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Kruger National park in south Africa

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The Kruger National Park
The Kruger National Park is one of the biggest game parks in South Africa and also biggest among the African parks. Kruger Park is well known for its geographical coverage. The park covers the big area of approximately 19,485 Km2. The geographical location of Kruger national park is in the northeastern of South Africa’s Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces (Braac). The park has its administrative headquarters in Shukuza. It was a park that the South African government protected, and later it became the first South Africa’s national park in the year 1962. The park has several camps that allow it to have nine different gates.
The History of the Park
In South Africa, parks were debated whether they will be or not. The Jakob Louis Van was the man who brought the motion of the Kruger National Park, in 1895. The park was to be started as a small one and later be expanded to another bigger one. The main purpose of creating the Kruger national park diminish the cases of poaching and secure the wildlife in the park by then and the nation as a whole. Different parks came together to form the Kruger National Park.
Some tourists started visiting the park back in 1923, and they used trains to access the Kruger National Park and it involved many activities that included overnight stops and short walks. During the time of short walk, there used to be tight security that was being provided by the rangers of the park.

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The park after doing all the hospitable services to their customers, it developed rapidly and led to the rise of another game reserve. The development of the Kruger Park gave rise to other reserves and parks (Williams).
Hunters and poachers refer the Kruger national park as a place where they source resources despite the fact that there are infections due to the presence of the flies. The sicknesses made visits during some times of the year risky, mostly summer time. The hunters and poachers were highly affecting the life of wild animals in the park. Thousands of wild animals were poached, and it affected the business at the park. This was an issue that was even reported to the president. Also, an outbreak of rinderpest contributed to the loss of wild animals (Hamiliton).
Geographical location
The Kruger national park found in between two rivers. The rivers are north-east of the south in the eastern and include river Mpumalanga and Limpopo. The location of Kruger national park makes Limpopo the only natural feature which borders this Park. Conversely, the park is at the forefront in being among the largest worldwide with an approximate area of 19,490 km2. Altitude of this park varies between 210 meters to 850 meters to the east. The highest point is called Khandzavile. Furthermore, the park is blessed with several rivers that run through it.
Two rivers that bound the Kruger national park act as the only natural boundaries. The east side of the Lebombo Mounts separates the park from neighboring Mozambique. Its western side borderline runs adjacent to a range, approximately a distance of 65 km. From the west-east direction of the park, the peak points include the Sabie, Olifants, Crocodile, Letaba, Luvuvhu and Limpopo River in that order (Hamiliton).
Modern Kruger national park
The modern Kruger national park has a lot any tourist can enjoy and feel to visit the park again. There are good experiences that make tourists feel exposed to the nature world. There is vast landscapes and spectacular wildlife which makes the tourists not to go back to their countries. Some of the big five world animals found are an elephant, lion, rhino, leopard, and buffalo (Braac).
The game rangers who are at Kruger national park are experts with good experience. They take the tourists on game viewing escapade and bush walking safaris, tracking wildlife. The Rangers have a good experience that makes tourists enjoy thrilling game drives and walking safaris (Hamilton). The game rangers at Kruger National Park also provide security to all tourists who visit the park and escort them all through the park.
The park as it is today has modern facilities that every tourist will enjoy. The park has luxurious lodgings and accommodation. With their accommodation, any tourist will be in a position to appreciate wildlife in Africa and do it in coziness with the remarkable cuisine, superb wildlife experiences, and abundant cordiality. The accommodation found here is of high quality and tight security is ensured to the visitors. Kruger national park has all modern facilities that make the tourist like staying for longer (Braac).
There are also other fabulous and interesting activities that happen in this Park and enhance tourists stay at the park (Williams). Other activities that take place apart from having a nice experience with wildlife are horseback riding, blissful spa treatment, and golf. When you visit the Kruger National Park, you cannot get bored because there are so many options.
The Kruger national park is a place where one can have a nice holiday tour and feel honored. The park has boosted the economy of South Africa and Africa as whole too. The number of tourists visiting the park is increasing each and every day that is a positive event to South Africa.
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