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Reader Response Criticism to Soledad Brother

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Reader Response Criticism to Soledad Brother
George Jackson was an African American activist born in 1941. He was born in Chicago but, bred in Los Angeles. During his teenage years, Jackson encounters many challenges as a person of color. He spends most of the days in various Youth Correctional Facilities. Jackson is once accused of stealing money from a gas station. As a matter of fact, his case is unfairly treated, and he secures lifetime incarceration. While in prison, Jackson focuses on politics and the oppression of black prisoners. He gains insight from different political figures such as Fidel Castro. Later, he publishes a book entitled “Soledad Brother” regarding the oppression of black prisoners. The two prominent themes in Jackson’s book are racism and oppression. I agree with Jackson’s opinions and ideas concerning the themes in his book. This paper focuses on my response criticism to the two themes.
Racism is a prevalent theme throughout the book. As aforementioned, Jackson had a tough childhood due to his skin color. I believe that Jackson has made his inferences regarding his unbearable experience. I greatly concur with his assertion but, I think the issue of racism should be handled differently. Many people have shared their stories, and given insight on racism to the public. However, the inhumane practice is still prevalent in today’s society. Jackson also deduces that black men are often offered false opportunities, and promises.

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In some cases, black prisoners are not given visitation rights. Jackson laments, “You know I had a visit yesterday from an old friend, Joan. They told her she couldn’t come back again, an economy move. It costs the state too much to supervise my half-hour visits, so I’ll be held incommunicado it seems.” I also agree with his assertion due to my personal experience. I was once in a restaurant and noticed that the waitress offered better service to a white man than she did to the black man. Additionally, I find it demoralizing that black men are still arrested, and arraigned in court due to no absolute reason.
Oppression is the other theme noted in Jackson’s book. The fact that Jackson’s case is not heard is an oppression strategy. His case is completely neglected because he is a black man. Even in prison, Jackson and other black prisoners are treated like animals. In fact, Jackson and two other men are accused of killing a white guard in prison. I believe that the three men are unfairly treated, and not given any benefit of doubt. The inferences are simply based on the fact that they are black men. According to me, this creates more harm than good; as the authorities do not catch the dangerous people.
Often, they assume that it is the black men. It is due to the accusation, and oppression that the three men are referred as the “Soledad Brothers”. I strongly agree that the men; George Jackson, Fleeta Drumgoole, and John Clutchette are victims of a set-up within the prison. Also, Jackson’s brother is killed while trying to rescue him. To me, this is holistically oppression to the prisoners of color and their affiliates. I do endorse the ways in which the prison authorities deal with matters in Jackson’s book. He is also accused of being involved in an escape plan that kills five people.
In summation, I urge my readers to agree with my response to the two prevalent themes in Jackson’s book. It is my plea that serious action is taken against racists and oppressors in today’s society. The world would be a much better place if all individuals changed their attitudes and focused more on equality. Each and every person should be given equal opportunities in society. When people are treated well, they greatly give back to society.

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