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Paranormal Phenomena And Its Study

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Paranormal phenomena and its study

 Chelitojbf states that “paranormal are all those unusual episodes in which a person perceives unknown phenomena, objects and beings that present forms, behaviors and/or movements other than those that cannot be related to what is known as the laws of nature. This can be limited to the facts that have no scientific explanation ”.

According to Ernesto Murguía "there are people who tend to be more susceptible than others, so any strange situation or energy leads them to think or believe in the existence of a ghost, witch or other paranormal entities".

The Paranormal Phenomena Report: of the most therefore published by Unknown “different scientists discuss the existence of these facts with various ideas and tools that allow them to demonstrate the veracity of their arguments; Some of their arguments are that the beliefs that people acquire throughout their lives and the point of view of a society that usually influence them, develop a fear of the unknown, which comes to intervene in their subconscious and in the attitudes that take in front of a situation that seems abnormal for them. The self-ata feeds his fear, and at the same time, his perception that they are right and that we are all surrounded by spirits, whether they are evil or good, which seek to represent themselves in one way or another."

The scientist Jones comments that all things have science and structure and why; Including extrasensory perception and alleged paranormal appearances, it has a valid and understandable explanation.

Wait! Paranormal Phenomena And Its Study paper is just an example!

In Aguilar’s research, J.L It was clarified that "it is worth highlighting the importance that should be given to the fact that our mind can fool us and create non -existent images or sounds, but that they are misunderstood by our brain in their eagerness to find a quick response to these situations"

On the other hand the scientist dr. Carr with his “theory of the fourth dimension (place where these phenomena live and can be communicated through parameters with human beings) comments that the scientific community flatly denies the existence of inexplicable phenomena, but that there are already many scientists who believe that the closed mind of many should begin to expand to theories and practices that escape all logic."

On the contrary since the time of the Greeks, they claimed that taking offering the dead allowed them not to torment their lives and not become ghosts, demons or other entities.

In recent years to explain these phenomena, parapsychology has been implemented, a branch of science that has been dedicated entirely to the search for concrete tests and responses that explain and verify the reality of these facts. They also joined to give explanations to these phenomena the Warren, a couple of husbands who dedicated their lives to research of ghostly cases, demonic appearances, witchcraft, among other specific cases; investigating more than ten thousand cases throughout their careers, thus giving them recognitions such as Lorraine of Clarivident and Medium and ED considered the first demonologist recognized by the Catholic Church. 

Over time they succeeded and created the "New England Psychic Research Society" the first institution to devote themselves to the investigation of paranormal events; They also contributed their work to science and religion with different objectives. The Warren built a museum in the basement of their own home, a place they created to house objects obtained from each research done, there it has the photographic files and the history of each case.

Finally, it is concluded that reaching a true statement of whether or not there are paranormal phenomena is a constant controversy, in which there are arguments against and favor, the most involved in these cases is science, psychology, parapsychology and religion that tries to refute at each other. 

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