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Antonio And Cleopatra: Main Source

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Antonio and Cleopatra: Main source


Cleopatra is known for having been considered a very attractive woman for the men of that time and for her incredible skills to obtain what she intended, in addition according to the history of Egypt, it makes it known that she was very ingenious in politics and business to business to Those that were included, for that reason for my opinion, is one of the most interesting women, so each of their strategies will be studied, basically the ones that are most known and attract people’s attention.

In order to carry out this research work, two sources of information will be used as a main base to be able to have knowledge about the studies carried out by historians and have fixed ideas, with these you can answer the research question. To what extent the strategies used by Cleopatra They allowed him to access the power of the Egyptian Empire?


Main sources:

Source I: Cleopatra: a new look at the dazzling life of the queen who seduced the ancient world of Stacy Schiff. Mainly, the book of the American writer Stacy Schiff will be used due to the fact that its content focuses specifically on the history of Cleopatra, in addition to writing each of the feats made by said pharaona in the Egyptian empire, this source also gives to Knowing the way in which Cleopatra was handled in politics, this includes a breakdown of the interesting woman, Cleopatra. 

In addition to chapter III explains about the conquest of Julio César and his strategy to recover the throne that his brother snatched him.

Wait! Antonio And Cleopatra: Main Source paper is just an example!

This book was published on November 1, 2010 and was nominated for Goodreads Choice Award within the category of History and Biography.

Source II: Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt of Cristina Gil Paneque in History and Life.

On this website is the history and biography of Cleopatra, in this site you can find her life initially since she loses the throne. The writing of this article describes the conquests of Cleopatra, their way of developing to the conflicts that were presented in which it was often victorious, they mark the cunning and intelligent woman in many branches, especially in politics. However, her physical description develops that she was a beautiful woman who knew very well how to use all her gifts in her favor.

This article was published on February 4, 2019 by Cristina Gil Paneque. The Historia y Vida website is dedicated to publishing articles on prehistory, ancient, medieval, modern and contemporary history, in addition to having a magazine in which all new articles on topics of interest and importance for readers are added.

Secondary sources: documentaries and articles

As secondary sources, various channel documentaries such as National Geographic, History, among others will be considered. With respect to the articles websites such as La Opinión, Magazine de Historia, among other recognized documentaries will be used.

Cleopatra VII according to various investigations was born in 69 to.C. In Alexandria, descendant of Ptolemy Lagos, her name is the union of two words, Cleo which means "glory" and hoax that means "father" which is interpreted as "glory to her father". The basis that historians used to know the history of Cleopatra are the hieroglyphs because it is a means that the Egyptians used to capture the stories of her and her pharaoh’s civilization.

From the beginning of her life she prepared to be heiress to the throne of Egypt, her childhood was disturbed by the family acts that included incest, murder and disloyalty. This traumatic life begins with a revolt of her sister towards her father, this makes Ptolemy XII escape to Rome taking Cleopatra, at this time she was 11 years old.

His father was willing to do anything to recover his position in Egypt and teach Cleopatra very well what he should do to get what he wanted. Ptolemy XII When he returned to recover the throne, he comes to face his daughter with an army, in that Ptolemy XII confrontation he murders his own daughter for having raised a rebellion against him.

After this event Cleopatra perfectly includes how family rules are governed to access "or murderous or let them kill you". With the death of Cleopatra’s father, the eldest of the Ptolemy III men who was 10 years old assumes power, this fact places Cleopatra as second ruler and as a family tradition they both had to marry. This event of marrying among family.

After these events there was a coup d’etat in which Cleopatra was harmed since they banished her away from Alexandria, she with the knowledge she obtained from whether father was looking for help in which she placed her eyes in Julio César ruler of Rome. According to history, the strategies that Cleopatra used were based on seduction and wealth.

Example one of his first seductions was Julio César who was a politic Feats to be able to conquer her goal, according to Roman stories, she made her wrapping her on a carpet and transporting her to the room of this ruler to convince him to form an alliance. This was one of the most complex activities she did of her because she was risking everything and if she could not put Julio César on her side, she could die, but through sexual seduction she managed to convince him.

Cleopatra was ready to face his brother, along with Julio César he had great opportunities to win, in the confrontation the Romans are victorious and Ptolemy III dies drowned in the Nile River. Cleopatra won and recovered power, although her brother of her was left, but that was no longer a problem for her because she had a very powerful man next to her that gave her protection and safety on the throne. From love between Cleopatra and Julio César a child was born which she called Ptolemy XV and they usually called her Cesarión.

All this alliance was going very well for Cleopatra, but tragically, on March 15, 44 to.C, Julio César is killed, this leaves Cleopatra without any alliance, that is, alone and exposed to losing the power he had of her, in addition the Romans had feelings of hate made she did. For those reasons, Cleopatra began to look for a new alliance.

From that moment on, the greatest romance of history and the next seduction begin, Cleopatra puts his eyes on Marco Antonio one of the best generals of Julio Cesar, despite being considered the substitute for Julio Cesar, Marco Antonio is a Man who does not follow the rules since he was an aristocrat, had many romances, that is, he was very women and got drunk in public no matter anything. To be able to conquer him Cleopatra had to be very creative, since if she did not get it, she could lose everything.

Marco Antonio was in a palace in the Eastern Mediterranean, so 41 to.C. Cleopatra sailed to meet her, she was prepared spectacularly to achieve her goal, in this case, her conquest. To do this she bursts a show in which she exhibited her riches and put all her qualities with this she managed to fall in love with Marco Antonio and manages to have some Romans as allies as allies.

The beginnings of their relationship were politicians, however, the longer their courtship was going through, they were both falling in love with the chemistry that flowed in them. When historians continued to decipher the hieroglyphs they noticed that Cleopatra’s brother, Ptolemy XIV, disappears from history, this fact gives to understand that there is a probability that Cleopatra has killed his own brother for the fact that he was who was still to access to the throne and she wanted the total power of Egypt.

Although Cleopatra ruled Egypt, she felt that she was still threatened by her sister Arsínoe of her who was in Turkey for exile, she was killed by orders of Marco Antonio who tried to please Cleopatra in all her whims. With her murder to her family this queen tried to make her son Cesarión come to govern the Egyptian and Roman lands.

Each stress that the Romans had very bad view of Cleopatra, treated her as if she were a drunk prostitute who was only interested ruthless and demonic. Although everything was perfect in Egypt, in Rome a revolt against Marco Antonio was about to unleash. Augusto was the rival to the power of Marco Antonio, he was based on the fact that he was in a relationship with Cleopatra that was Egyptian.

According to Roman writings, there is a story about a challenge between Cleopatra and Marco Antonio, he tried to spend more money at a dinner, he organizes the most expensive dinner he could give, while she takes out a pearl from one of her earrings, He dissolves it in vinegar and drinks it, that way I stay as a winner since the pearl was of an extremely high value.

When Cleopatra and Marco Antonio were celebrating and planning the reconstruction of a new empire, Augusto was gained power in the Roman Senate. In 40 A.C. Marco Antonio leaves Cleopatra pregnant and returns to Rome to attend the threats that the Romans were giving.

To strengthen the framework, he decides to marry Augusto’s sister and another family, while Cleopatra had given birth to twins, despite that he tried not. In Rome, a war between Marco Antonio and August.

Basically, the strategies used by Cleopatra were extremely skilled and effective, since she used sexuality to achieve her objectives, however, in the end she does not achieve the empire she yearned for, but gets an important position in history Egyptian. The Queen of Egypt, with all these actions of cruelty, murder and seduction, was doing everything her family had taught her to be able to govern, this is because she grew up in a sign that was not suitable for a girl, this gives to think that He could have had psychological problems because he murdered his closest family without remorse.

For the study of this queen’s behavior, historians were based on the hieroglyphs and certain ancient writings, so this research work is based on these sources of information, due to the limitation of methods I can appreciate the investigations of the investigations of the investigations of Egyptologists who worked in the main sources such as old hieroglyph and books. 

In spite of this they had many conflicts in the investigation, such as that Cleopatra’s stories mostly were written by the Romans and the fact that Cleopatra was hated in Rome could be hated and they could probably write evil reviews to do it See how the worst, with this you can find the difference with scientists which is that historians try to find the review that is more credible and may then discard it for another, instead scientists mostly carry out their own projects.

One of the challenges are the variety of stories about the subject, this is why you must choose the source that has the most historical context such as books approved by historians or documents created in the basis for real investigations.


Historians, in this case, Egyptologists who were in charge of study better understand the thoughts of this queen required psychologists which allowed them to know the basis of their actions. 

In addition to having many unexpected twists since it was believed that she was a very beautiful woman, however, they found a currency that exposed Cleopatra’s real face and did not look very attractive, this gave way to the hypothesis that she was attractive For his intelligence, ingenuity in politics and creativity to achieve what he wanted through seduction. 

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