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Hitler: Causing World War Ii

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Hitler: Causing World War II


World War II greatly marked in the lives of people from their beginnings to this day, many wonder what was the true cause of this war? And regarding the question, we must take into account the role that Adolf Hitler Juice in this story, what was his ambition? And that frame the end of war. World War II had its beginnings as of September 1, 1939, which, many historians say it was at the end of World War I, when Germany, a country that was harmed by the Versailles Treaty, since, thisHe included an agreement in which he had to solve the winning country a large sum of money and also lose territory was something very hard for its citizens, this was the cause of World War II.


Taking this as a starting point, Adolf Hitler arises, who channeled all dreams, desires and even the rage of his country. For this we have to focus on this war: Adolf Hitler began exposing speech about "the superiority of the German race" and also showed them the "path they had to follow to enlarge the nation" with this Hitler, he was gaining recognitionAnd that is why he was appointed leader of the German Workers Party. In 1923 in a failed Hitler coup d’etat went to prison, the time he spent there to write the book "My struggle" which years later became the Gospel of Nazism. When leaving prison, the German Foreign Ministry won shortly and thus the third great German empire emerged where obtaining power defeated any democratic institution in the country.

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And the members of the German Communist Party were retained and sent to the facilities of the Nazi concentration camps. This was the beginning of everything, it began to take territories, it began with Austria then with Czechoslovakia. Then Stalin appears and with him signed a non -aggression treaty, which Adolf Hitler was the first to betray, he conquered Finland and part of Poland, France declared war on Germany and England became defensive, unfortunately this did not stop Hitlerbecause its greatest ambition was power and for Hitler, power meant domain, decreeits against.

The American giant, the United States declared the war in charge of President Roosevelt. Hitler made a military distraction tactic for the United States, and dedicated himself to conquering most surroundWinter arrived, and thus delayed its plans to take Moscow, and advance with its troops to the encounter with the Red Army, because of winter part of the German troops died, meanwhile the United States remained in a passive stage and that is when theJapanese Emperor Mussolini began to gain territory, since he believed in the defense of Asian territories, his first invasion went to Chinese territory in 1931 occupies French Indochina.

However Roosevelt in the midst of the economic crisis that crossed a commercial interruption with Japan, is where this country intervenes by launching a bomb to the American base of Hawaii, with the beginning of this new war, everything that Hitler achieved quickly collapsed andMany told him as the Antichrist, since all his benevolence and his lack of humanity led him to his death and ended with the explosion of the nuclear bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. World War II left great human losses, destruction of ecosystems and not to mention the great environmental pollution produced by nuclear bombs, in terms of health, many of the survivors had mental illnesses due to the abuse of the general.


Submission to inhuman actions and all war conflict destroy their lives. In conclusion, war is not the means to resolve any political or territorial conflict, great economic damage, wars lead to the destruction of families and nature, cause changes in the way of thinking of people, produces ambition towards power, war leaves humanity, for this reason. Unfortunately, the wars are inevitable and the consequences are the previous ones, so, as humans we must think not only of individual well -being, but also that of everyone only a peaceful coexistence will be achieved among all the inhabitants of a country and the world. 

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