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Evaluating Pressures for Change

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Evaluating Pressures for Change
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Evaluating Pressures for Change
An Overview of the Organization
Child Crisis Arizona refers to a, not for profit organization within a Social Service Sector. The main mission of Child Crisis Arizona is to provide a secure environment, free from neglect and abuse by forming successful and strong families for the Arizona children (Loftus, 2015). Ideally, Child Crisis Arizona aims to maximize both philanthropic and government support and to meet the needs of low-income families and children. The organization fulfills its objective to enhance and combine resources to increase operating efficiencies. In April 2015, Crisis Center and Crisis Nursery merged to become Child Crisis Arizona as one strong and big community.
Child Crisis Arizona contains two emergency homes situated in Phoenix and Mesa Arizona. Children who are brought at one of the places reside temporarily and in care of the Department of Child Safety (Ducey & McKay, 2016). Child Crisis Organization helps families by providing them with resources, for instance; home visitation, counseling services, and Early Head Start studies. The organization is facing tremendous external pressure especially from the Department of Child Safety even though it has managed to support families and children in crisis.
Organizational and Environmental Pressures and Their Origin
Child Crises Arizona experiences both internal and external mode of institutional pressures. Child Safety is one of the departments that has partnered with the organization.

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In 2017, the organization planned to eradicate congregant upkeep for children involved in crisis issues. The Child Safety Department is attempting to foster placement or redirect children to comparative care since they believe this is the modern best exercise (Ducey & McKay, 2016). In modern days, the Child Safety Department is placing girls and boys in the licensed foster household at an increased rate compared to transitioning children to the appropriate foster home.
The mission of placing children in a licensed foster home is to find the appropriate placement to minimize child disruption at home. Child Crisis Arizona has made modern infrastructure and reorganization change because of the rapid placement of biological families or foster homes. In December 2016, the Child Crisis Arizona started its reorganization (Loftus, 2015). The reorganization comprised the elimination of a Medical and Education specialist, the elimination of most direct care or fulltime positions staff, elimination of case managers, full supervisors and cut in benefit.
The reorganization decision affected the entire residential workers, as they had two options to reapply or reassign for their roles with the knowledge that there will be less fulltime position. Most of the employees decided to seek work in other places after the restructuring process started. The Child Crisis Arizona have started to enhance various activities within the organization because of the DCS current trend. Additionally, one of the houses has been shut down in Phoenix as the infant house. The location of Phoenix initially housed 34 children less than eight years of age (Loftus, 2015).
The maximum number of children likely to be admitted is 18 and only in the age bracket of three and eight because of the ongoing changes (Loftus, 2015). The current admission capacity has affected both the children and staff who live onsite the whole day. The families in the homeless sector and in need of temporary placement for their children below three years of age have also been affected. The practice has affected the children both emotionally and psychologically because of the resignation of most staff who were used to the environment.
Prediction of the Type of Organization Change
I predict the occurrence of a second order organization change. The second order alters an organization and is transformational (Fouts, 2014). I am forecasting that soon the organization will transfer the remaining youngsters to Mesa, integrate the remaining staffs and even apply for additional grant precisely for Mesa. I can predict that this organization will either convert the location to another source or temporarily close the Phoenix location. The second order organization change incorporates restructuring and downsizing on what the organization is currently undergoing and what it has already undergone.
The restructuring in Child Crisis Arizona has led to more than ten employees quit their job in the Phoenix location alone. It would make sense for the organization to familiarize with changes in the Child Safety Department because of the low number of children and a consequent shortage of employees in Phoenix (Ducey & McKay, 2016). In essence, the change will help the company to shelter sector to survive and prosper in the non-profit just like it was understood before the union of Crisis Nursery in 2015. I am forecasting that there will be more changes taking place since the culture within Shelter sector radically changed in last 6 months. The drastic changes also occurred during the declaration of the downsizing of the company.
The DCS has severally forced the children to move out of congregate care, pushing Case Manager both in Child Crisis Arizona and DCS to move for temporary placement in another place (Loftus, 2015). The goal of Child Crisis Arizona was to support the children placed in this homes because of homelessness, neglect, and abuse. Additionally, the organization is tasked with the goal of offering the children with a stable, loving, and safe environment. It is the mandate of staff to create a good association with the children to enable them to trust the adults. The case managers both in Child Crisis Arizona and DCS should look for the services that the child requires and treat them in the right ways.
Support for the Prediction and Analysis
I have worked for the Child Crisis organization for almost one year. As a result, I have witnessed the variations taking place, particularly in Phoenix home. I managed to talk to a supervisor and two other case managers concerning the reorganization and restructuring and its effect on both the children and staff. In one of the meetings, the employees were informed that the reorganization and restructuring required to be done as a way of saving the organization from facing a financial crisis. Consequently, I predicted the organization moving to frame breaking. The DCS does not anymore need children to be placed temporarily within the emergency shelter (Loftus, 2015).
I can predict that the next step for Child Crisis Arizona is to ensure direct change in the organization. I can predict the organization will grow as people will be satisfied with the services they offer because of the addition of other programs such as a program for children and parents. New things are added every single day in the minds of children in Child Crisis Arizona. I can predict that this organization will go far because leadership and management care are active in making sure the agency is sustainable and can exist for many decades.
It is very comforting to witness the changes that have previously been made resulting to most non-profit organizations to close down whereas Child Crisis Arizona remains successful. The introduction of mergers has made the workers feel secure in their activities since the agency observes ethics and is fiscally responsible enabling workers to perform their duties without fear (Loftus, 2015). Overall, the Child Crisis Arizona does a lot of good deeds to the community.

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