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Problem solving paper

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Problem Solving
Attention getter
My little brother is turning five. What should I get him as a present? Now that he is a lover of both picnics and bikes, should I get him a nice mountain bike? Should I organize some picnic for him? Should I get him a surprise gift? – One that does not fall within his ‘favorites’ category? Should I let the day pass and surprise him a week later? Or should I just assume the day never was?
Definition of the problem
The choice I should take should be economical, pleasant, surprising and relevant. It is a joyous occasion, and the little boy expects a lot from me. The choice I will take should not disappoint him. I have a tight schedule, and the option should not interrupt my busy timetable. I need to make a decision that will both satisfy him and let my schedule normally run because the d-day is a very busy working day. The option should also be budget friendly as I am not financially stable as at this time.

The present should be affordable
The gift should not exceed my small budget
The gift should not interrupt my busy schedule
The thing should excite the little boy
Alternative 1, application of criteria and evaluation
Alternative #1 – Buy him a bike
The bike is affordable – it is budget friendly.
The little boy will love the bike because he is a big fan of biking, anyway.
The bike option will not interfere with my schedule because it involves buying and presenting, which will not require me to take an off day.

Wait! Problem solving paper paper is just an example!

The bike will last long enough.
Alternative 2, application of criteria and evaluation
Alternative #2 – Take him out on a picnic
This is an affordable option because the places he is fond of are significantly less costly and less demanding.
The little boy loves going out and having fun with family so that he will enjoy this alternative.

This option will no doubt affect my schedule because I will have to get a day off, as I am his favorite sibling.
The alternative is not a lasting birthday present.
Alternative 3, application of criteria and evaluation
Alternative #3 – Buy him some nice outfit and a pair of matching shoes
The gift is affordable because I know kids boutiques that sell affordable outfits and trendy shoes.
The alternative will not affect my schedule as I can purchase the items and present them to him after my working hours.
The birthday present will excite the boy because I know his taste of dressing.
From the preceding, it is clear that the bike option is the best because it is good for both of us. Looking at the criteria, this is the best gift as it does not affect my schedule. Additionally, it will not have adverse effects on my budget. What is more, the bike alternative will excite the little boy as it is one thing that falls within his ‘favorites’ list. I do not need to mention that the Bike will last long enough to keep reminding the little boy that his big brother cares. All the other alternatives go against most of the elements of the listed criteria.

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