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Architecture, Building and Planning
First letter to a friend
709 Skylight Lane
Whitestar Laysvillah, DE 4312
December 17th, 2015
Dear Wellington,
It feels just a long time since when we last met. I know it has only been but several weeks since I saw you. So far my summer holiday has been superb, and I happen to have had a visit to Garden @Suzhou in China on a trip to Architecture, Building and Planning.
My time at the Garden @Suzhou Chinese Gardens was the most memorable, I found it very natural and full of cool breeze. These Chine gardens are constructed to recreate and diminish larger and natural landscapes. These gardens have blended with unique, lavish buildings with natural elements. The Chinese garden contains an architecture, as a building; having decorative rocks together with garden rocks, plant flowers, trees, and water elements, such as ponds. Also, most of the Chinese gardens are endorsed with walls with others having winding paths.
I really cannot forget about these memories they are flamboyant such that I feel like I should be visiting the place more than just once.
I too want believe that also on your side you had a nice time during the summer the way had on my side. Wish that we meet so that I may share with you some of the stuff I took while there.
Your loving friend
Katsura Imperial Villa also known as Katsura Detached Palace is a villa garden with so many outbuildings. Important noting is that Japan has a large scale culture.

Wait! China/Japan paper is just an example!

These gardens are considered the masterpiece of Japanese gardening, with the buildings being regarded as the Japanese greatest achievements regarding architecture.

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