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Anti- Legalization Of Drugs
The first argument for legalization of drugs that I disagree with is that legalization of drugs will boost revenues of a country. The fact that drugs trade is illegal in almost all countries in the world creates guilt in the traders who often fear shipping drugs in the open because they risk being locked behind the bars were they to do so. As a result, there will be no revenues in form of taxes got by the government when the drugs are imported or exported. Economies, who compile the revenues from various items that give rise to the total GDP of a country, cite the exclusion income from illegal businesses like drug trafficking as a major challenge to the accuracy of the results of the income. Admittedly, the drug trade has and will never be a source of income for any nation.
Even if the use of drugs were to be legalized, the drug barons would still evade tax payment because most of these people engage in the business of selling drugs for selfish motives. Pushed by their desire to become very rich over a short period, it will be hard for such unscrupulous people to pay faithfully taxes. The society will also require a long period to transit from their present view of considering drug trade as an illegal thing to being a legitimate one. Following such reasons, both the drug users and the drug sellers will do most of their trade in private. This situation will consequently lead to lack the transparency required for the betterment of economic gains of a country.

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Drug trade therefore, hurt the economy of the country as opposed to boosting it.
Secondly, morality is the sense of right or wrong and not the decision to do or not to as put by the proponent of the idea that the drug trade should be legalized. Morality is mostly decided by the society and not and individual. The individual instead fits his conduct in the societal moral standards. The fact the individual can make a choice to use drugs does not make it moral. There are many people who have engaged in this vice and later on regretted the reasons for their involvement. Drugs use the individual perception of things that results in the road accidents that claim many lives in developing countries today. Drug use is blamed for the dead of the victims from diseases such as lung cancer and liver cirrhosis. There many other negative impacts on the users’ health that may not all be captured in this limited space work. The society cannot and will not consider drug trade and use as moral.
The negative impacts drug has on the relatives and next of kin to the drug addict are immense and cannot be equated to the impacts of all sorts of other behaviors on the same people as claimed by the proponent of this idea. When the addict is hospitalized for treatment and later rehabilitation, the bills are solely levied on the family members. The argument that we legalize the use of drugs on the basis that other behaviors are the most deceptive one. The author of this idea would have preferred illegalizing those acts that endanger the lives of our people. Moreover, if drug use is illegalized, there will be a reduction in the number of such undesirable cases. Drug use should, therefore, be illegalized.

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