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Does pop culture(Music and Video Games only) have an effect on Juvenile Crime

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Does Pop Culture Contribute to Juvenile Delinquency

Does Pop Culture Contribute to Juvenile Delinquency
Participants with a history of issues with law enforcement shall be used in this study. The study participants shall be children aged between 12 and 18 years with a history of violent crimes. A sample size of 50 juveniles from Harris County Juvenile Justice System shall be chosen. Only participants who have committed violent crimes such as battery, murder, larceny, robbery, and assault shall be considered in this study. The specific sample will provide the necessary data required to determine the effects of video games and pop music on juvenile crimes. Juveniles with crimes such as theft will not be considered in the study because such crimes could not be motivated by violent video games. The study will try to determine if the violent conduct of the juveniles could be attributed to them watching a lot of pop music and playing violent video games.
Research Design
There are two major types of research designs; quantitative design and qualitative research design (Creswell, 2013). One can integrate these designs to form a mixed methods research design. In quantitative research phenomenon is quantified and analysed in numerical form. Quantitative research tries to establish correlations or relationships between data sets. Experiments and social surveys are used in the quantitative survey to collect data and analyse them (Neuman, 2005). On the other hand, qualitative tries to derive meanings from human attitudes and perceptions.

Wait! Does pop culture(Music and Video Games only) have an effect on Juvenile Crime paper is just an example!

Qualitative research makes use of case studies to collect and evaluate data (Creswell, 2013).
This study will adopt a quantitative research design. The study will make use of a quantitative questionnaire survey to collect data from the study sample. The survey design will attempt to obtain information about casual relations between datasets. Finding the casual relationships helps the researchers to establish correlations between sets of variables. The researcher collects data on how varying one variable affects the other variable. The variable that is manipulated is referred as an independent variable, whereas the outcome of the manipulation is the dependent variable.
This study will use quantitative questionnaire survey to try to establish how pop culture and juvenile crimes. The survey will investigate how music and video games on pop culture affects the occurrence of juvenile crimes. The quantitative research design will be deployed through a survey instrument containing closed questions for juvenile responses on video games and violence. This will make it possible to quantify and numerically represent the collected data. The quantified data will enable the researcher to make inferences regarding pop culture and violence among juveniles.
Research Methods
The research shall make use of a closed-ended questionnaire to collect data from the sampled population. Closed-ended questionnaires are chosen because they are easy to analyse. Each answered in the closed-ended questionnaire shall be defined numerically for ease of statistical interpretation and analysis. Closed-ended questionnaires are easy to collect and are likely to consume little time (Neuman, 2005). Closed-ended questionnaires will also improve the response rate as opposed to open-ended questionnaires. The questionnaire will be designed on a Likert scale so it is easier to quantify the data and analyse it using statistical software such as Excel and SPSS. The study sample will be identified through the assistant of officers in charge. The selected sample will be interviewed one by one using a closed-ended questionnaire on their usage of video games and pop culture music. Closed-ended questionnaires will be used to obtain specific information on the video games and music the juveniles use.
A written letter will be sent to Harris County Juvenile Justice System requesting the management for the chance to conduct the survey. The letter will be sent two weeks before to allow the management enough time to respond and make a programme for the survey. The letter shall state the purpose of the study and the required sample characteristic. The letter will also explain the significance of such as a study in improving the correctional process for the juveniles. Once the request is accepted, a pre-visit shall be conducted to the facility to confirm the details, identify venues for the survey, perform a pilot study, and identify the study sample.
The study sample shall be selected based on the counts of violence conducts among the juveniles. Only juveniles with a history of violent conduct shall be selected. The sample selected shall be composed of 50 children. The process of selecting the juvenile shall be randomised to ensure it is representative of all children charged with criminal conduct. The children shall be required to fill out the questionnaires within 15 minutes. The collected data shall then be analysed using statistical software such as Excel and SPSS.

Data Analysis
The data shall be analysed quantitatively to determine correlations between pop culture and juvenile delinquency. All the data shall be coded to be analysed using the statistical software. Statistical functions such as Pearson Correlation will be employed to determine the linear dependency of juvenile delinquency on pop culture. A value of +1 shall be used to describe a strong positive correlation between juvenile delinquency and pop culture, -1 shall indicate strong negative correlation. A value of zero shall indicate there is no correlation between the two variables (Neuman, 2005). The data shall be presented using histograms and linear graphs for ease of interpretation.
Creswell, J. W. (2013). Research design: Qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods approaches. New York, N.Y.: Sage publications.
Neuman, W. L. (2005). Social research methods: Quantitative and qualitative approaches (Vol. 13). Boston, Mass: Allyn and Bacon.



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