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“Banning of Cell Phones in Private Places”
The use of mobile phones has had a great impact on the lives of many people. While mobiles were initially intended to act as a media of communication they have turned out to be a valuable asset to the public. It also led to the growth of the mobile infrastructure owing to the huge investments done by private companies. However, as the use of mobile phones increases, the danger it posts also elevates. Hence, some law maker advocates the banning of cell phones not only in public places but also in private, such as restaurants, movie theaters, and retail stores. Regulating cell phone use is important, because “a well-crafted cell phone policy will…address serious issues concerning the safety, security, and privacy of cell phone use” (Legal Zoom 2).
There is a personal implication of the use of mobile phones in restaurants. According to Glaser (2007), cell phones kill face to face interaction. Observing people inside the restaurants, they often take photos or interact with the virtual space instead of the people they are dining with. This practice that has been flooding the digital era does not only kill the time of the person but also the moment (Glaser 2007). Thus, banning cell phones in restaurants will promote greater camaraderie and interaction among diners.
In movie theaters, the public is advised to turn off their cell phones before the movie starts. This is due to the fact that loud sound of ring tones can distract other viewers.

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Moreover, mobile phones are used by some people to promote piracy. This is also known as “camcording” – “the unauthorized recording of movies in cinema theaters” (Koch, et. al 1). Therefore, banning cell phones will not only promote orderliness inside the movie theater but also helps the government to combat piracy. Cell phones must also be banned in convenient stores due to the growing problem of robbery. According to Altizio & York (2007), “convenience store robberies account for approximately 6 percent of all robberies known to the police” (1). Organized crime acts operate easily through the use of mobile phones. Their look outs can possibly communicate with them even if they are inside the convenient stores by using their cell phones. Further, there are also cases of pick pockets of cell phones inside the convenient stores. Therefore, banning the use of mobile phones in convenient stores will not only reduce the case of cell phone robbery but will also impede organized robbery crimes in convenient stores.
It is almost impossible to detach cell phones in our daily work routines. From the moment we wake up until before sleeping, we tend to use our mobile phones. However, lack of regulation can affect many aspects of our life. It is important that law makers ban the use of cell phone in private places, such as restaurants, movie theaters, and convenient stores. Banning it in restaurant will promote face to face interaction. Banning it in movie theaters does not only promote orderliness but also prevent camcording. Lastly, banning in convenient stores does not only prevent pick pocket cases, but also impede organized robbery groups.
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