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Critical Analysis Essay

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Critique of the $5,000 Approach to Teaching Writing
This had been a paper by Bob Kunzinger; he tries to use this paper in trying to explain to students the importance of coming up with good paper and the use of a good paper to a student as well. He starts by saying that it is a common thing for him to hear most of the lecturers complain about the poor writing on the poor writings on papers and students’ tests. He states that at times these papers do not have any form of depth and even get to show that indeed the student did not concentrate at all while writing those papers as such. He has stated that the problem is not that the students do not know anything regarding good writing but rather they always assume that it is their right to be market. They always assume that the professor is obliged to read the paper at all costs. He is of the opinion that most of the students end up making these mistakes simply because they have wished not to care at all, about whatever happens. They show a careless mood about writing better simply because they know that the lecturer is only obliged to make sure that they read the papers, however, poor it might turn out to be as well. I agree with this ideology that the students are not poor in writing but rather they just simply assume that they can just do anything and always get with the lecturers. As a student, I understand the fact that these students just take the lecturers for granted because they think that these lecturers are obliged to make sure that they read their papers.

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They can always produce quality but then they just simply see no need thinking that these lecturers are their robots and that they will simply have to read their papers because that is their job at the university.
He says that the best way to be resolving the situation is through making sure that the students get to understand their role and that the students should be made to understand that good enough is not their standard. Students should rather be advised to make sure that they get the best out of themselves and not just something that even to them they feel it could be inadequate but then they get convinced that it is just good enough as such. It will be so malicious for any student to state that they do not see the need for working so hard actually, when school is just a place that they pass to simply collect some marks and prepare for the better life that they think is ahead of them. I agree with the author on this point too; it is a strong point that he has mentioned concerning the topic of concern at this privileged time. He has mentioned that the students should be molded as to make sure that they just do not produce what they think is an “okay” quality but rather a quality that they think is simply the best even in their own judgment. This way the student will be more than obliged to make sure that he gets to produce nothing more than quality. Education must always be sure that it is purely quality sensitive such that at whatever time the students are more than guaranteed that anything that the school is guiding them towards is the enhancement of quality as such; this is the same thing that quality paper writing will do to the students.

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