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The National Civil Right Movement

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The National Civil rights museum
Question 1
I visited The National Civil rights Museum in Memphis in Tennessee town. The museum has an updated record of civil right history date back in the 17th century to present day. The museum was located around Lorraine Motel the murder scene of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr who was murder in 1968. I examined the ideology of civil right movement in the 1960s and compared it to our current civil right organisation.
Question 2
I choose this site because I wanted a museum that specialised in the history of civil right movement alone. My objective was to compare the past civil right movement ideology to the present ones. Today, the racial atmosphere has evolved from one of fighting for real equality to that of preferential treatment based on race factor. Ever since the death of Martin Luther King Jr 45 years ago, there has been a progressing racial undertone that had been slowly disappearing. However, the electing of Obama into office in 2008 made the racism agenda go from the quiet whispers of the backroom to the cautious entry into the daylight. For example, it has been reported that some black individual involved themselves in criminal activities but when they are arrested they claim it all about racism. This causes the police to be less effective in their job especially white cop that deals with organized gang. My assessment is aimed at revealing if the current civil right movement is genuine compared to past organisation.

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Question 3
To prepare for this tour, I had formulated a questionnaire that I would fill using information that the tour guide would provide me with. I ensured that I had a digital camera that will help me in recording the exhibition in the museum. Additionally, I had a notebook in place for taking notes that would help in assessment. On the day of the tour, I was well prepared I remember my suitcase was full of new designer clothes mainly because I usually like looking nice in pictures. I was also psychologically prepared for the trip.
Question 4
Consequently, the experience at the site was very emotional especially the exhibition of a statue representing slaves in the 17th century. In my opinion, the museum has vividly provided the plight of African slaves during the slave trade era in the 17th and 18th centuries. The site has elaborated more about the slave’s lifestyle such as their culture, religion and family association. For example, the museum has ornaments such as shells, tobacco pipes, beads and pocket knives. This illustrates the culture of the Africa slaves. Therefore, the museum giving this type of information assists in understanding the lifestyle of Africans slaves past the harsh treatment. It clearly demonstrates that the African slaves were able to preserve their culture despite the slave treatment. Secondly, the museum has a prototype of the original exhibits of the Rosa Parks bus. This includes a brief history of how Rosa Parks boarding a Montgomery City bus started a new era in the civil right movement. Thirdly, the museum has statues that represent the boycott during “the standing up by sitting movement”. They have clips of the original demonstration and conflicts held at that school. Fourthly, the museum has a bus prototype representing the bus used in “New freedom ride /the ride to die movement” in 1961, initiated by the Congress of Racial Equality. The movement started after the Supreme Court removed segregation in train and bus stations. Lastly, the museum has a copy of the audio record of Dr. Martin Luther King reading his letter from Birmingham jail. The audio ends with the speech of President John F. Kennedy passing the civil right bill.
Question 5
In my opinion, The National Civil rights Museum has illustrated a believable version of American history. This is because it has vividly explained the history of the civil right movement in American community. Currently, the Supreme Court is using record of civil right movement to uphold bills that are aimed at the end any form of discrimination. The struggle for human right has caused the government to listen to the people`s view and opinion. For example, The Supreme Court turned down appeals seeking to reverse the decisions of lower courts to overturn bans on gay marriage in five states. Analysts say this decision all but legalizes gay marriage in those states which are Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia, and Wisconsin. This is reflected in the announcement by some states that gay couples will be allowed to marry. There is a feeling that any future similar cases will receive the same ruling for consistency purposes. The analysts feel this is a major step towards legalization of gay marriage.
With reference to that, this museum is very effective at teaching historical records by providing an overview of the sponsoring organisation`s historical Professional focus and pedagogical, and professional focus. In my assessment, I found out that past civil right ideology were based on defending real issues, unlike today`s civil right movement that are based on selfish principal.

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