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Categories of Supply Chain Operations

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Categories of Supply Chain Operations
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Categories of Supply Chain Operations
In connection with supply chain management, a plan is defined as activities needed to be undertaken to meet the future demands of an organization in the best possible manner (Augustine, 2016). The plan ensures that financial and business goals of an organization are well-taken care off. Also, it guarantees that the variability in production is effectively minimized and the accuracy of the data majorly determines this.
According to Eltantawy (2015), a source is a place where an organization initially obtains products for its day to day operations. It is one of the crucial categories of supply chain operations in that it determines the quantity of the goods to be supplied. As a result, an organization needs to set up a reliable source of its products and services to avoid shortages in the future which could affect its customers.
This is the process of putting up together products in a form that is most appropriate to the consumers. Supply chain management is a process, and thus before a product pass to the next stage, it needs to be transformed into another form according to the customer’s taste and preferences (Eltantawy, 2015). It, therefore, plays an essential role in ensuring that goods and services are in a condition that suits the demand of the final consumers.
This is the process of bringing and handing over goods and services to intended recipients.

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The method of supply chain operations is considered complete when the products reached the intended customers. It helps the organization to determine the next amount of products to be sourced. The significance of this category is to ensure that less inventory is left in the warehouse as a way of minimizing wastage.

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