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college residence hall and/or dormitory fires

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College Residence Hall and/or Dormitory Fires
BI, Shao-Ying, Zhi-gang WANG, and Yin-Hua ZHANG. “Analysis of Fire Safety Assessment Method.” Fire Science and Technology 1 (2002): 15-17.
In this article, the writers report on the research done on college fires. According to this statistics, college fires have reached a level that should not be condoned anymore. Everyone should come up to participate in its control.
Burrows, Neil D. “Experimental development of a fire management model for Jarrah (Eucalyptus Marginata Donn ex Sm.) forest.” (2013).
In this article, the authors present research conducted on fire safety. According to the findings, fire is a disastrous tragedy that should be properly controlled. To effectively do this, there should be a regular assessment of preparedness and control strategies.
Carpenter, Daniel J. College Dormitory Fires in Dover, Delaware, and Farmville, Virginia. US Fire Administration, 1988.
Here, a comprehensive study of dormitory fires in Dover, Delaware and Farmville is done. The author exclaims that college fire should be controlled because it is becoming rampant in different institutions.
Gao, Jin-tian, and Jie, Xu. “The current status and strategy of fire control work socialization.” Fire Science and Technology 3 (2011): 029.
The article provides a report on the research conducted by Gao and Xu on the extent of fire control strategies in the society. According to their research, a lot still need to be done as far as fire control is concerned.

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Jones, Russell T., and David P. Ribble. “Child, Adolescent, and Adult Victims of Residential Fire Psychosocial Consequences.” Behavior Modification 15.4 (1991): 560-580.
In this article, Jones Russell and David Ribbe present a discussion on the effects of fire outbreak on college students. As explained by these scholars, college fires can be disastrous to learners because it can cause negative psychological impacts on learners.
Ren, Chang-xing, et al. “Analysis of the emergency evacuation capabilities in fire accidents of assembly occupancies.” Journal of Safety Science and Technology 2 (2010): 012.
In this article, the writers analyze the evacuation measures taken during fire outbreaks. They say that fire is an emergency that requires a lot of efforts and dedication to mitigate. Whenever is occurs, it should be treated an emergency that requires immediate evacuation initiatives.
Shuqing, ZHONG Shiying, LI, and YAN Zhi, LIU Sijun. “Influencing Factors Analysis of Dormitory Fire Accidents Based on ISM.” Industrial Safety and Environmental Protection 11 (2012): 004.
Here, the authors provide a detailed report on the research done on dormitory fires. As explained in the article, dormitory fires do occur because of many factors that can be prevented if stern measures are taken in a timely manner.
Tucker, Elizabeth. Haunted Halls: Ghostlore of American College Campuses. Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 2007. Print.
Tucker Elizabeth uses this book to emphasize the dangers of fires in colleges across the USA. From this research, college fire is a real threat that should not be ignored, but taken seriously because of its undesirable consequences.
Wu, Lei, et al. “Research on fire loads in college student dormitory.” Fire Science and Technology 1 (2010): 035.
In this article, the scholars discuss the causes and magnitude of fire in colleges. Very many college dormitories have been burnt on many occasions. However, the situation can be salvaged if appropriate safety measures are adopted in all the colleges.
Xu, Z., Tang, F. Q., & Ren, A. Z. (2010). “Building fire smoke hazards evaluating the model and its application.” Fire Science and Technology, 8, 000.
Here, the authors emphasize the important contributions of fire control measures in the promotion of safety and prevention of fire outbreaks in college halls.

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