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Human Trafficking

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Background of Human Trafficking
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Background of Human Trafficking
Trafficking of persons from one place to another is a grave offense and a serious violation of human rights. By the end of each year, numerous children, men, and women are subjected to such heinous crimes and fall into the hands of international human traffickers. Almost every part of the world is affected by this plague. United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (2015) defines human trafficking as an act that includes recruitment, transportation, harboring, transferring of people by means of the use of force or threat along with any other form of coercion. It can also include the domains of fraud, abduction, deception, abuse of power and exploiting vulnerability of persons. Exploitations can include but not limited to, prostitution, sexual exploitation, slavery, forced services or labor and/or removal of organs.
Background of Human Trafficking
Human trafficking is quite similar to any other organized crimes, and it has a number of elements associated with it. Following is a pictorial representation of different elements of trafficking:

Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 1: Elements of Human Trafficking (UNODC, 2015)
Based on above definition of the human trafficking following are the key elements associated with human trafficking. The first element is the act. It includes different steps that are taken for transportation, recruitment, harboring, transferring and most importantly, receipt of persons.

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Human traffickers do not the transnational movement of people (North Eastern University, 2015). Under this domain, any person is vulnerable for human trafficking, and it can include both documented and undocumented immigrants, US citizens, migrant workers and residents of any country.
The second element for achieving the first step of trafficking persons requires different ways and alternatives to transport. It can include use of force or threat of life, fraud, abduction, abuse of power, deception, and vulnerability. It can also encompass giving benefits or payments to the person in control of victim’s well-being. Trafficking can be achieved using perceived or real threat. It can be instigation for believing that their loved ones are in danger. The victim would have no other option but to meet trafficker’s demands regardless of assessing the potential of trafficker to follow up with said threats. These threats could result in financial, physical or other serious consequences. From this aspect, it is evident traffickers use every possible tool as part of their monstrous plot for controlling their victims.
The third element comprises of the purpose for doing human trafficking. The core purposes can include prostitution, sexual exploitation, slavery, bondages, forced labor (Gvnet, 2015) and even include removal of vital human organs. The gravity of these acts requires a careful understanding of the entire three key elements for successfully eradicating this menace from the world (United Nations on Drugs and Crime, 2015).
Being a criminal offense, human trafficking is backed up with different international and national organizations and institutes. Different Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) are also quite active in solving the problem with different ways. Some of these ways include identification and assessing the condition of victims. The victim can ask for escaping from it by having free shelter along with food and healthcare facilities. They can also ask for T-visas provided that they wanted to stay in the current setting. Another way is to seek legal aid and find the best alternative whether to press charges or not depending on the circumstance (Human Trafficking, 2015).
All in all, human trafficking is one of the most severe crimes that have evolved with the passage of time. However, the key elements of an act, means, and purpose remained the same. For fighting and eradicating this menace, both government, and non-government institutions should have to focus on limiting vulnerabilities while scrutinizing transportation means all around the globe.

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