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Innovations of the Future
Telling someone about the common technologies in use today such as the driverless cars or smart home technology would have seemed like science fiction two decades ago. However, technology is fast advancing and every day, new technologies with far-reaching implications on human life emerge. The following is the list of some of the innovations that will occur in the next decade and how they will be integrated into the society.
The Chemputer
This is an idea in the concept stage and is highly likely to become a reality in the next decade. This innovation will entail the use of 3D printing technology to print pharmaceuticals. Instead of using ink, this printer will use the building blocks of pharmaceuticals (Eichhorn 6). This innovation will impact significantly on the pharmaceutical and medical industry. Instead of going to the pharmacy, people will easily download drug formulas and print the drugs they need at home.
Photovoltaic Glass
This optical grade glass may just allow any flat surface in the home, from the bathroom mirror to the pictures hanging on the wall to act as integrated computer screens (Eichhorn 6). This will do away with the need to sit on the couch while watching a favorite show since it can be done on any flat surface in the house.
Literally, as light as a father and 300 times stronger than steel, graphene is made of one atom thick pure carbon layer (Eichhorn 7). A square meter of this material weighs only o.

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77 milligrams (Eichhorn 7). The innovation will be integrated into industries like space exploration, aircraft construction, solar panel construction, and electronic device construction. The technology will change consumer culture towards lightweight devices.

Work Cited
Eichhorn, Ulrich. “Innovations for the future.” ATZ worldwide120.1 (2018): 6-7.

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