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Violence Of Women Lived In Pandemia

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Violence of women lived in Pandemia


To begin this essay, we must place ourselves in the frame. This is why we have been forced globally and particularly to take confinement and quarantine measures, which has caused different consequences, both social, economic, political and also personal and also personal. Under the context described, I want to show and problematize how violence against women has sharpened under this tremendous health crisis.


Placing me particularly in Chile. Many women have had the obligation to remain in their homes and many times with their aggressors, therefore, they have been more exposed to this type of patriarchal violence. Given this we must ask ourselves the following question: How are the consequences of this health crisis reflected in gender violence against women in the homes of our country? To answer the above we must define what gender violence is against women. The United Nations in the declaration on the elimination of violence against women describes it as:

For the purposes of this statement, ‘violence against women’ is understood as any act of violence based on belonging to the female sex that has or may result in physical, sexual or psychological damage or suffering for women, as well asThe threats of such acts, coercion or arbitrary deprivation of freedom, whether they occur in public life and in private life (UN). It should also be noted that what differentiates this type of violence from other forms of aggression and coercion is that the risk or vulnerability factor is the mere fact of being ‘woman’.

Wait! Violence Of Women Lived In Pandemia paper is just an example!

Gender violence has a structural background rather.

Due to the foundations of social constructions, in which, the woman has always had a lower and/or submission role in the face of the male sex in which it has a leading and dominant role, which translates into gender gaps andinequalities. Therefore, aggression and/or abuse do not represent isolated acts or cases, but rather binding. This violence puts man in an advantageous role, who uses this element of power and superiority to assign, authorize and control the fulfillment of socially attributed responsibilities to women, it is also necessary to attend to how some violated women accumulate and project violence towardstheir children. 

In the midst of this health crisis, the members of the Special Commission responsible for knowing initiatives and processing bills related to women and gender equality of our country made an analysis of the complaints about domestic violence that have been registered until March of theThis year, as well as the complexities and challenges posed by the health emergency and quarantines, highlighting the following: according to the information available in Carabineros de Chile. The calls at 149 (line of complaints "Fono Familia") in March this year added a total of 1.698 which implies a 20% increase if compared to the same date, but last year.

In addition, according to information obtained by the Ministry of Women, in our country, since the pandemic began, there has been at least 70 percent in emergency calls due to cases of violence against women on the other hand, in whatRegarding the year we have a total of 14 consumed femicides and 40 frustrated femicides according to data delivered by the SERNAMEG. Violence against women has increased, this can be explained because, the necessary support networks have been limited for those women who are victims and suffer violence, also, many therapies were interrupted by altering the process of healing and overcoming dueto confinement. 

In addition, high -risk situations are evident, such as leaving women in isolation with their aggressors, in many cases in overcrowding, with additional stress and anguish in between, for reasons of confinement, loss of work, uncertainty and anxietyproduct of this health crisis. Thus, these factors mentioned condition the appearance of new cases of violence against women. Based on this information and research carried out, it is possible that many women support and accept violence, since they depend economically on the aggressor. 

Also, in some cases the lack of services, obstacles to accessing paid employment and the precarious socioeconomic situation contribute to a lack of autonomy and courage to make a complaint. From the above it is necessary to give aid and promote public policies that promote personal development in women and that they take empowerment. Develop varied skills, in order to remove this stigma that leads man to take weight in the life of a woman, instill mutual respect and sharply condemn violence, whether physical, psychological or sexual from an early age.

In addition, it is vital to combat this problem generating paradigm changes in sexist culture, stimulating collective changes and enabling the development of concrete actions that help. Many times the victim is blamed, his version of the facts is question. In the current Chilean scenario, there is no robust institutionality that allows protecting and avoiding this type of crimes against women, which has become more acute due to the confinement caused by the virus. It is necessary to give peace to Chilean women.


As citizens we have a duty to demand and strengthen laws that really protect and support women in the face of these acts of violence, to limit times of action that justice has against this type of complaints, in order to give peace and serenity to women becauseIt cannot be possible that they have to be hiding, avoiding or covering up their aggressors. Finally, in the face of the above, the increase in cases of violence in pandemic in Chile has been embodied, the situation has been channeled and problematized, therefore, it is necessary to take or create new security measures, establish social awareness.

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