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the three people i would choose to eat dinner with

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The three people i would choose to eat dinner with
Given a fortuitous i would like to have ceremonial dinner with the president of United States of America, whom i consider a real leader, patriot and intelligent man.The reason I would want to have dinner with President Barack Hussein Obama is because is the first African American president hence making him one of the very important person in the history of America. Not merely was Obama the first African-American president, he was also the first to be born outer the continental United States. Obama was born in Hawaii. After a two-year spell employed in corporate research besides at the New York Public Interest Research Group in New York City, Obama moved to Chicago one the states i love so much in the United states, where he took a job as community planners with a church-based group the Developing Societies Project(Alter, Jonathan,48). For the following few years, he operated with low-income citizens in Chicago’s Roseland communal on the city’s mainly black South Side. This showed how humble he is, and the fact he referred to the experience as the best education he ever got, better than anything he got at Harvard Law School makes me adore him and look forward to every speech and words he speaks.
I love Obama, I know he’s a pronounced President, I deliberate he’s doing a great job. But I’d like to have dinner with him because i think our conversation would be a lot exciting.

Wait! the three people i would choose to eat dinner with paper is just an example!

The things he engages in are some of the things i love doing which are basketball and tennis. He’s the aspirant who made basketball as copious a part of his campaign in 2008 as hopefulness and change, finding stint for pick-up hoops on prime election days. I remember some of the words he said like playing ball were a stroke of luck. He is the first president to change the White House tennis court to basketball court when he moved in with his family. g which are n are some of the things i ch and words he speaksPAGEXXXPAGEXXXPAGEXXXPAGEXXXPAGEXXXPAGEXXXPAGEXXXPAGEXXXPAGEXXXPAGEXXXPAGEXXXPAGEXXXPAGEXXXPAGEXXXPAGEXXXPAGEXXXPAGEXXXPAGEXXXPAGEXXXPAGEXXXPAGEXXXPAGEXXXPAGEXXXPAGEXXXPAGEXXXPAGEXXXPAGEXXXPAGEXXXPAGEXXXPAGEXXXPAGEXXXPAGEXXXPAGEXXXPAGEXXXPAGEXXXPAGEXXXPAGEXXXPAGEXXXPAGEXXXPAGEXXXPAGEXXXPAGEXXXPAGEXXXPAGEXXXPAGEXXXPAGEXXXPAGEXXXPAGEXXXPAGEXXXPAGEXXXPAGEXXXPAGEXXXPAGEXXXPAGEXXXPAGEXXXPAGEXXXThe president has a habit of playing golf with White House staff, associates, donors and celebrities. Rarely are voted officials invited to join the president but he been the president, he tends to give anyone a chance to against him.
I love the way Obama responds to critics and negative statements from people around him and the world. The fact that he doesn’t sit down and let things pass makes him a tough person to deal with. This one caught my eye and were always memorable the day he answered to Kanye West ambitions of becoming the president of united states he jabbed a slight fun at rapper Kanye West caused he premeditated to aim for the White House and opened some humorous advice on how to attain a positive political career. The fact that Obama can joke and make fun makes him a cool president to hang out with and have dinner.
The primacy of the Roman bishop is derived from his title role as the modern predecessor to Saint Peter, whom Jesus passed the keys of Heaven then the powers of mandatory naming him as the “pillar” upon which the minister would be constructed. The present-day pope is Francis. Have always asked myself the question, why would I want to have dinner with the pope and the answer always came straight to me without any hesitation and my answer was always this cause he’s Pope and is measured as one of the biosphere’s most influential people for the reason that he’s diplomatic and artistic impact He is moreover head of state of the Vatican City, an independent city-state entirely enclaved in the Italian city of Rome(Kramer, Barbara,31). The fact that the pope is holy and considered one of the few saints makes him a dream come true sharing a table and meal with. The fact he encouraged people throughout the world and seen as a symbol of peace makes him a role model. The pope supports families and togetherness if blood relation wants to shape a durable family life they must turn off smartphones, laptops and TV set and have dinner cool, calm and collected with their offspring around a table every time the pope encourages this lot. The pope is against the obsession with children to devices since these gadgets isolate the kids to the point where they are similar to retirees. The exercise of eating kinfolk banquets together, which the pope encourage for generations is starting to show up, these core values he supports make me adore him and see him as one of the few people I would want to spend time and have dinner with. The pope is seen as a beacon of hope wherever he walks and visits, the fact that he reaches out to Catholics and non-Catholics that make him a concerned leader, I love the pope because he embraces risk, and he is a fearless reformer since takes every Catholic Church faction and makes it an inclusive religion. The fact that he’s patient doesn’t sit and push papers in the office, listens to people’s grieves and principal by example are the main reasons i would want to have dinner with the pope.
Katheryn Elizabeth “Katy” Hudson, well known by dint of her stage title Katy Perry, she is an American citizen, singer, songwriter and actress. She pursued her musical career at the Musical Academy of the West in Santa Barbara. Katy Perry is a talented musician; she releases hit after hit that play in the stereo (Deborah Lurie, 41). The fact that her music is entertaining with cool well-shot videos and lyrics that run through my mind all day is one of the reasons I sing along to her songs. Her songs are well written, easy to understand the lyrics and sing to her words. I love the fact that it’s easier to get her albums and songs that i play all day in my i phone. I would love to eat dinner with her because she is fun, energetic and outgoing as seen in her videos and documentaries. Having dinner with her would give an opportunity to know her directly and ask her about her songs. Some of her memorable songs to me are a roar, wide awake and fireworks to mention but a few.
Katy Perry is a role model; she supports the young upcoming talents and very influential in the music industry. I consider her as the best female artist of all times, outstanding and most talented. Her songs are encouraging and cool to dance too. The fact that her songs incorporate pop, rock and disc is the reason i consider her as talented and one of the few people I would love to have dinner with.
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