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Connection of slavery to the civil war

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The connection of slavery to the civil war
How did Northern war goals change in relation to slavery as the war progressed?
During the civil war in America, slavery played a very significant role. One of the main catalysts of the war was the resistance of the southern leaders when the northern leaders who were against slavery tried to block the introduction of slavery toward the western sides. As the civil war continued, the North changed its goal. Initially, the North was fighting in order to save the union (Blackmon 34). However, the goal changed and the main goal of the North afterward was to eliminate slavery. The life of slaves changed a lot during the war. As the slaves joined the North to form the union, they took up major parts of the area and ended up abolishing slavery.
What impact did the war have on slavery?
Slaves were essential before and during the civil war. They fought for their freedom, and some were able to acquire freedom and escape when the civil war was in progress. In the southern part, slaves were used to working. In the northern part, slaves were used as volunteers in the military and as laborers too. The war at the north was favorable for the slaves because instead of working as workers, they had an opportunity to work in the military. At the time more than 200,000 slaves joined the military and they took this opportunity to fight for slavery abolition. By the time the war was over in January 1963, President Abraham Lincoln freed more than three million black slaves.

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What impact did slavery have on the war?
Slavery played a vital role in the war since it marked the beginning as well as the end of the war. During the war, the African Americans fought for both sides and were mainly used for military purposes. After Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves, a moral concept was introduced to war. The Union received much support from the slaves. The former slaves were then used as spies and guides by the union. At the end of the war, slaves were used for military purposes in the South.
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