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Same-Sex Marriage

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Same-sex marriage is a union between a man and another man or a woman with another woman. Gay and lesbian marriages are emerging controversial global issues. The paper will address the question of gay marriages, to show why gay marriages should not be promoted (Damslet, 1992). Few decades ago marriage was recognized as a union between a man and a woman. With civilization especially in the western countries, cases of men and women interest for same-sex partners have alarmingly risen. The world welcomed the idea with a lot of opposition due to it nature and suspicion of destroying tradition family setup with a father, a mother, and children. With a lot of supportive activists, there has been a little acceptance although very few gay people would stand and proclaim to be gay (Lahey & Alderson, 2009).  Stigma and marginalization in the society compel gay individuals to stay on a low profile. Gay marriage is not a suitable environment for upbringing children; homosexual marriages do not allow continuity of human race. Many religious affiliations do not support gay marriages that make the union a social disorder. Gay marriage is a social misfit idea that should not be tolerated.

Studies have revealed that children have better growth outcome when raised by their biological parents or at least when adopted by straight parents and not gay parents. Gay parent’s children were reported to have frequent arrests and probably dropping out of high school or college (Schumm, 2014).

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Gay parents have always been said to abuse alcohol and substances, which is not a conducive environment for children in their tender age. Gay parent children have been noticed to have encountered their first sexual experience earlier, than straight parent’s children. Having multiple partners of similar and opposite sex was attributed to their environment and curiosity respectively (Lavner, Waterman, & Peplau, 2014). At times, gay parent’s children may indulge with an older gay person and end up sexually assaulted. Young children become at risk of contracting sexually transmitted infection and without proper knowledge they may die in severe cases of syphilis where an individual lose their sanity. A mother and father have a designated purpose in a child’s life, and gay marriage denies them the chance of a motherly and fatherly upbringing.

Marriage is naturally meant for procreation, cases of certain species of plants and animals like the St. Helena’s redwoods and Pyrenean ibex respectively being exist have been reported (Harrison & Michelson, 2015). The reasons for their extinction are not very clear but for human beings with natural, and man-made calamities, the human race will be extinct. Procreation keeps the balance and with the advent of gay marriages, children to form the next generation will not be available. From studies, gay parents are most likely to raise gay children. The traditional definition of the family has shifted from father, mother and children triangle to a couple making a complete family. A man and a woman makes a perfect family, and equally the same sex parents. Parents who wish to have children but have been hindered by any means especially biological challenges like impotency can adopt children. With equality and democracy, gay parents can adopt children to form a family. The question remains if the same trends continue with the children they have raised, where will their children get children to adopt in their subsequent generations? Legal protection for gay marriages have been enforced across the globe, and more children are adopted. Humanity is on the verge of destruction with gay institutions increasing in the constitutions of various nations and states. Most leaders advocating for gay marriages are not gay, and the gay issue could be just a politically spearheaded issue to strengthen the political status of some individual with selfish desires.

Same marriage have been a subject raising controversy in religions like Catholic and Muslim. In the Christian Bible, gay marriages have been detailed, and its penalty have been revealed by the perfect case of Sodom and Gomorrah. In the Biblical context, marriage was designed to be an institution between a man and a woman (Grossman, 2014). The union of same-sex partners is considered sinful and immoral, and it’s discouraged by the heads of those religions. In the USA, the constitutions allow the practice of gay marriage and any form of discrimination warrants a legal punishment. Clerics from Catholic, Baptist and Jewish Orthodox, have firmly opposed the gay marriage institution. Some religions like the British Anglican have accepted the gay marriage and have ordained some gay priest (O’Halloran, 2014). The same trend is opposed in some parts of Anglican churches in Africa and Europe. The marriage of the same sex is not marriage and not an alternative to marriage since it offers nothing straight partners marriage offers. Gay marriages are considered selfish and that it doesn’t consider developing children as their core duty. They argue that it’s a way of expressing their sexuality that prompts people to assume gay relations are just about sexuality that is selfish for a family. The selfish linkage have been attributed to gay marriages financially instability and children dropping out of school.

The natural law recognizes man and woman as complementary beings which results in a perfect union like a ball and a socket joint. It’s human nature to be attracted to opposite sex person and attraction to animals, and same-sex, especially for sexual pleasure, is considered a social disorder and a violation of the natural law. Observance of the natural law maintains moral standards of society and abuse keep the society disorderly (Harrison, & Michelson, 2015). To air their minority voice, gay proponents claim their movements is equivalent to the civil actions since they are advocating for social issues. The gay persons with their relationships have caused splitting in churches between those advocating for it and those against. Decades ago the splits were not experienced, and the affected religious groups enjoyed the harmony. Gay marriage issue have confirmed to tear the society apart and so could not be categorized similarly to a civil movement.

In conclusion, gay marriage have gained support recently and have been legalized in many constitutions including the USA constitution. Gay marriage doesn’t provide a child with a suitable environment for growth and development making it inappropriate. Marriage has a purpose of ensuring next generation continuity that is hindered by gay marriages. Many religions don’t support the union and view it as a sinful arrangement that defile the Biblical teachings. Morality is the goal that a family imparts to its off- springs, and the gay couple has not proven any parenting skills. Natural law advocates for unions made between a man and a woman and not same sex. Children early childhood matters who they will become in their adulthood. Children learn from their guardian’s teachings and actions. Gay parents are most likely to teach on gay relations, and this will affect choices for partners in their adulthood. With concerns over gay persons contracting sexually transmitted infections, they have a challenge of seeking medical healthcare. Gay healthcare facilities are scarce and may discourage an infected gay person from seeking care in emergency cases.

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