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Chemical diagnosis

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Three possible causes of Ed’s symptoms are; asthma possesses the same symptoms as those of Ed’s and, therefore, asthma could be one cause, secondly, Ed might have been poisoned by the chemicals he uses in his work, and finally, it might also be as a result of the smoke he had taken and the long term usage of inhalers and nebulizer could also have resulted to the symptom he’s experiencing.

Ed should be undertaken through a physical test to determine the causes of his physical deterioration. Food or chemical poisoning tests should also be carried out to determine if he was food poisoned. A full blood count test and the liver test should also be taken.
I would ask Ed if he smokes daily, what kind of meal he lastly took, and where and finally if he usually takes asthma medication as required, and if he uses protective clothing during his work.

In order to prevent chemical poisoning again, Ed should have a high level of hygiene especially thorough washing of hands after work and before eating and using protective clothing during his work. He should also try to solve any dispute with his workmates if one exists.
It is likely that his long-term use of inhalers and the nebulizer could have affected his immune system and contributed to his condition through the weakening of the immune system.

For chemical diagnosis, the reversal process of the effects of chemical poisoning should be done.
In order for Ed to prevent premature aging, he must change some lifestyle activities he does. He must stop smoking completely as it propels the aging process and reduce exposure to cold weather and finally reduce long period exposure to the chemical he uses at work.

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