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Distracted Driving Revision

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Does our State do enough to Prevent Distracted Driving?
Claim. The state of New Jersey considers that banning the use of devices that might distract the drivers, could prevent the issue of distracted drivers.
Counterclaim. A sizeable portion of the public considers that instead of banning the use of devices while driving, the public must receive education on the subject.
The risks associated with distracted driving and had made many states pass laws regarding the issue (Jeffords 2). In the same way, many tests have shown that drivers using their mobile devices are less able than drunk drivers to maintain speed and have a difficult time keeping the distance from another car. There are several studies that determined that when driving, any second task could hinder the chances of correctly driving, thus causing accidents (Graydon 275). This is of critical importance because people who oppose these laws are unaware of the dangers of inattentive driving.
What is distracted driving? Distracted driving refers to texting, or talking on the phone while driving. However, the laws are changing to cover a wider array of activities. It is important to note that New Jersey is the only state that has tried to enforce laws concerning specific distractions while driving. (Levow 1).
The Importance of Laws Regarding Distracted Driving. The fact that New Jersey is one of the first states in passing laws related to the issue is fundamental since it brings home the idea of driving responsibly.

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It is not only not using cellphones while driving, is paying attention to the issue of driving instead of forgetting the car we drive can be a harm to others. ( 1)
Why does this appeal the general public? As we have said throughout our essay, it is not only the issue of banning devices, and forbidding people from using devices. It is a matter of teaching the citizens about the dangers these actions can cause to the community (Roff 1)
The state of New Jersey has instituted a series of campaigns on which they expect the public realize the dangers that distracted driving can cause, either to the drivers or any person near them. For instance, the state has enforced statutes against careless driving. Statutes such as 39:4-97, and the 39-4-97.2 that enforce laws against operating vehicles in an unsafe manner are just two of the initiatives the state has taken to prevent accidents due to distractions (GHSA 1).
That way, by executing laws that effectively prosecute distracted drivers, the state can save lives. To do so, many campaigns where first offenders are forced to watch a video understand their offense instead of paying a fine, are proving to be useful (Peskoe 1)
Instead of investing in campaigns that emphasize the dangers of distracted driving, the resources should be used on educational campaigns that show the drivers the possible outcomes of their behavior (Roff 1)
We face an issue that is ingrained deeply in the Americans’ consciousness. Most people do not realize how dangerous can be driving while distracted. In the same way, most people disregard the dangers because they feel that situations like that one will never happen to them. Sadly, that people is the first in suffering from distraction-related accidents.
Also, by creating educational programs such as the ones the State of New Jersey is creating people will raise their awareness to the subject, and feel that rules they are not being imposed on them. Instead, by educating the general population, they might act as educators themselves and raise awareness throughout the state and even the rest of the country.
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