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Being a pilot

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Being a pilot
My passion for being a pilot began way off while I was still a young kid. After discovering my passion, I got to the local airport and took an introductory ride. For me, it was relatively inexpensive, and I got a chance of flying the airplane for the first time. I then enrolled for private lessons. Through the learning of my flying grades and gaining the experience from the private lessons I had, and later when I worked as a pilot for small companies, i got the experience I needed in applying to a large carrier. But since my goal was to fly an airline, in my cause of working, I came to realize that Pilots had benefits and retirement packages that can even surpass what most of the other experts usually receive. I usually got free or at times reduced rate while traveling. In addition to this, I normally got a reduced accommodation rate in most of the hotels and car rentals.
The number of my working days depends on several factors that may include; the company I was working for by then and how long I had worked for the corporation. In most times, I was away from my home and family for about half of every month that was a high price to pay. Even though my work was not to be taken home, I was required to be always prepared for tests. In most cases, I was taking a check ride at least twice a year. For this case, I required some home study. The reason for this is that in the event of a failure I stood a chance of losing my job.

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In addition to this, I was expected to uphold currency in different techniques and procedures, and to keep my charts updated always. The other drawback that I experienced in my quench of becoming a pilot was the high price of becoming a competent pilot. I had to go through either a military, which I had to take an 8-year obligation after pilot training, or pay I train myself. In addition to this, I was supposed to have a bachelor’s degree avionics, aeronautics or any related fields; I was supposed to have a lot of thorough knowledge in the field of aviation as the main branch.
To be a pilot I was also required to be in good physical condition. To be a Captains one needs to pass a physical exam that is done once in every six months while other commercial pilots are required to pass an exam that is done every year. Being a pilot, I was supposed to be out of a job in case I had any health problem. Besides, I was subjected to regular alcohol and drug tests. My driving record was inspected, and any offense verdicts could cause my disqualification. In addition to the physical status, a pilot must have to be of sound mind suitable to execute the job.
As a pilot, I learned much about many subjects. For me to be a proficient pilot, I was required to have a versatile knowledge in the understanding of the flight theory. This called for an essential know-how of the knowledge of physics. I was required to understand laws of motion, fluids and other phenomena. This was the only way of understanding aerodynamics, aircraft performance, hydroplaning and system operations and limitations. I also had to understand meteorology. Being an experienced pilot, I was supposed to be able in interpreting often as a pilot I was to be able to observe weather phenomena and report what I saw correctly as well as had to make a quick scrutiny of the circumstances. This included the variations that could have an impact on the weather prediction and how such variations could impact the flight safety that I was to take. I was also required to understand aircraft systems. I was to understand aircraft maintenance; otherwise I could fail to tell if the mechanics had done a good job after repairing the plane. Through this, I could also judge the general state of a plane and tell the relevant parties to run maintenance before a takeoff. I was also to understand navigation as a pilot I had to know how navigation charts and maps were made to read them accurately. This is because there are several ways of through which the charts are made, and each has a merit and as well as downsides. As a pilot, I was to understand fully the well-being limits that were assimilated into maps, and how they impacted every flight point. For instance, sometimes a course in deviation or an altitude of about a hundred feet could be seen unsafe. Similarly, Part of navigation may involve the weather. As a Pilot, I was often required to deviate from my normal course so that I could avoid hazardous weather conditions. At times, this was not possible, and I was to be able to make verdicts based on the risks I had earlier experienced.
The other knowledge I got was the regulations and air traffic control. I was to be acquainted with all the rules that were likely to affect my flight. There are hundreds of guidelines that are to comply with for each flight I had to take. These regulations are set and written by legal experts. Therefore, I had to be able to read and comprehend these legal documents. Most of such regulations are set and written by the Federal Aviation Administration, but I was supposed to observe the rules of several other government bodies, both state, and Federal. Also, I being a pilot who could fly internationally, I was directed by the worldwide act as well as the acts that were definite to the state to which I was working in.
Finally, I was supposed to have knowledge of physiology. The FAA did expect me to be able to identify physical issues that were likely to affect me or any passengers on board. I was also required to understand how to prevent such problems. Also, I was required to explain several sensations and illusions that could occur in flight and are likely to compromise adversely with the stipulated safety. I also needed to study the past aviation accidents so that I could better comprehend the human factors that could have contributed them. Flying an airplane also required risk management, which is not possible minus fully understanding of all the facts involved.

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