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what needs to be done to improve our world?

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What needs to be done to improve our world?
Poverty is a major concern in our world today. It has the most effect on the third world countries. There are always cases of starvations and malnutrition, which are mostly due to poverty and lack of balanced diet or even access to food. But there can be a drastic reduction of poverty globally. This is by taking a few measures, which include identifying those who are majorly affected, then creating programs that will bring an ultimate solution to creating of water sources for irrigations, farming, animals and home use. This will provide food security, and while at it create employment for the people. There should also be the provision for the other basic human needs, shelter, and clothing.
Avoiding wars would be a great move towards achieving world peace. It is estimated that there have been deaths of over 200 million people in the past century. The level of these wars did not reduce despite the end of the world war. The UN is one of the organizations used for these war prevention. The Security Council is given the mandate to oversee relationships between countries and also within countries. But by establishing a certain kind of organization that helps come up with an ultimate solution on matters that create unnecessary tensions amongst countries or regions, wars can be greatly avoided. And by also creating good relationship ties amongst each country.

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Poor leadership has been noted to cause great turmoil all over the world. Unnecessary wars have risen due to poor leadership, as in most cases of tribal wars in Africa. The attempts to overthrow governments, the fight for power are all as a result of poor governance. This can, however, be prevented by providing basic knowledge of leadership. And for this to be effective, young people need to be inspired and motivated to aspire to be better leaders by teaching them the qualities of good leadership. The subjects or the people being governed should also understand their position in this governance. They should know what they are supposed to do whenever they feel they are not being governed in the right way, and how to exercise their rights.
Diseases have been a great phenomenon all over the world. There is an alarming increase of many forms of the disease, but mostly the sexually transmitted ones. Lack of knowledge about these diseases and poor misinformation can be cited as one of the reasons for the spread. Poor preventive measures, as in the case of malaria, have led to a loss of lives, mostly the children. But all these can be changed by putting the necessary measures. Educating people about these diseases with greatly curb the widespread of these diseases. Teaching people how to handles those infected with STDs, and contagious diseases will help reduce the spread. Providing the necessary medications, and preventive measures like mosquito nets, teaching people how diseases like malaria come to be, and forming research teams that are supposed to come up with an ultimate solution on how to reduce or end these diseases will greatly improve the health of a nation and the world in general.

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