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Alzheimer Disease

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Alzheimer Disease
01419860Alzheimer is a neurological disorder causing cognitive failure and memory loss as a result of the death of brain cells. The early onset of the disease results from the presence of the Apolipoprotein gene within the genes of a person. Single gene mutations of 21, 14, and1 chromosomes cause the Familial Alzheimer Disease. The Genes are inheritable and cause early onset of the condition between 30 and 60 years. It’s a type of dementia of neurodegenerative type that starts small and gets worse with time. Like other forms of dementia, the death of brain cells is the cause of Alzheimer. Since the disease is neurodegenerative, brain cells continually die over a period. As the brain shrink, nerve cells and connections gradually reduce within the tissues. There is no confirmed test that can be carried out to show the presence of the disease in the affected brain. Tiny protein deposits are found in the nerve tissue called plaques and tangles can be seen on postmortem (MNT news, See the picture below.
Most people with this disorder start getting the symptoms at their mid-60s. Memory loss in the early stages is mild but severe in the latest ages. Though it can appear first at the 40s and 50s for a few individuals, late stages of Alzheimer causes failure to converse or even respond to the environment. Averagely, most people with this condition die eight years after the symptoms become noticeable.
Alzheimer’s Association can be relied on to offer people reliable information and referral support for the victims.

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Alzheimer disease, account for 60-80% of cases of dementia in the United States. 2010 US census report had 4.7 million people who were 65 years and above suffering from dementia. A Recent study by the Alzheimer Association has only one-eighth of the population on and above 65 years suffering the disease.
The goal of the (US Health Department is to be able to treat Alzheimer by 2025. Achieving this is possible through the help of the research organizations working tirelessly to discover knowledge about the disease. There are numerous organizations including; Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation, the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America, Alzheimer’s Research Program, and Banner Alzheimer’s Initiative amongst others. Alzheimer’s Research program has taken a great deal in funding of the field grant proposals since 1982 to yield clue on the causes and treatment. The research center has launched in the recent past, many programs to gain insight on the neurological diseases throughout the world. Alzheimer Drug Discovery Foundation has received several grants and with its mission to accelerate the discovery of Alzheimer cure we can just be confident about the results.
With the numerous researches underway, a cure for Alzheimer may be possible with more discoveries about the causes, symptoms, and treatment. According to (Alzheimer’s Association, about 90% of what is known today about Alzheimer today is developments of the past 15 years. The findings have led to better hospital care, better treatment and medication of the Alzheimer and other related dementias. Legalization of three-parent children in the UK is a great move by the UK states. The type of parenting allows for removal of the defective gene and replacing it with a gene from the third party so that the defect may not be transferred to the offspring. The research will see to an end in the genetic disorders with the countries embracing this practice (Rai 11).

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