency fund if there is a need to.
The Trustees of the museum also consider the amount of liquid cash necessary to provide sound policy, regarding the budget risk and the cash flow plans, to ongoing investments project like the capital infrastructure of the V&A museum.
Taking an inclusive look at the yearly operational expenditure, museum generated income, grant in aid and implementation of the investment project, in the year 2013, the Trustees set out the minimum limit of liquid cash at £6.5m. The limit set out of liquid cash is required to cater for about three to six months of the current expenditure without including the grant in aid.
The museum Trustees take into account the current economic situation and also the future uncertainty about income generation that require constant assessment. Depending on constantly changing conditions, the necessary changes can be recommended.
The museum Trustees manages general and designated funds only which was about £16.4m at the end of March 2014. The £6.5m of the £16.4m is set out to cater the expenses mentioned above. The remaining amount of money is used to provide cash flow for the planned projects, construction of buildings, and development of information systems.
Investment Policy
The Trustees Act 2000 governs the museum Trustees’ Investment Policy taking into account the risk, return and cash flow expenditure from all funds category that include permanent endowment, restricted, and unrestricted. The investment policy is presently implemented by diversification of the investment portfolios that are managed by Partners Capitals LLP. Through investment in some portfolios managed by Partners Capital LLP. By the end of March 2013, the museum long term and short term investment was about £25.5m.Table 2: The aim and performance for the funds managed by the V&A Investment Committee are as follows:
Fund Overall objective Performance objective (real return each year) Actual net return (income + gain-costs)
Short term fund To fund particular, restricted and designated spending, whilst preserving capital in real terms and achieving modest real returns over the holding period. Preservation of capital the highest priority. Investment timeframe of 12-18 months.
1.8% £71,907
Reserve Fund To maintain the reserves of the V&A and to meet specific expenditure purposes, whilst preserving capital in real terms with the potential for moderate real growth. Investment timeframe of 5 years.
5.3% £400,631
Endowments To fund either the purchase of new collection items or to maintain existing collections for the V&A, whilst preserving capital in real terms with the potential for moderate real growth (consistent with the purposes of each underlying trust). Investment timeframe of 10 years.
5.3% £226,813
Bollinger Endowments To fund future renovations of the gallery allowing all fixtures & fittings to be kept current. To invest only in UK Government debt and/or to be invested by an external professional financial adviser with the highest priority being the preservation of capital. Investment timeframe of 10 years.
The performance of the investment fund is measured concerning the benchmark set out to measure the performance of the various portfolio in the investment policies, as it assists in measuring the performance of the investment made. Once the fund allocation is agreed upon, the process is repeated at least yearly. The investment policy forbids borrowing money to invest in the portfolios. The fund also can only be invested in liquid assets which can be liquidated within a period of not more than 18 months. The investment is also is partially protected from the fluctuation of the foreign exchange market through implementation of recommended hedging approach. Currencies that risk more than 5 percent of the investment that are subjected to appropriate hedging strategy. These currencies include the Japanese Yen, US Dollars, and the Euros. Simple forward contracts are employed to reduce exposure to the risk of currency variations by 90 percent.
Museum Payment Policy
The Museum are required to pay the suppliers within 30 days after the delivery of goods or services. 30 days after the delivery of goods have the right to inquire the reason for the delayed payment.

V&A Wedding Dresses Exhibition Sponsors
Monsoon Bridal
Waterford Crystal
Bridal Spa Company
SWOT analysis
The wedding dresses exhibition provides one with access to V&A most expensive and beautiful wedding dresses. Apart from the V&A dresses, there are also new and loaned wedding dresses from key figures in the history. The exhibition enables one to connect with key influential figures in the history, through culture and also the decision they made.
The venue of the exhibition is V&A named after Prince Albert due to the role he played in the foundation of the museum. The museum is known to have a collection of art from Britain and all over the world. The exhibition has a great reputation in term of unique wedding dresses available that can only be found in this exhibition.
The strengths
The V&A museum has a loyal base of audience. Having been founded in Prince Albert and the presence best collection of art in Britain, hundreds of audience are present every day at the museum. Thus, the wedding dresses exhibition is assured of a given number of customers without even advertising.
The exhibition has access to the most extravagant, and beautiful white wedding dresses from the V&A museum. Also, the exhibition buys new wedding dresses and also loan wedding dresses used by prominent individuals. Thus, the David Bowie exhibition have access to wedding dresses that cannot be found in any other exhibition.
Another strength of the exhibition is its low priced tickets made to meet the needs of the individuals. The price of the tickets makes the exhibition attractive to all member of the society.
Previous wedding dresses exhibition have been successful. For instance, almost 500,000 visitors from 87 different countries visited the “Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty” (Samantha).thus, the chance of the wedding dresses exhibition exceeding the expectation are high.
Unlike the British Museum, the V&A museum is not located in central London. The location of the British Museum make attractive to international travel and even to people who do have time or means to travel to the outskirt of London city to V&A museum. (Department of Culture Media and Sport) States that transportation is vital in the tourism sector.
The budget of the exhibition is the relatively small budget. The marketing budget is £105,500, which is not enough to conduct comprehensive marketing for the exhibition. The small budget will impact the marketing negatively, thus not realizing the maximum possible number of audience.
The exhibition will be held during the peak tourist season. During this period, the number of visitors in London is will increase. One of the tourist destination in London is the V&A museum. Thus the exhibition has a chance to attract tourist.
Globally, there is strong interest in designer wedding dresses, especially among the brides and women. The interest in designer wedding dresses
According to (Tourism_Review) the number of tourists visiting the Europe is expected to decrease. Consequently, less tourist will visit the V&A museum making hard to meet the targeted number of audience.
The evaluation of Euros and appreciation of Pounds. International tourist will prefer countries where the value of the currency is decreasing so as to enjoy a cheap vacation. The appreciation of the pound makes a holiday in Britain expensive compared to other European countries.
Visiting museum as leisure activity faces competition from the arts that include; theatre, singing, and street arts. According to the Office for National Statistics (2012) a higher percentage of people prefer the arts over the museum.
Due to the ongoing global financial crisis, most of the families have less disposable income. Most the families will opt to party with the available disposable income instead of visiting museum.
Exhibition at other museums in London which are open during the period. The exhibition at V&A museum will face competition from another museum such as British Museum that are located in central of London, thus ideal tourist destination.
Primary objectives
– The main objective is to achieve the 250,000 visitors target in the exhibition.
– To raise the wedding dresses exhibition awareness by 5 percent during the opening party among the target group.
During the fashion week, to increase the awareness of the wedding dresses by 5 percent among the international travelers, and both museum visitors and non-visitors.
To use specific radio program to increase the awareness of the wedding dresses exhibition by 7 percent among the target group.
Employ the blogger advertisement tool to increase the awareness of the V&A wedding dresses exhibition by 9percent among the target groups which include the students and non-museum audience.
To raise the level of awareness by 16 percent, within the first 16 weeks of the wedding dresses exhibition among the target group.
Secondary objectives
Position the V&A museum as the best place for designer to market their brand.
To attract new wedding dresses fans among the target group.
To make V&A museum as an international tourists destination.
To attract prospective sponsors
To achieve the goals as agreed with the sponsor.
There are several key strategies carried out to achieve a paramount marketing of the V&A wedding dress out of the exhibition event. These strategies include an opening party, wedding weekends, fashions shows, day and evening tours, window display, blogging, and special radio programs. These strategies are key towards a successful event marketing for the wedding dress 1775-2015 in the V&A’s David Archive exhibition. According to Kolb (2013, p.1) there has been several technological as well as societal changes that have led to the need for new marketing strategies that takes into account these social alterations in the marketing landscape. These strategies that V&A are applying to Market their wedding dresses are indicative of a two-way communication channel that they shall build with the customers as well as the target audience that attends the exhibition. There are initiatives that are applied to accomplish these strategies so as to ensure that the cultural and social demands are met.
Opening party
A party for the exhibition shall be held one day before the opening of the exhibition. Thus, the party will take place on the 29th of August 2015 starting from the morning through all day to the evening. The party will include several invitations so as to ensure that the event has some social publicity. The part of the envoy to be invited include the press, fashion bloggers, art professionals, and wedding dress designers. The general initiative to be carried out by this party is the annunciation of the official opening of the wedding dresses 2015 exhibitions. This publicizing will help to remind the people of the event and will attract more visitors. The press will assist in covering the party and broadcasting it on the national news television to increase the audience coverage. The role is equivalent to that of the bloggers since they assist in delivering the knowledge of the exhibited wedding dresses to their audiences. Wedding dresses designers and art professionals are expected to carry along with themselves a portion of customers as well as carry the knowledge of the wedding dresses exhibited in the V&A stores. They shall also be expected to Address the audience during the party as well as give commentaries to the exhibited dresses. Refreshments to be served at the party include biscuits, wine, and cocktail that shall be served at the bar section of the event site. From this party, the event will be marketed through news and interviews while the wedding dresses are marketed through blogging and television channels.
Wedding weekend
Every second Sunday of the month for the months of May, June, July and August shall be the wedding weekend for the V&A wedding dresses. The ceremony has a duration of up to 100 minutes and shall include up to 30 couples. The couples will enjoy three promotional wedding packages composed of choirs, live music, and they get a video of the ceremony. They will also be privileged to have photo sessions, flowers and they shall be served with different foods and drinks. However, the couples that enjoy these privileges are those that have been invited, having correctly filled in an online application form. Those qualified to fill in the forms include lovers getting married, those celebrating their anniversary, or anyone renewing their vows. The applicants are variant from gay to straight couples as well as young to old couples, all of who are eligible to apply for the wedding ceremony. The ceremonial wedding weekend ceremonies is also accompanied with an optional evening ceremony that the couple applies for during their online applications. The couples who attend the ceremony are also invited to get on the special wedding bus with live music and drinks after the ceremony so as they can enjoy a trip to the London city. The videos and photographs that are taken during these wedding ceremonies shall be used to market the wedding dresses and the V&A brand through their viewership by those who contacts the lucky participants. By touring the London city, the exhibition gets advertised to the natives and the visitors within the vicinity. The project also increases the marketing through direct contact with the target customers. These cultural, organizational marketing has effectively increased the contact with the customers of the modern times (Kolb 6).
Fashion show
A wedding dresses fashion show shall be held on the first weekend of the exhibition. The aim is t attract the attention of potential audiences as well as the press media. The wedding dresses will be worn by models who shall do a catwalk in front of media, art gurus, V&A members, and their sponsors. The show will take one hour and the afterwards there shall be an after party held so as to allow for more interviews to assist promoting the exhibition. The role of the bloggers is assisting in delivering the knowledge of the exhibited wedding dresses to the online audience and thus increase their reach. The press assists in broadcasting the fashion show on the television to increase the audience coverage due to the enormous TV coverage.
Day/evening tour
Visitors who come to the V&A museums during weekdays gets totally free tours that are facilitated by the exhibition sponsors. During the weekends, the visitors should pay a small fee due to the high number of people visiting the museum. The tours assist in marketing the wedding dresses and the V&A brand through direct contact with the customers. The offers that the visitors to the museum are offered is important so as to maintain that audience flowing into the museum as well as raise the possibility of receiving new customers. The more the number of customers, the higher the likelihood that the David Bowie exhibition will meet and possibly exceed their target visitor’s demographic.
Blogger outreach campaign
Web services are fast in delivering information to a wide audience base. Thus, fashion bloggers shall be used to outreach people before and during the exhibition period. The services assist in increasing the demographics of the audience especially for the youthful individuals. It will also assist greatly in attracting non-museum visitors and tourists in the region. In the modern organizational cultures and technology, the number of customers that a business draws from the online is large and hence, blogging the events that are carried out in the preparation of the exhibition is important. The online audience of fashion and art blogs are an enthusiast of such exhibitions, thus, the more the anticipation that they have, the higher the likelihood of attending the exhibition. The initiative of blog outreach aims at reaching the rich set of customers who are relying on reviews, to assess the quality of an entity, most of who shall be interested in attending the exhibition so as to have a view of the wedding dresses that are reviewed or posted in the blogs.
Store department window display
Photograph posters and wedding dresses shall be displayed on windows at Selfridge two weeks before the official opening of the exhibition. The process will popularize the event and more visiting tourists and also those natives who might have missed other sources of the information regarding the event shall be properly informed of the exhibition. The displayed dresses shall also be used for social media promotions by encouraging people to take photos and tag their friends. This way they shall stand a chance to win a free tour during the exhibition duration. The window display increased the potential of non-museum customers being informed of the exhibition and in turn to attend the event. The rewarding of the people who spotted these displayed dresses was strategically aimed at ensuring a direct contact with customers.
Special radio programs
A radio programme will run in the LBC focused on the David Bowie exhibition. The aim is to create excitement among the locals and attract them to participate in the event. Art gurus, Fashion designers, and wedding planners shall be approached to give commentaries and talks on various wedding related topics that are geared towards attracting people to attend the exhibition. During the radio shows, there will be direct feedback to the audience through phone calls and messaging ser-vices. This activity will assist in giving clarifications to the audience thus increasing their interest in the topic and also raise their level of anticipation to attend the event. The initiative of these programs is to increase the outreach to all customers country-wide and also increase the popularity of the exhibition among the people of UK. Radio shows assists in keeping the customers up to date, raises local interaction, attracts public views, and outreaches a great portion of the youthful audience (Hill, O’Sullivan, & O’Sullivan 211).
The target audience of the David Bowie exhibition are the core V&A exhibition visitors, adult males (65%0 and females (35%), brides, couples, fashion professionals, and adult students pursuing fashion, textiles, and photography. The royal exhibition visitors anticipate for this annual event and have always indicated their support for the event. The adults are those people that are outreached through the campaigns that are carried out during the preparation period. Many couples and brides who shall be looking forward to having their weddings in the future are also expected to flock the exhibitions so as they can experience the wedding dresses from V&A. Fashion gurus usually target the exhibition for them to review the available options of wedding dresses from the V&A bridal collections. Students are usually targeted due for their quest for knowledge and search for skills in their field of study.
Social media platforms
47625002446655right-214630 A Facebook event page shall be started and dedicated to the wedding dresses exhibition to promote the event along with the original Facebook account of the V&A museum. The event page will allow for the invitation to visitors and others to participate in the events that happen prior as well as during the exhibition. The main aim of the page is to increase the fame of the event and also add the interactive capability for all the fans to interact with others. The Facebook event page aims at outreaching to the youth, who are the highest proportion using the social media platforms. The page will be set up a month before the event and shall mainly be placing photos of the wedding dresses, facts about regarding the exhibition as well as all are happening and anticipated events and tickets booking. The page shall also be used by the followers to invite others and constantly remind them of the accession. The interactive features of the page will be used to attract large masses and lure them to attending the exhibitions. Social media platforms are considered as an important marketing tool in the 21st century due to the as shown by the increase in percentage of youth attending art events (O’Reilly, Rentschler, & Kirchner 162).
Twitter promotions are the easiest and the most widespread regarding the social media platforms. No new Twitter account is needed for the event promotions, rather, hashtag phrases regarding the wedding dresses shall be advocated for, and the fan base of V&A just need to reuse these tags, and the word will get around. It is also very easy to run a promotional campaign through Twitter since the platform is very fast in interactions. Trending the topic on wedding dresses exhibition will raise the interest of some individuals who will end up attending the event. O’Reilly, Rentschler, & Kirchner notes that Twitter is the most popular for microblogging (172). This statement indicates its importance in passing the information regarding the exhibition since it is fast and has a wider audience to reach. By connecting more and more people and using unique hashtag to regard to the wedding dress exhibition, the event will have been reached a wide range of audience from different regions and not only locally.
An Instagram account is used to share stories by use of captivating photographs taken in real time. The V&A museum has an active Instagram account that is used to share their wedding dresses galleries and hence, no new account is needed for this special exhibition event. The event can be promoted through the same account where more and more photos of events and dresses are posted, and campaign on Instagram will remain with the current V&A fans are tagged to popularize their presence. The promotional campaign can also be carried out through the Instagram account, motivating people to attend the pre-exhibition events hence, increasing the target audience of the main event. The importance of Instagram in this campaign is its quality in sharing photographs. The effectiveness offers to give stories with photos attracts large number of audiences.
The Pinterest platform is used to share high-quality photos where other people can also pin the photos for them to share with their audiences. Exhibition photographs shall be placed on the V&A Pinterest pinboard account so that fans and visitors can share them. Use of Pinterest can span from March al through to August during the exhibition. The platforms can also be used for promotional campaigns so as to increase the anticipation of the followers. The photos will increase the number of people that are outreached through photo tagging, possibly increasing the audience that attends the fair.
Trip advisor
The platform is used by many people while planning their trips and it would be a wise option for the exhibition to be mapped on the trip advisor. The target group in this platform are the tourists since they are the ones using the site mostly. The V&A visitors shall also be advised in the event that is anticipated in the museum, and it will assist by furnishing them with the exact time and sequence of events. The platform shall also assist to attract other new tourists who use the site to tour UK.
Fashion blog articles shall assist in outreaching the internet audience and also increase the number of visitors who are expected. Blogs share information to an audience that is not so active and thus, some answers can only be answered by the individuals attending the actual events.
Advertising emails are sent to clients and royal customers as well as subscribed clients. The promotional emails shall be distributed on a weekly basis to all the listed individuals. The method is useful in establishing direct contact with customers. Since web applications are important prospects of accessing large, high-potential population and audiences, it is important to pursue this channel to increase the outreach to target audience (O’Reilly, Rentschler, & Kirchner 142).
Event catalogues for the exhibition shall be sold during the period of the main event at the V&A Museum. Included in the catalogue is information that regards to weddings dress exhibition and photos of these dresses accompanied with descriptive information on their history.
Newspaper and Magazines
Newspaper and magazine adverts are placed in the daily newspapers and the weekly as well as specialized monthly magazines. The daily papers such as the Observer, the Times and the Daily Mail shall carry adverts that will be detailing the events to be carried out at the exhibition, its period and time of starting. The target of the newspaper and magazine ads varies widely since they are used in many parts of the country. The ads will increase the outreach to the audiences in the target as well as to the potential sponsors. Magazines that target women and brides are a perfect stop for placing the adverts due to their population target. The advertising assists in spreading information regarding the exhibition to all the different people who uses the newspaper and magazines including tourists and non-museum individuals.
The LBC radio shall start airing information regarding the wedding dress exhibition events about two weeks before the opening of the exhibition. The target of the radio announcements in the non-museum customers and visitors from the native parts of UK. News through the radio channel shall also assist in raising information and knowledge in the events that are to occur at the exhibition.
Placards and LED advertisement displays are to be placed in the main underground stations one month before opening the event. The posters are placed on strategic walls where they are visible from far places. The target audience is the travelling visitors and work-going individuals. The LED displays shall be placed at South Kensington stations due to the strategic position on the way to the V&A stores.
Foyles Bookstore
The bookshop is a close ally of the V&A museum, and it shall be giving an exclusive discount on all their books covering wedding dress designing. The discount period shall run during the wedding dresses exhibition period and shall be specified to only those who attends the exhibition. The bookstore shall also be branded with posters that market the event before the exhibition period.
Targeted audiences
* Principal V&A fair guests
* Adult females and males of more than twenty five years.
* Brides
* Couples
* Fashion gurus
* Fashion, textiles, and photography students of over 18 years.

* Chief of marketing department of the museum.
* Event planners and marketing members of the museum.
* Social media promotion team members from the museum.
* Marketing and event planning staff from the sponsors
* Volunteers. * Members of the catering firm contracted for the wedding weekends.
* Orchestra group for the wedding party.
* Music group for the tour bus.
* Members of the flower providing company.
* Technicians and supporting team from the transport company.
* Modelling personalities to model on the fashion show
Money * Exhibition space 26%
* Show services 21%
* Exhibition design 11%
* Shipping 13%
* Promotion 16%
* Lead management 7%
* Exhibition Staff training 4%
* Other 2%
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug
Promotion/ TV/ Press Sales Advertising/ Sample drop/ Competition/Collection Direct Mail/ Mail Shot/ Telesales Publicity and public relations Sponsorship Exhibitions Packing Point of sale and merchandising Internet Word of mouth Corporate Identity Measurement
Number of emails sent during the exhibition period:
– 364,690 emails
Number of direct emails sent during the exhibition period:
– 335,260 direct mails
Number of posters printed and posted during the exhibition period:
– 15,200 posters
Number of tickets sold for the wedding dress exhibition:
– 210,800 tickets
Number of catalogues sold for the wedding dress exhibition:
– 10,300 catalogues
Number of visitors who came to the exhibition:
– 210,500 visitors
Number of couples signed up for the promotional wedding weekends:
– 150 couples
Number of wedding dress designing books bought by exhibition attendees:
– 3,150 books
Number of tweets sent through the exhibition period:
– 15,500 tweets
Number of Facebook check-ins and photos are posted during exhibition period:
– 12,500 posts
Number of pictures pinned to Pinterest during the exhibition period:
– 9,800 pictures
Number of pictures posted and tagged to Instagram during exhibition:
– 10,500 pictures
Number of reviews posted on Trip advisor during the exhibition period:
– 5,520 reviews
Number of bloggers who have written their reviews during period:
– 130 bloggers
Number of bloggers who participated in the makeup tutorial campaign during exhibition:
– 255 bloggers
Number of times opening party, wedding dresses fashion show and wedding weekends videos shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and blogs
– 5,500 times
Work Cited
A Brief History of the Museum: WEDDING WEEKEND:’Reilly, Daragh, Ruth Rentschler, and Theresa A. Kirchner. The Routledge Companion to Arts Marketing. Routledge, 2013.
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Wedding Dresses 1775-2014: About the Exhibition:
Victoria & Albert Museum Annual Report and Accounts 2013-2014

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