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Essay On Plastic Pollution In The World

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Essay on plastic pollution in the world

I have decided to campaign on the use of plastics and pollution because I think it is a very serious issue that many people believe it does not affect us. Then he wants to expand the idea and that people see what is happening today and what can end with ourselves. But what ends with us can be fixed and the destiny that we believe will change and we can live in a better and cleanest world.

More and more plastic objects are produced such as dishes, glasses, bottles or bags that affect the environment negatively.

When we get rid of these plastics we can: throw them to the landfill, they can be incinerated or recycled in an intelligent way. Unfortunately when we throw these plastics in the trash, the rain or wind can attract them to water. Or we directly throw them into the ocean. When we throw or by itself the plastic reaches: the beach, rivers or other roads its final destination will be the sea, unless we remove it before.

Today the number of people who throw the waste into the sea and another very little that recycles these containers is impressive. Of all the plastics that we have been using only nine percent of these have been recycled. Twelve percent have been incinerated and the other seventy -seven is currently at sea. The efforts we individually made in the houses to recycle pl´sstic. Many people today think that it will never affect us, but this is a lie since it can affect us in many ways: the animals we eat eat that plastic that we throw into the sea in such a way that we are eating that plastic we have thrown,It affects marine sustainability since these plastics prevent animals from living in a naturally clean environment and properly feed.

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In addition, the entire food chain is affected.

Plastics move very fast and disperse twice as fast, so that we can find plastic in any corner of the world, even whole plastic islands have been formed. As I said previously, any marine animal can eat these plastics and die in a few days after ingesting these waste. Today there is so much plastic in the sea that we can find it in Antarctica and the Arctic even at 10.000 meters deep into the sea.

The plastics that we find on the surface are just a small example of the amount of them in the sea are the tip say the tip of the iceberg. This plastic accumulated on the surface is only fifteen percent of the seventy -seven percent of all plastic in water. At this moment there are five areas where we can find huge plastic islands also called “soups”: Indian, Atlantic (North, South), Pacific (North, South).

These shells of the world have a very high variation of microplastics. The Cantabrian Sea is beginning to have alarming amounts of microplastics. Another close example is the Mediterranean Sea where huge amounts of microplastics are also found.

That we could do to avoid this pollution and that it is better instead of worse and thus have a positive impact on the environment. The options are varied. The first one is to take into account all the information that surrounds us to be aware, but many times we need to become aware of everything we do in a "normal" way, but that in the long run harms us. We can start by asking supermarkets to eliminate plastic bags and containers, or better carry our own bags, start recycling all, collecting garbage from the sea if we see it, drink tap water, choose cosmetic products without microplastics … these are some some are someOf the few examples of things we can do to improve the environment and help the oceans. But, how to raise awareness of the need not to use plastics and eliminate them from our lives. Here the awareness campaigns would come into action.

An awareness campaign to eliminate plastics from our lives should include a message that climbed among all those who use the plastic regularly. The media that I would use would be, among others, television and social networks. Television is a media accessible to many people. Awareness ads should include images and a shocking message that makes us think to start changing. Social networks have great potential since we can teach many people what is happening. In addition, young people, and not so young, use these networks to spread messages and videos that have great impact. YouTube is a great application that can teach us the true impact of the use of plastics through videos, this would also be a means that together with the previous two would serve to give much more truthfulness to the message.

The message does not have to be complicated, we usually get what touches us emotionally. What is altered by the use of plastics that touches us the sensitive fiber? The future for children who will not know dolphins, whales or pelicans … that we can get sick if we continue feeding on microplastics, that our water sources will end, and then what?

I want this idea to expand in a way in which people see what is happening and that in one way or another affect us. Raise awareness among people to change and go better instead of worse, look for alternatives to be able to go forward and that the message goes anywhere, any corner of the world.

In conclusion, I believe that this is a very serious issue that is affecting the sea and ourselves but if we get serious and start making a change we can go better instead of worse.   

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