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Biofilm formation

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Biofilm Formation
Background: Multicellular biofilms can form on biotic surfaces, such as animals, plants, and other microbes; as well as on abiotic surfaces such as air-water interfaces, shells of dead animals, and minerals. Biofilm formation has received scholarly interest over the last decade since it has become apparent that nearly all kinds of bacteria are capable of forming biofilms, and that this could be the favored mode bacterial existence.
Problem: Biofilms contain bacterial cells exhibiting a broad range of physiological states. However, the physiological phenomena are complex and typified by a vast heterogeneity. Moreover, multicellular structures have occurring biological, physical, as well as chemical attributes that were difficult to predict using the characteristics of their individual bacterial elements.
Purpose: Biofilms have gained widespread attention in the recent past due to their important role in bacterial physiology. The study of biofilm formation constitutes a systematic examination of a feature of microbial physiology not yet explored at the level of molecular genetics. The purpose of this review is to examine the extant literature on the role played by microbial physiology in the formation of biofilms.Overview of Content: The role played by microbial physiology in biofilm formation is a remarkable, albeit complex, one. This review looks at the role played by microbial physiology in biofilm formation by illustrating six important aspects of biofilms, namely their structure, properties, progression of their formation and dissolution, the regulation of biofilm formation through quorum sensing, the inhibition of biofilm formation, as well as horizontal gene transfer.

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