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Consumer Behaviour

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Consumer behavior entails a study of individuals, organizations, or groups and the process used in selecting, securing, using, and disposing of products, ideas, experiences, or services so as to satisfy their needs. It mainly attempts to understand the characteristics of the individual consumers in terms of behavioral and demographic variables Brodie (2013, pp. 105-106). It’s referred to as the psychology of marketing as it encompasses the psychology of how the consumer is influenced by his or her environment in terms of signs, media, family, and culture. The study of the consumers will thus help organizations and firms to improve their marketing strategies by way of understanding issues such as how consumers feel, reason, think, and select different alternatives such as; products, retailers, and brands.

Though the consumer perception of price, quality, and value are considered pivotal determinants of shopping behavior and product choice (Doyle 1984). Perceived quality is different from actual quality, with higher abstraction than a specific attribute of a product. On the other hand, the consumer’s perspective price is what is given up or sacrificed to obtain the product. Then the perceived value is termed as a wide variety of attributes and higher-level abstractions that provide value to consumers. The three concepts are interrelated in consumer behavior, a product has to be developed to match or harmonize the three. Apart from this perceived risk is an equal aspect to consider, negative or unexpected consequences a consumer fears may occur as a result of making wrong choices.

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For example, a high-priced, durable, complex aspect is associated with high perceived risks while ‘cheap’ is considered a lower perceived risk. Both these concepts have been reflected in my product study, which gives a reflection of the perception of consumers on any product.

Fitness Shake product is a protein shake recipe that contains carb with a reduced protein shake to enhance body toning and low fat. The protein shakes mainly consist of powdered forms of protein such as whey and soy. Flavoring is added to the protein shake powder so that when it is blended with water or milk, it almost resembles a milk shake. The products are in different varieties each having specific qualities and quantities of the protein in it. Each of the recipes gives the body enough energy craves to take on that day and also when recovering from a tough workout. The different recipes are such as; Mocha protein shake that contains caffeine, the stimulant in it boosts stamina, delays fatigue and also improves endurance. Other recipes are the White Chocolate raspberry protein shake that is in most cases packed with Vitamin C, phytonutrients and fiber. Another great variation is the Chocolate peanut butter protein shake and has been made especially for peanut butter lovers. Thus, the protein shakes vary in protein content.

Fitness shakes help in promoting support work out, promotion of muscle growth and supporting fat loss. The protein shakes vary in protein content. For bodybuilders, the fitness shake is one that contains a lot of protein. For athletes, drinks that have more carbs are the most favorable. Drinking the shake after a workout is also essential as your body gains the lost energy. In other cases, if your goal is mainly to lose body fat, then change to a protein shake with a lot of protein, a little bit of fat and little carbohydrates is the remedy. This is because of individuals whose main goal is to lose that extra fat are required to take a product that has more than 50% of protein.
Protein shakes use different types of proteins in varying amounts, such proteins are such as; Casein, Soy, Rice, Whey, Milk, and Egg. The source of the protein and also how well it has been purified will be the determining factor in how well your body uses it. Proteins are best obtained from the diet, however, supplementing with a combination of Casein and Whey is a good choice. Protein shakes have additional nutrients and are one of the most popular sources of protein for people who have had a heavy workout and need to regain their lost energy. They are also essential for athletes who have been injured as they need protein to enable them to help them heal faster.

According to many buyers, protein shakes are one of the most convenient foods for dieters. This is because they have been shown to be a quick fix for women who want to be healthy, but don’t have any time to prepare a wholesome meal due to their busy lifestyle. Thus, the shakes are a quick and easy path for them to increase their protein intake. The amount in protein shake can also lower the levels of ghrelin (a hunger-stimulating hormone) thus bringing about an appetite Petrofsky (2011, pp. 29-30). The convenience of the protein shake products has made it popular, especially for women who are often busy. Protein shakes are popular among celebrities due to their lifestyle changes and when extolling the most of their virtues.

The protein shakes are essential for different buyers and are prepared relatively simply without the use of chemicals and with low heat. The whey takes the hydrolyzed form and this makes it a great super absorbent. A blend of rice, soy, and pea is perfect, especially for those that need to steer clear of the dairy. They are also an essential component also for the individuals who go to the gym as they have become popular in being nutritional supplements Gross (2015, pp. 20-21). Different buyers believe that protein shakes are useful in specific circumstances as they are a convenient and easy source of high-quality and complete protein.

It is clear that the fitness shake does not guarantee a muscle body or weight loss. The shakes have protein in them, but they have a high fiber content. Protein can reduce hunger pangs and also reduce appetite if its content is high. For weight loss, it is not necessarily the protein that enables one to lose weight, rather, it’s the little or no carbohydrates in the diet. A balanced diet is still required alongside the shakes. This is because, high protein shakes will in most cases replace valuable foods like vegetables, fruit, and nutrients like fiber and carbohydrates. The protein shakes are also highly recommended for the people who are going vegetarian because they can supplement it with the shakes without any side effects Glenn (2012, pp. 703-704).

When it comes to the need to supplement the protein in your body after a heavy workout, then protein shakes are the way to go. They are an advantage for people with a busy lifestyle who don’t have enough time to prepare a proteinous meal Rostow (2014, pp. 30-31). Thus, protein shakes are ideal for a post-workout meal. In addition, they are known to boost 21 minerals and vitamins and thus ensure that one is in a position to get the nutrients on a daily basis. Thus, for people who are finding it hard to build muscle after working out, protein shakes are recommended them. The shakes are convenient food for the dieters as they have been touted as being a quick fix for women and men who desire to be healthy, but don’t usually have enough time to prepare a wholesome meal that contains all nutrients. Because of this, protein shakes are a big boom in being popular.

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