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The movie kid acted in 1995 is no typical Hollywood film

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The movie kid acted in 1995 is no typical Hollywood film that shows superstars who live high-end lives, but it is about young boys and girls. These kids demonstrate how their life is and what they do to make them happy not worrying about breaking the law or behaving in wrong ways. What matters to the kids is their happiness, partying, wild and uncontrolled sex and anything that is considered illegal. The kids participate in crime which ranges from shoplifting to violence in the streets. The kids are involved in drugs such as weed without even having to worry about the consequences. One of the main characters, Telly, happens to be HIV positive from his constant unprotected sexual activities, and he infects Janie, who is raped by his friend Casper. Same-sex marriages especially gay relations are loathed and these individuals are seen as outcasts. Young life is a ticking time bomb and what matters is what you do while young.

Deviance and Crime
One of the sociological concepts that is evident in the movie Kids is deviance and crime that has been well scripted and mostly shown in the entire film. Crime in sociological terms can be defined as human behavior that does not conform to the rules and regulations of a nation or a place. These behaviors are not acceptable and are punishable by law. On the other hand, deviance is individual behavior that is not in line with the expected conduct of a community. In this movie, Kids of the year 1995, underage children are involved in various kinds of illegal and unethical behaviors.

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Numerous activities in this video are caused by negative peer influence, where friends encourage each other to participate in actions that violate the law or the social conduct (Groeneveld & Van, 2011).
The first crime that is evident in the movie is shoplifting and burglary. Telly the main character and his close friend Casper go to one of the stores run by a person who has advanced age in their area. During that time, convenience stores did not have cameras to spy on clients and the shop owners mainly depended on convex mirrors to monitor customer activities. Telly pretends to ask the store owner of an item that is nonexistent in a way to divert his attention from Casper, who is stealing liquor. Casper takes a bottle of liquor and slides it down his pants without the shop owner noticing what has gone on. The two friends leave the store after insulting the owner who is left shocked by the treatment he gets from the young men. Casper does not only steal in the shop, but he also takes fruit from a vendor just outside the store (“Kids. 1995. iNTERNAL. XviDVD-TNS.avi,” n.d.). These kids do not care about the other people’s source of income and all that matters to them is taking what they desire. In the two incidents, Casper and Telly get away with their criminal deeds without any legal action being taken on them.
The characters in the movie will do anything to have money even if it means stealing cash from their parents. Telly and Casper decide to go to Telly’s home where he asks for cash from his mother who claims to have no money and, therefore, Telly gets a golden chance to steal because his mother has got no money and you cannot claim to have lost what you did not have. The two boys go to Telly’s parents’ bedroom and steal cash. These friends do not view taking money from their parents as a crime but as an act to get what they want in whatever way that seems natural for them (“Kids. 1995. iNTERNAL. XviDVD-TNS.avi,” n.d.). These two friends lure each other into crime because that is the only way they can easily get what they desire.
Violence against other people has been well depicted in the movie. Telly and Casper are out in the streets to meet a few of their friends who deal with drugs and other forms of social vices; Casper happens to block the way of a black stranger as he is skating, but he does not give way or apologize. The black guy gets agitated with Casper and decides to get physical with him, but he does not know that he is about to mess with a big messy group of young people. A fight breaks out, and the black guy is attacked by Casper’s friends. The stranger is held in a position so that Casper can land the last blow using a skateboard. The guy gets a thorough beating and is left bleeding from his nose and mouth while unconscious and no one cares about him. The kids enjoy talking about the fight, and they do not care whether he is dead, but all that matters to them is how heroic that act was.
The crimes of these young friends have got no boundaries as long as it is something that will satisfy their desires. Telly wants to impress a thirteen-year-old girl named Darcy and, therefore, he asks her for a swim. Darcy agrees to Telly’s invite, and they break into some private property that has a swimming pool. Telly and his friends do not care or worry about the illegal use of private ownership or the consequences, but they go ahead and enjoy themselves. Telly and his peers are the wrong company for a young girl like Darcy, but she enjoys their company even if it means doing things against the law. Trespassing to the kids is not a crime but a way to have fun.
The movie Kids clearly shows how young people commit offences related to drug dealing and use. Telly and Casper are regularly smoking weed or drinking alcohol, in the streets or at Steven’s house. Younger children are seen smoking marijuana as if they do no care or worry about anything in the world. Telly and Casper steal money so that they can buy weed from drug dealers in the streets who operate without any fear of the law. Selling drugs to underage children is a crime but also dealing in drugs is a crime. Steven and his friends get easy money from selling drugs. Hence, they can afford an easy and comfortable. This movie Kid has numerous scenes where both young boys and girls are seen smoking weed, drinking alcohol or taking other drugs. One of these young boys claims he gets good weed from his elder brother. The other kids envy him, but they do not realize it is against the law to deal in drugs (“Kids. 1995. iNTERNAL. XviDVD-TNS.avi,” n.d.).
Rape is another crime that is depicted in the film. Janie, Telly’s former girlfriend, is sexually abused by Casper in Steven’s house. Janie learns that she is HIV positive and decides to let Telly know about her status but as she is looking for him she meets a friend in one of the pubs that allows underage to get in who drugs her. Janie starts hallucinating and goes to Steven’s where the young individuals had gone. In the morning, Casper wakes up and finds that everyone is still sleeping, and he notices Janie among the people sleeping on the couch. Janie is heavily intoxicated from the drug she was given at the pub and does not have a clue that Casper has undressed her. Casper haves sex with Janie without her consent; he thinks it is cool but in reality there is a probability of getting infected with HIV. Janie is raped in her state, and it is a crime to engage in sexual activity with an underage without their consent.
Numerous scenes in the movie show how the young actors break social norms. One of the behaviors that can be termed as deviant is engaging in underage sexual activities. The film starts with Telly and Janie making out and later having sex. Janie loses her virginity, but she is quite unlucky because she also contracts HIV from Telly, who boasts of having many relations. Janie is quite unfortunate to test positive after her first sexual encounter compared to her friend Ruby who has had various sexual activities and tests negative for HIV. These young people participate in unprotected sex without even knowing the dangers they are exposing themselves too. In most societies, it is wrong to engage in premarital sex. The only way to get to the girls pants is by giving false promises; Telly is good at convincing both Janie and Darcy how much he cares for them, but all he wants is to have sex with them. Cases of underage sexual activity are discussed by both Telly and Janie and their friends. These young people seem to enjoy having sex in such an underage, and they are willing to try any form of sexual activity as long as they get satisfaction (Macklin & Carlson, 1999).
Sexual activity in the video does not have any boundaries because there are all forms of fornication. Telly happens to enjoy numerous sexual encounters, and that could have made him get infected. Telly breaks up with Janie and convinces Darcy, a thirteen-year-old girl to have sex with him. While in Steven’s house, Casper engages the younger boys in sex talk that is wrong to expose such young children to sexual activities. Casper happens to be a sex pest and rapes Janie, who is highly under the influence of drugs. The kids engage in unprotected sex, and they are not aware of its dangers. In one instance, Darcy tells Telly that her mother cannot allow her to have a boyfriend because her elder sister got pregnant at the age of fifteen years.
Perversion has got no limits when it comes to this young people. It is against societal norms to have sexual feelings for a married woman especially if she is the mother of your best friend. When Casper and his friend Telly go to Telly’s house, Casper cannot stop staring at his friend’s mother as she is breastfeeding. Casper later tells his friend how beautiful his mother’s breasts are; this is a taboo to hit on your best friend’s mother. Casper does not stop his sexual perversion because he even enjoys dipping a tampon in a drink and licks it. It is wrong and against the expected conduct for a teenager to have sexual desires for an older woman who happens to be your best friends mum. Casper acts in a way that offends his friend showing that his actions are against the expectations of the society.
In most cultures, same sex relations are viewed as being against the ordinary conduct of people living in that community. The movie Kids shows how gay and lesbian relationships happen in the society. The first same sex relation that is clearly seen is in the streets where Telly, Casper and their street friends jeer and boo a gay couple. The teenagers are so annoyed at the gay strangers who happen to be minding their own business, and they hurl insults at them. The kids show that even the teenagers who are perverted it is wrong to engage in same-sex relations especially if it is men. The second same-sex relationship happens to be lesbianism that is seen in the swimming pool when two of Telly,s friends are kissing. The teenagers are not annoyed by the two girls kissing but rather enjoy it, and they want to see more of that action (“Kids. 1995. iNTERNAL. XviDVD-TNS.avi,” n.d.). Same sex relationships are seen and viewed as against morality by many people who prefer to be in straight relationships where boys relate to girls rather than where the males or females have partners of the same sex.
Social Division
Social division is another sociological concept that is evident in the movie. A social rift exists where people associate with people whom they share a common interest. In the entire film, the kids associate only with people who they can have sex with or those that they can abuse drugs with at any time. Telly hangs out with Casper because they can talk about sex and do drugs together. These two friends go to Steven’s house or the streets where they can talk about sex or get easy access to weed and booze. In the entire movie, no aspect of school life is displayed because of the probability of the rift between kids who go to school and those that do not.
The video shows that there is a gap between the rich and the poor. I assume that Telly and Casper come from wealthy backgrounds because they do not want to look for jobs, and all they want to do is partying. These two friends get easy cash by stealing from their parents which is wrong. The poor are represented by the beggar in the train and the blind man who sings near the train station. Telly and Casper look at the blind man sings and a boy dancing, but all they can say is that they sing very well. The blind man needs to get cash and from my interpretation he gets money from people who enjoy his music. Inside the train, there is a legless beggar who goes round collecting money, he is probably poor, and the only way of sustenance is begging from the rich. Casper makes a contribution, likely from the money they stole from Telly’s parents. People should be treated in the same way no matter their social status.
The movie Kids is about young life and all the choices people make at this age. The kids participate in all forms of crime, from shoplifting to drugs and addiction and get away with their illegal actions. It does not matter what you do that makes you a superstar in the end you will have to pay for your actions. Casper assaults Janie and does not know he could get himself infected with HIV. Most of the kids are drug addicts and cannot do without alcohol or weed as we see from Casper. It is evident that no matter your age you should live to the expected legal and social conducts. All the decisions people make whether good or bad while they are young follow them into adulthood. Life is too short to live with regrets, and all kids should get knowledge on the need to obey the laws of their nations and communities.

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