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The Influence Of The Media As An Event

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The influence of the media as an event

The media is an event, if you talk about television at the time before that did not look. Television, radio, presses and magazines, this has brought an enormous influence that these media in people have, the manipulation of the media is an indirect influence that aims to transform people or the country into something inappropriate,Just as governments who often want to manipulate information, there is also the political manipulation that abuse the power they have to manipulate the means for the population to create in something that is totally false. 

Crisis time communication is decisive for the country to give adequate answers to the needs that are being lived, in many studies they have examined the use of mass media, in order to develop communication practices, social networks were aFrom the key pieces in the process of communication of crises, the findings serve us a starting point to improve communication efforts, it can be said that communication is one e the processes of transmission and reception of ideas,Information and messages, communication between people in the country is very low that there is no respect for the other person and there is no proper communication when problems are seen, in communication there are barriers which consist of obstacles that wehinders messages.

There are the semantic barriers two people trying to talk, but who are not speaking the same language and fails to agree on the message they are wanting to say thereWith his senses very clear and the other drugged or with alcohol in his body so it is very difficult for that person to follow the thread of the conversation, since his psychological state is altered, the physiological it gives us to understand when a person isHe is talking or warning the screams to a person with auditory losses that something was silent, knowing that this person will not understand the message that he wants to give him.

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The physics tells us when several people are talking at the same time, this is very difficult for the message to be given, the administrative is when a person is being demanded, but they are not giving them thenecessary time for them to enunciate them.

Therefore it is important that we always have to take into account any type of communication both personally and professional, so that there can be effective communication in the country, it is very necessary to develop active listening to what is being said, so thatThen the message you want to reach another person is clear and concise adapted messages so that problems and misunderstandings are avoided.

To be improved these problems that are being presented in the country’s communication, barriers are not an impossible obstacle to communication, we may adapt strategies to avoid or be able to overcome these. Control the emotions that are possessed at the beginning of the communicative act that can harm communication, it is also necessarynecessary that if there are doubts in the message that is being transmitted to clarify all the doubts before that message bring some problems for not clarifying the doubts, listen with very good attention to the person who is transmitting the message and not be rude and letThat talk alone or feel that he is talking to a person who does not pay attention to what he is talking about, also to be very congruent with what is said and what he wants to understand when transmitting the message, verifyingthat the environmental conditions of the place are very suitable for the transmission of the message.

These are the points for all people to be clear, to improve all these problems that are affecting us in the country, that if we do nothing to solve them we will continue for them and every time this will get worse.

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