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Nawabdin electrician

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Nawabdin Electrician
Nawabdin was an electrician; a family man married to one wife with 13 children all daughters. He had 13 daughters was a result of trying to give birth to a baby boy in vain until he and his wife gave up (Mueenuddin para 4). He was ingenious in altering the reading of an electric meter so that the bill went low than expected by the electric company. He was hired by various clients to perform his ploy as they saved on the electricity bill and paid him some appreciation fee. Nawab is a Pakistani working hard on various jobs many of them so odd just to feed the family he cherishes. The story setting is in Pakistani in the region of Punjab; Nawab works as an electric appliances maintenance officer for K.K Harouni. K.K Harouni was his master and Nawab was surely a dear servant to Harouni for his ability to manipulate the electric meters (Mueenuddin para 1). Their friendship gained him a job not only at Harouni’s wells but also in his residential area where he visited often to have luxurious moments. Nawab life takes a new turn when he succeeds in convincing his master to have him a motorbike and gas allowance. He starts to travel many places to seal different deals other than his master. The possession of the motorbike raised his caliber in the society. He was considered to know many things, at times he was wondering why people thought he knew so much. One evening he meets a stranger, he gives him a lift but along the journey the stranger turns to a thief.

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The stranger want to steal his bike and Nawab’s effort to protect his bike earns him three bullets. The bullet noises alert dogs and animals and latter persons who save his life. From his story, we can learn about the theme of family ties and poverty
Nawab is a father of 13 daughters; the author writes that if it was another man he would have surrendered for dealing with girls is tough and expensive. Instead of giving up on them, Nawab finds them his drive to achieve more for his family. Despite the long search for son in his marriage in vain he chooses to stop and love the daughters he has. He equally had a loving wife whom he adored which made the bond of the family stronger. Nawab comes home, and he is certain that his wife is in the kitchen prepare tea or something for him. He packs his motorbike and heads straight to his wife in joy just to show how much he was in love with her (Mueenuddin para 13). Nawab is attacked by a thief in disguise as a traveler in need. He pleads with him in the name of his family he tells the thief to spare his bike that is the source of bread for his low-income family. He doesn’t care about himself, and the only thing that motivates him is his family comfort. The drama where he tries to protect the bike and fails almost got him killed. Once he is rescued, in the clinic where they were tended by the pharmacist, Nawab is not concerned about is death as his loss(Mueenuddin para 20). He tells the thief that if he could have died his family would have suffered forever with his daughters begging in the streets. This portrays him as a man with the family at his heart.
Poverty is evident in the story, and only a few persons like K.K Harouni who are selfish are having favorable living conditions. He tended the tube wells of K.K Harouni but the salary was not enough, and he was forced to perform other jobs to meet his family needs (Mueenuddin para 2). He tells the thief that he is too poor, and the only thing he has been the bike and he uses it to win bread for his family. The moment he met the thief and learned that he was from Kashmor and wanted to visit a town, he doesn’t doubt him, and he offers the lift. He knew that people from Kashmor came to Nurpur Harouni and farms around to pick mangoes for the very little wage. The thief says that it was not his will to steal, but he had been poor for the rest of his life, and he had never owned anything.
Nawab lives in hard times but finds the reason to smile and becomes even more creative and sophisticated in his bread winning skills. He can be likened to individuals of the society who never want to welcome technology and progress. His signature ability as an electrician is as a result of possessing the skill of slowing down the meter counter for an electric company to save money from his craft (Mueenuddin para 1). Family ties create a situation of need and Nawab finds a creative way to fend for his family needs to enhance their comfort. Poverty, as shown, brings some social evils like insecurity and exploitation of the poor by the rich. People from Kashmor came to work, but the pay was not proportionate for the labor they provided in the mangoes farms.

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