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Critical analysis of story submitted.

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Summary of The story of Desiree By Cate Chopin
Désirée’s Baby is a story written by Kate Chopin in late 1892 at a height of slavery and racial discrimination. The story is written in the setup of an old town of L’Abri in French-speaking country where cotton farming was much practiced. Unfortunately, it was the hard manual work was done by slaves who were black people. The story talks about a poor young girl whose origin is not well known, but picked and raised by a childless woman from a toddler age to an adult grown up the woman (Chopin, 23). The lady later on gets married to a man with whom they get their first child but later on the man begins to mistreat her because of her skin color and origin that makes her go back to stay with the woman who raised her. With a good use of imagery, the writer shows how the society discriminate some people unaware that they both share the same origin. As evident in the story, the society is mostly blinded by the minor things from seeing the reality.
Concerning the story, the society, in general, has a kind of nature of being blind to the serious matters and instead of being an element that is swayed away by some values or culture (Petry 56). This is a general behavior in our society today where by people fail to analyze situations correctly and are blinded by sideshows. For instance in the story, Désirée was blinded by love only to get in a relationship with Aubigny without critically analyzing him and getting to know the kind of person he was.

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She was not careful enough to realize that her partner was racial, and he didn’t truly love her with the true love. This is seen when after the birth of their first child that is when Désirée is confronted with the reality. She realizes that her partner dislikes her because of her skin color and that of her baby. If only she had taken her time and got to learn carefully who this man was and not to be blinded by love, she would have avoided the heartbreak and the pain she went through after breaking up with him (Chopin 15).
Aubigny is also caught up in also falls a victim of not taking his time to examine his partner before he marries her. He falls in love with the lady on the first day he saw her. In addition to that, he was blinded by love unable even to see her skin color and make a proper decision. It is quite evident that if he had taken his time and closely scrutinize the lady and make a conclusive decision without being blinded by love, the kind of break up and pain that he caused Désirée would not have come. The writer uses these characters to demonstrate the state of the society. Many people are always caught up in the snare of making poor decisions based on their thoughts, feelings or other minor factor and keep away from facing the real facts about the situation. Be it marriage when choosing partners or making any life decision, we are mostly tempted to consider those choices based on our feelings, attitudes, instincts, thoughts, wishes and even emotions and tend to avoid facing the issue head on with the real facts. Unfortunately leads to us to making decisions that later on come to haunt us. At the end of it when we are confronted with the reality, that is when we realize that we had made a wrong decision. This is s common situation and scenario that people face in our society even today.
The writer introduces us to a society that practices slavery and racial discrimination against the black people. We are informed that Aubigny is also of dark color too possibly because of her late mother. Unfortunately, these facts are not with Aubigny. He also practices slavery and racial discrimination. We see that he has the cotton plantation in which black people work in. He also has household servants who are actually like slaves. Unfortunately, this is a total irony because Augbiny has not even Ben keen to realize his origin or examined his skin color. He fails to understand that the same origin with people he takes as slaves because of his mother. When he marries Désirée he is blinded by the first sight love and fails to examine his mind and what he exactly wanted in life. After they get their first child, that is when he comes back to his senses to realize that he made a wrong decision of marrying somebody of a dark color. The writer exposes the nature of many people and the common behavior that people fail to face the real facts of life. This sees Augbiny regretting after breaking up with her wife and letting her go back only to realize that his mother was of the same origin of the black people. This, however, seems too late because the damage had already occurred. He had already let his wife and child go.
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