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Self Esteem

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Self-esteem in terms of psychology and sociology reflects the individuals’ entire emotional analysis and one’s worthiness. It is a personal evaluation and judgment towards oneself. Self-esteem may incorporate emotions and a belief of what one feels is competent or he or she deserves. The emotions may comprise shame, despair as well as triumph, and pride. Hence, self-esteem refers to how we feel or perceive negative or positive self-assessments.

The main purpose of this paper, therefore, is to discover the topic of self-esteem or self-integrity by asking five participants three questions: How do they define self-esteem? What do they think lowers self-esteem? What do they think raises self-esteem? To further explore the topic, I will also research the literature regarding the three questions.

Self-esteem is how we value ourselves and how we carry ourselves in front of other people. Self-esteem gives the ability to gather confidence in all that we do and dictates how we do it.

Low self-esteem is caused by incapacitating states that retain people from recognizing wholly abilities and potential. An individual with low self-esteem may feel incapable, incompetent as well as unworthy.
Positive thinking and positive talks can be used to improve self-esteem. The significance of self-esteem is that an individual is able to realize the causes of low esteem and techniques that he or she can apply to maintain very high esteem that increases an individual performance and confidence.

Wait! Self Esteem paper is just an example!

Self-esteem is, therefore, very important in this study it helps the student to understand what it is, its effects on persons’ general performance, and how low esteem can be avoided or improved.

Literature Review
“Can you program a child for high self-esteem? Some people think so, but a child is not a computer. You can control input to some extent but you can’t control output. You can send messages, although you have no guarantee as to how they will be received” (Gonzalez, 1994).“Take the simple message “I love you.” Self-esteem, for most of us, depends to a varying extent on our perception of our lovableness or perhaps significance is a better word. With that in mind, we tell our children we love them. To add power, we couple the words with nonverbal messages like hugs and kisses. Since we also perform other ongoing loving behaviors such as feeding, clothing, and meeting
other needs, we think that we can sit back, assured that our children are loved. Perhaps they are loved but do they feel loved?” (Gonzalez, 1994).
Most individuals’ feelings and thoughts about themselves alter somewhat grounded in their day-to-day practices. The rating you acquire on an assessment, how your associates delight you, downs and ups in an idealistic affiliation can all have an impermanent effect on how you feel around one.
Your self-worth, though, is somewhat more essential than the usual ups and downs related to situational variations. For persons with decent self-esteem, regular ups and downs may result to momentary vary in how they perceive about themselves, nonetheless only to a restricted degree. In disparity, for individuals with deprived self-respect, the ups and downs extremely affect the means by which they perceive themselves.
Persons with unhealthy or low self-esteem often depend on how they are performing in current to define in what way they feel around themselves.They require optimistic outside involvements. For example, compliments from their peers to that neutralize the undesirable feelings and opinions that constantly spate them. Even then, the virtuous view like awesome grade is usually impermanent.
Vigorous self-esteem is founded on our capability to evaluate ourselves precisely and still be tolerant of who we are. This helps to be competent to accept our strengths and feebleness and at the similar time identify that we are earnest and valuable.
Our self-integrity grows all over our lives as we cultivate an image of ourselves from side to side of our involvements with diverse individuals and happenings (Fennell, 2006). Involvements during babyhood show a predominantly great character in the influencing of self-regard. When we were developing, our accomplishments, disappointments, and how we were preserved by our teachers, parents, religious consultants, relatives and peers, all underwritten to the making of our self-integrity.
The views you have around yourself frequently seem to be declarations of information, although they’re really only opinions. They are grounded on the involvements you’ve had in a lifetime, and the communications that these familiarities have given you about the type of individual you are. If your involvements have been undesirable, your opinions about one are probable to be undesirable too.
As a way to increase self-esteem, you require to recognize and encounter the undesirable opinions you possess about yourself.
You require perceiving self-opinions, how you acquired them and the reason you trust them (Lim, 2005). At that instant enthusiastically start to assemble and transcribe down indication that disapproves them.
Identify what you can do better. Everyone is virtuous at something, whether it is dancing, cooking, filling puzzles, singing or even making friendship. We also incline to relish doing the stuff we are conversant with and which can aid to increase your attitude.
Construct positive associations. If you discovery certain individuals inclined to disappoint you, attempt to devote less time with them, or inform them the feeling you have about their arguments or activities. Strive for interactions with individuals who are constructive and who raise the value of yourself.
Be generous to yourself. Be kind to yourself (Field, 2007). That means showing tenderness to yourself at moments when you feel like being self-deprecating. Reason what you would talk about to inspire a colleague in the ananalogous situation.
Learn to be self-confident. Being confident is about valuing other persons thoughts and desires, and supposing the equivalent from them. The single trick is to perceive at other persons who perform emphatically and duplicate what they organize.
Offer yourself a trial. We entirely feel anxious or scared to do stuff at instances. Individuals with strong self-respect do not let these mood shall them from attempting fresh things or engaging in contests.
“Everyone thinks; it is our nature to do so But much of our thinking, left to itself, is biased, distorted, partial, uninformed or downright prejudiced. The quality of our life and that of what we produce, make, or build depends precisely on the quality of our thought. Shoddy thinking is costly, both in money and in the quality of life. Excellence in thought, however, must be systematically cultivated.” (Richard, 2004).
“Critical thinking is that mode of thinking about any subject, content,or problem in which the thinker improves the quality of his or her thinking by skillfully taking charge of the structures inherent in thinking and imposing intellectual standards upon them.” (Richard, 2004).
Set an objective for yourself, like joining a body building class or working in a collective juncture. Attaining your aims will aid to intensifying self-esteem.
Participant A:Jonathan Aceves was my supervisor for about one year and a half as Director of Family Resource Center and Substance Use Program. He recently got promoted to be the Director of Therapeutic Behavioral Service (TBS). He currently holds a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT). Jonathan is 39-year-old Mexican American. After obtaining his BS in UC Irvine he then proceeded to get his masters in clinical psychology fro California School of Professional Psychology. He lives with his fiancé and a stepdaughter.
One of many reasons why Jonathan was selected was because he enjoys being a therapist and helping people. Jonathan goes above and beyond when it comes to helping others and is a great listener. He has demonstrated to be attentive, genuineness, and respectful. He has the empathy to his clients and co-workers. He conveys mutual trust and would not challenge me or my beliefs as well as his clients.I email Jonathan, and I did ask in my email if he would like to have an in-person interview, email or by phone. Jonathan, selected through email. He stated it would be easier given his busy work schedule and a new position. I submitted my question through an email, and Jonathan answers each question in a timely matter. He did apologize for writing less than what he usually writes.Participant B:Judith Herieda is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), we are currently working together since 2015. Judith is a 40 years of Mexican American. She’s single but would like to have a family of her own someday. She obtained her degree from UOP University of Phoenix and her bachelors from Cal State LA in psychology. I selected Judy because she’s able to provide positive insightful feedback with all her clients. She leaves you feeling comfortable and confidence during the session and with co-workers. Most, importantly, she makes you feel uplifted and hopeful about everyone’s future.As I mentioned above in regards to the interview, I give them each the option and they all chose to be interview through email. I submitted the questions to Judy and within 20 minutes, she had email me back.Participant C:Paulette Esparza is a 21-year-old Mexican American young lady. She is currently attending Rio Hondo College in Whittier. For three years, she studied Speech-Language and Pathology at Arizona State University. Paulette would like to transfer to UC San Diego’s School of Medicine.Paulette is my oldest daughter of two. She currently holds a position at Sephora as a product consultant. She works with a diverse range of clients a daily basis. I chose Paulette because she interacts with people and builds an interpersonal relationship with them; in addition, she gets positive surveys from her clients and for that reason I chose her. I admired her personality and I decided she would be a perfect interviewee. Paulette also conducted her interview through an email. After submitting the questions to Paulette it took her about half and hour.Participant D:Ileana Barragan is a 35-year-old Mexican American married woman and a mother of three – two boys and one girl. Ileana became a registered nurse from Cerritos College and had since received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Phoenix. She will be returning to school in the spring of 2017 so she can spend more time with the family and her one-year-old daughter. I’ve known Ileana since 1998; we used to work together and remain best friends ever since.I chose Ileana because she holds a profession that comes along with the complexities and major responsibilities. It’s a very challenging vacation that demands versatility and alertness. Ileana enjoys working long hours, (12hours a day, three days a week). She spends most of her time walking, standing, lifting and bending. Ileana enjoys working with people and educates patients’ families about disease and treatment. Ileana has enjoyed her position since 2008 and likes to save lives.Ileana conducted her interview through email. After submitting the questions to Ileana, it took her about 15 minutes to complete all her answers.Participant E:Eloisa Barraza is a 24-year-old Mexican-American studying at USC to obtain her Master’s degree in clinical psychology. She would like to obtain her license as a clinical social worker. I met Eloisa through work where I supervised her as an intern completing her chemical dependency certificate. After completing her internship, she was hired by my company as a rehab specialist providing counseling services to our substance abuse clients.I selected Eloisa because she has extraordinary people skills and is able to go above and beyond when it comes to helping others. She has provided support to those that need help. She is responsible for counseling and offering casework services to clients. She continues to assess client’s mental status through interviews or observations and has developed treatment plans and making referrals to appropriate services.
Eloisa Barraza conducted her interview through email. After speaking to Eloisa regarding my class project, she immediately accepted. It took only 20 minutes for Eloisa to answer her question and send it right back to me.
Jonathan Aceves1. How a person feels about themselves. How one views themselves. I would somewhat liken it to confidence.2. Being told that you are not doing things correctly, being made funof, a person getting negative messages about themselves, or having negative experiences in their life (being told that you are fat, physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse).3. Having a support system of people that gives a positive personal message. Having a childhood filled with love and people who care about you. Having experiences in life that make you feel good about yourself, and/or overcoming something that has been difficult.Participant B:Judith Hereida1. My definition of self-esteem is how one thinks of themselves as a person, whether it is physical looks, personality (when one question: do others like me?) or mental IQ (when one asks: am I smart enough).2. Mental and emotional abuse. I feel that when someone puts you down, laughs at you, or when negative things are being said over and over to you by the same person, you begin to believe it. The low self-esteem (put downs) can continue to the point where one begins to put themselves down and not believe in themselves.3. I think there are several ways one may raise their self-esteem. It can be maturity and life experience, such as when you realize that the opinions of some people do not matter.
Paulette EsparzaSelf-esteem means feeling good about yourself. It helps you have the courage to try new things, it brings confidence in what you say, and you know good things can happen when you try your best. True self-esteem is stable and enduring.When one possesses low self-esteem, they have the inability to feel happy with themselves, which often results in depression. In addition, people tend to tolerate abusive relationships. Probable causes of low self-esteem stemming from lacking confidence and self-love.
In contrast to low self-esteem, to gain self-esteem, in my opinion is to watch, listen, and see all of the positive and good in this world. Listen to music that genuinely makes you feel good inside, no matter the genre. Watch movies that inspire you, and read books that move you inside. Anything that enables you to want to make a difference or just feel positively different.
Participant D:Ileana Barragan1. Self-esteem is a reflection of how you view yourself and influences the actions you take as a consequence. 2. Many factors contribute to lowering someone’s self-esteem. Culture, society, morals, beliefs, and backgrounds.3. Some factors that lower self-esteem can increase it. However, there is the intrinsic factor of how one views themselves that can also increase self-esteem.4. Society can have a strong influence on how an individual can view himself, but I also believe that a person’s upbringing can break that chain. If you grow up with praises and positive feedback, your confidence and self-esteem is elevated and difficult to destroy
Participant E:Eloisa Barraza1. Self-esteem is the perception you have about yourself, and how you see yourself.2. I think the type of friends you have, the people you surrender yourself with if they have low self-esteem you might experience having it as well. It can also deal with not attaining goals you set yourself for so you believe yourself not to be capable of achieving more.3. The friends you have, a strong family support system, potentially, your work ethic, the type of job you have, the types of things you might have (materialist things).
The study and research that I have been performing for the past one week has been of great help in understanding the exact definition of self -esteem, causes of low esteem and what can increase self-esteem.
So far it is clear from the introduction, literature review and results in parts that self-esteem has commonalities and deals with that state of self-worthiness in front of other people. It is also clear that self-esteem is highly affected by the lack of trust and self-confidence in what one does. Self-confidence is paramount in this discussion as it helps one to believe in his or herself. All the same the results differed a bit on what the authors and the five participants believed can increase self -esteem. Some interviewee believed the money could do that as opposed to the scholars who beliefs in self-effort and trials to improve the situation.
In the future, I would like to study how to instill self-esteem in students who are poor performers because I think can help teaching institutions and staffs in their teaching approaches strategies. The less performing students always undermine themselves and see themselves as week than another and this gives me the urge to visit this field in nature.
In conclusion, I can say that self-esteem is very imperative in the performance and output of the affected parties in any field. Therefore, high self-esteem should be maintained as this increases the productivity of a person. Low esteem comes along because of failure to believe in oneself. Hence we should ensure we do not fear what other people will say when we try and fail. But, we should focus more on our abilities and competence rather than on the perception of other people toward us.
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