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Mesium report, A questation and answer

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Where is Norton Simon Museum of Art located?
Norton Simon Museum is situated at Pasadena in California, in the United States of America.
What was the previous identity or name of the Norton Simon Museum?
Previously, the Norton Simon Museum of Art was formerly known as the Pasadena Art Institute as well as Pasadena Art Museum.
Why and how did the name of the museum come to change from Pasadena Art Museum to Norton Simon Museum?
After obtaining close to 400 German expressionist bits from GalkaScheyer in the year 1953, the museum changes its name from Pasadena Art Institute to Pasadena in the year 1954. However, when it got to the early 1970s, the museum began to undergo some financial hardship. This financial hiccup was brought about by the grand schedule of exhibits as well as the project to come up with new buildings. At that moment, Norton Simon, an industrialist had risen to become one of the most pre-eminent collectors of art in the world. Therefore, he was looking for a permanent premise to archive his growing collection that had grown to more than 4000 objects. When he was approached for funding, Norton, and the trustees came to a consensus in 1971. It is through this agreement that the Museum later came to change its name to Norton Simon Museum.
What are some of the collections housed at the Norton Simon Museum?
The collections at this museum include European paintings, tapestries, and sculptures; sculptures gardens that display many sculptors; the Asian sculptures, woodblocks prints as well as paintings.

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Additionally, the museum has a film theater that shows programs, host symposium, and lectures as well as music performance and dance all year round.
What are some of the Asian art housed at the Norton Simon Museum?
The museum hosts world-renowned art collections from both South and Southeast Asia. It offers exceptional examples of this county’s painting as well as sculptural traditions. Among the permanent display are the holdings from Nepal, India, Tibet, Pakistan, Thailand as well as Cambodia. It also contains selected artworks from Bangladesh, Burma, Afghanistan, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. The collection is specifically rich in works from the Indian subcontinent, comprising of the monumental stone sculptures from Gupta periods and an outstanding group of Chola bronze collected from Southern India. Additionally, the impressive woodblock prints from Japan which were majorly collections of Frank Lloyd Wright are also featured in the museum exhibition.
What are some of the European Art found at the Norton Simon Museum?
The European art found at the Norton Simon Museum are categorized into three classes. These are; European art of 14th-16th century, European art of the 17th to 18th century and European art of the 19th century.
What are some of the European art of the 14th-16th century?
The masterworks of the Early Renaissance, the high renaissance as well as Mannerism form the museum’s broad collection European art of the 14th to 16th century. The northern and southern Europe is are also represented in the museums. Some of the arts fro these regions comprise of a large selection of the devotional as well as religious paintings, and secular subject matter that was generated after the humanist fundamentals of the Renaissance started to take hold. Fine works by Giovanni di Paolo and Paolo Veneziano holds the museum’s eye-catching sample of gold ground panel paintings. Additionally, the Flemish tapestries, made from wool as well as silk by very skilled weavers, express secular as well as sacred stories that were treasured by the western world.
What are some of the European art of the 17th to 18th century found at Norton Simon Museum?
The arrival of the 17th and 18th century is heralded by museum’s early ornate paintings collected from Italy and Spain represented by noted artists such as Guido Reni, Murillo, Zurbaran, and Guercino. The Northern ornate collections are profoundly conveyed in the artworks of Peter Paul Rubens, with mystical subjects as well as portraits that symbolize this Flemish painter’s in-depth alliance with the church.
How are the European arts of the 19th century portrayed in the Norton Simon Museum?
The Exhibition Foyer is home to the most critical accumulation of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist craftsmanship in Southern California. The impressions of present day life caught by Claude Monet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and Edgar Degas, who alone is spoken to by more than one hundred show-stoppers, are shown close by the dynamic palettes of Vincent van Gogh, Paul Cézanne and Paul Gauguin. Supplementing these works are Auguste Rodin’s amazing bronze models, which are shown in the Historical center’s front greenhouse.
Who are some of the artists involved in the contemporary and modern arts?
The contemporary and modern arts in Norton Simon Museum are works of Robert Rauschenberg, Pablo Picasso, Ed Kienholz, Georges Braque, Henri Matisse, Louise Nevelson, George Herms, and Diego Rivera Joseph Cornell.
What are some of the modern Art found at this Museum?
Some of the major modern art displayed at the Museum include the paintings and fine works on paper.
What are some of the contemporary art found at the Norton Simon Museum?
The contemporary art displayed at the Norton Museum include the collection of post-war contemporary art. It also boasts of its strength in collage, assemblage as well as sculptures.
What are some of the sculptures displayed at this Museum?
The major sculptures found at this museum are those of the 20th century. Some of these sculptures include Barbara Hepworth, ConstantinBrâncuși, Henry Moore, Aristide Maillol, and Isamu Noguchi. They are represented by works in bronze, marble as well as lead.
Where do you find these sculptures in the museum?
These sculptures are displayed all over the galleries. Some are displayed in the front gardens as well as in the widespread sculpture garden grounds.
How is the Norton Simon Garden Museum managed?
The museum is structured as an operating foundation, dedicating its resources to the benefit of its public activities. It is estimated that the cost of operating the museum is about $6 million. On the other hand, the museum building belongs to a board of trustees.
Who manages the Norton Simon Museum?
The museum is managed by a board of trustees.
How does one attain membership of the museum?
There is a subscription fee for membership that comes with lots of advantages such as special exhibition as well as educational programs.
What are some of the additional services or packages available at this museum?
The museum also provides multimedia packages that include audio tours, mobile apps, podcasts and videos as well as brochures.
What are some of the main events at the museum?
The museum organizes lectures as well as performances and films. The museum also organizes family and youth programs. There are also adult education classes as well as talks and tours.
How are the visitors with cars accommodated?
The museum provides a free and safe parking at the museum premise, and no reservation are required.
How are the physically challenged guests taken care of?
The parking lot also provides an ample parking space for visitors with disabilities. On the right of the museum, entrance stairway is a wheelchair ramp to help visitors with disabilities.
How is the safety of the visitors guaranteed at the museum?
The museum is well protected by security personnel who are all around the museum building. The museum is also fitted with surveillance cameras. Additionally, there is thorough scrutiny at the entrance to ensure that there is no harmful item allowed into the museum.
How do visitors get their way around the museum?
There is a gallery map that is provided to the visitors, and there are also employed personnel to help visitors with directions.
Where can visitors take photographs?
Visitors are only allowed to take photographs in the permanent collection galleries and at the sculpture gardens.
How can visitors sketch or copy works of arts in the museum?
Visitors can only copy and sketch the works of art on a dry surface. They can only do that in a location that does not compromise the artwork’s safety.
Summary of the visit
I can describe the visit to Norton Simon Museum as a worthy learning experience. It was a visit that taught me a lot about the past and the importance of archiving items. The visit provided me with an inimitable interactive experience of getting up close to stories and things that I only see in books, newspapers as well as movies. It makes history a reality and not just tales of the past. For example, seeing original paintings and sculptures is a totally different experience compared to seeing other million printed versions of the same. Visiting Norton Simon Museum brought all that I have always learned in school to life. It was a worthy learning experience.
During my visit, I can be certain that observed that the galleries, the historic houses, the sculptures as well as the archeological sites I interacted with all provide more than I have interacted with in the worksheets. They offer imaginations that are not easy to come by through explanations that we receive through verbal teachings or the books of history. I noticed that visiting a museum is very educational. From Norton Simon Museums, I saw a lot of people who were there to gather knowledge on certain themes. Visiting a museum makes you see things that will concretely remain in your head for a very long period. It is far way clear than reading or even watching an interesting movie. For instance, the faces of the sculptures and the drawings I saw are still clear in my head till now. I can’t imagine ever forgetting such an experience in my life.
The experience itself was entertaining. Walking around watching sculptures that are thousands of years old and viewing original paintings made by great historical artists is really a beautiful experience. While at the museum, I felt something that has not ever struck me before. I felt like I was living in a different world. The world that is full of different kinds of wonders. It was so exciting to be among things that are so valuable. Things that are talked about at every corner of the globe. It was clear that this kind of feeling is a feeling that I couldn’t feel just anywhere else. It was an entertaining experience; fun.
Moreover, being at the museum is a great cultural experience. I got to experience a wide array of cultures from different places acres the world. I was able to feel and learn the European culture by looking at the artworks of the 14th to 19th century. I was able to understand the changes that have been in the European culture ever since the ages of our forefathers. The changes can easily be learnt by looking at the ancient works o the ancient artists. Additionally, I also interacted with works and sculptures from Asia among other countries. It was a great cultural lesson for me.
At the museum, I also realized that more than any movie, books or event, the museum brought memories of the past events like it happened just the other day. There were some works of art such as drawings, sculpture and paintings that expressed the events of the past wars. Being the works of great artists that ever lived, the works expressed these events into a manner that is easy to understand and memorize. I noticed that museums could also act as a reminder of our past nightmares as well as our past achievements. The Norton Simon Museum helped me understand that only putting the past and the present together can help us realize a brighter future. There are some events such as the past world wars as well as past revolution. I have always known much about these events, but I have never been conversant with the severity of these events or he effects of these events. Through the museum attendants, I was able to get an articulate explanation of the past events that individuals as well as nations ought to learn from.
Lastly, I have to admit that I enjoyed the beautiful landscape at the Norton Simon Museum. The museum has a beautiful landscape with beautiful gardens at the backyard. Visitors are allowed to bask and enjoy the beautiful feel o the garden. There are a number of beautiful sculptures to look at when basking at the gardens. Additionally, the museum has a café at the garden square that enables the visitors to have a bite while at the same time enjoying the beautiful view of the amazing landscape. Additionally, the café also presents a wide array of dishes that cut across a variety of global cultures. They seem to understand that this is an institution that is visited by individuals from different parts of the country as well as from all the corners of the world. The hallmark of my visit was at the restaurant where I enjoyed some of my favorite Italian dishes such as chicken parmigiana, veal marsala, as well as pasta primavera. The chefs at the café are outsourced from a renowned catering organization. However, from what I tasted, I can say with no doubt, they are professionals.
In conclusion, I can describe my visit to this museum as a great educational tour. It was a not only a learning experience but also a cultural as well as an entertaining experience. I can say that I learnt a lot from this visit. I learnt that museum is a great library of knowledge. Additionally, I can say that it was fun interacting with the wide range of cultures that are represented and portrayed at the Norton Simon Museum. Moreover, from the ancient sculptures, I can say that I learnt volumes about the changing cultures in our current society. I also learnt that the galleries at the museum can provide us with a great sense of memory hence helping us work on our past mistakes as well as build on our past strengths. The gardens at the museum were fun, and the explanations made by the attendants were easy to grasp. The food at the café was awesome, and this is what made the hallmark of my tour at the museum. There are millions of things to learn from any particular museum. I enjoyed this learning experience.

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