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Life in a Medieval City. Joseph & Frances Gies

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Life in a Medieval City by Joseph & Frances Gies
Question 1
Purpose of a Garderobe
A garderobe is simply a place where people store their clothes or valuables for a temporary period. Some refer to it as a medieval toilet where visitors store their possessions that they need to collect as they leave. It is found in public places and someone gets a tag for the valuable stored and present the card when colleting their valuable.
Why clothes stored there
Clothes were stored in the garderobe as they offered temporary security to them. A visitor would leave their clothes and have the assurance that they will find the clothes whenever they needed them. The ammonia used to preserve the clothes in the room was also an added advantage as it helped the owners disinfect their clothes against fleas.
Question 2
Hazards of birth
The possibility that there would be complications afterwards to the woman and the life of the new mother is at the hand of incompetence. The newborn was also at a risk of getting a disease due to exposure.
Religious Ceremony after birth
The woman was to go for a cleansing ceremony because of the blood they shed while giving birth. It was different if a person gave birth to a boy and a girl since all had different procedures.
Question 3
Children’s games
Most of the games by children were to provoke their minds to be creative and innovative. Most times the children made the games themselves.
Games have since changed from the conventional simple games to complex games like chess, which teach children how to think independently.

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Question 4
Explain the history of playing cards
Playing cards are a set of heavy paper used for playing as a form of entertainment. They are heavy and coated in plastic to ensure durability. Players of the game play a variety of games and one has to perfect their skill and chance ass sometimes it is game of chances; most play in commercial areas like poker or in a casino. The ideology of playing cards originated from china from as early as the 9th century where they referred to it as ‘Collection of Miscellanea at Duyang’.
How and where did they originate?
There is no distinct definition as to where they originated from but suggestions raised by scholars trace the cards in china and Vietnam. They used the real paper currency as a tool for the games and later traded the actual currency to plastic cards. The system where they used money to play had the players subdivide the currency in nine units, as the tenth would be the beginning of a new suit.
Which country standardized the 4 suits?
The French people standardized the playing cards into four suits and each suit contains thirteen ranks. It is also a deck of playing cards and the world all over recognizes it in form of the diamonds, clubs, hearts, and spades.
Question 5
Weddings and funerals
Both considered as part of growing up and some form of rite of passage for everyone in the society. They are for the well to do boys.
Familiar and unfamiliar
What seems familiar is the fact that people revered weddings and funerals in the past as they do today. The unfamiliar bit is the type of activities that they did after the funeral ceremony of an individual.
Question 6
Occupations and labor conditions
Most people earned their living through the art of blacksmith by smelting iron to make different home tools as well as the artisanship who worked in full view of others to display their skills to the public.
Shocking Caesar according to Gies
The Caesar would be shocked by the lack of payment of taxes as that would push his government in the low.
Question 7
A. Describe guilds. As they restrict competition, what must they guarantee?
.Guilds were organizations of medievial which were assigned the task of combining several activities such as qualities of a modern union, a vocational school, a trading corporation, and a product regulations committee. They must guarantee safety and fairness in the activitiesB. Describe the position and life of a moneylender.
The Jews in the medieval world were considered as merchants and they became marginalized and shifted from industrialization to monetary activities. They give monetary assistance to those in need at a profit for their own benefit
Question 8
A. Jewish physicians were leaders in medicine due to knowledge of what
They had ideas about the common ailments and the remedies and they helped women deliver babies.B. What was a lithotomy?
This is the correct position in which pregnant women posed as they gave birth.
Question 9A. The chest that held fragments of the bones of saints known as
B. What was the most holy way to cover the Chartres Mile?
They covered Mile using a cleansed piece of cloth and the place visited by a few select people.
Question 10Explain Romanesque art and architecture:
The Romanesque art is a piece that belongs to Europe from the early 1st Century and led to the development and rise of the Gothic style. It has the apses, acanthus and barrel vaults which form part of the decorations.
This describes the design in architecture from the medieval Europe with arches form semi-circular shapes. It has the Gothic style and with pointed arches and in England, they traditionally refer to it as the Norman architecture.
Question 12
Explain Gothic art and architecture, contrasting lightly with Romanesque above
Gothic art was part of the wide medieval art from the modifications and advancement of art in Northern France from the Romanesque art in the early 12C.
A style became popular within the medieval period, which was a modification of the Romanesque architecture.
Question 13
Ysengrin the wolf
It is part of a series of verse tales known as Reynard
The Pangur is a cat in a poem.
The first translation by Frank is a summary of how a cat and his owner each does their art while the Boland translation is the description of how the cat traps the mice and follows a flow of thoughts and imagery.
Question 14
A. You are assaulting UMASS Dartmouth. What are 3 ways to gain access?
Telling the truth
Acting as if on cue
Dismissing invaluable information
B. Which three main individuals preside over the 3 courts of Champagne?
The Caesar
The mayor
The magistrate
Question 15
What spice surpassed all others?
The cinnamon spice has surpassed all the others
What has survived as a souvenir of the great days of the Champagne Fairs?
The native spice which makes dishes delicious have survived the Champagne Fairs as well as the taste of wine and champagne
Describe in some detail a burgher’s home, including furniture and comfort level.
2. What eating utensil was lacking?

Chapter 3. Describe the life and difficulties of a housewife.

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