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Exploring the Community

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Exploring the Community: Bensonhurst, Brooklyn
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Exploring the Community: Bensonhurst, Brooklyn
Bensonhurst is a city located in Brooklyn, New York. It derives its name from Brooklyn Gas’ former president, Arthur W. Benson. He founded the community after buying farmlands in the neighborhood for his company (“City Living: Bensonhurst” n.p). Italians and Jews were the first inhabitants of Bensonhurst in the early 20th century. The neighborhood’s roots are Italian based on the numerous Italian-based businesses, shops, and eateries in the city. The structure of the town itself is Italian; therefore, it is commonly known as Brooklyn’s Little Italy.
Currently, Bensonhurst is a racially diverse community. In the early 1990’s, there were immigrants from all over the world including China, Mexico, Russia, and the Middle East. This influx diversified the city giving it its current multicultural heritage. The population of Bensonhurst has continued to grow and expand over the years. The community comprises people from different races seamlessly bound into one living in harmony and peace. The Borough is Led by Eric Adams, the president and is under the 11th congressional district with Daniel Donovan Jr. as its elected congressman. It is also under the New York Police Department under the direct supervision by the 62nd precinct.
United States Post Office hails from Bensonhurst. It is one of the relevant government agencies in the district. Some of the other notable landmarks in the locality include the historical new Utrecht Church, Lenny’s Pizza, and Milestone Park (“City Living: Bensonhurst” n.

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p). The availability of a subway and bus services throughout the area is also an added advantage to living in the community. Proper planning allows for cycling around the neighborhood. Also, taxi services are easily accessible thus navigating the city is easy enough for both the residents and visitors.
Bensonhurst’s health system is reliable. There are various renowned hospitals in the area. There are both state-owned hospitals as well as privately owned ones. They provide commendable and decent medical care to the community. The most common hospital in the area is Maimonides Medical Centre. It serves the diverse population of the city offering customized services to all patients regardless their origin. The hospital has a large Patient Relations Department with an ethnically diverse staff. Most doctors, if not all, in private practice in the area, are a product of Maimonides. Their services, therefore, as good as those of Maimonides. The infrastructure is in excellent condition. It complements the accessibility of the Maimonides Medical Centre and other private practitioners. Bensonhurst also plays host to several non-profit organizations. Some of which are actively concerned and engage in providing health and human services. They include Bay Ridge Centre, Home Crest Community Services Inc. among others. These compliment the hospitals in Brooklyn’s Little Italy, thus enhancing healthcare provision to the residents. The locality is therefore welcoming and conducive for most people due to its diversity.
Work Cited
“City Living: Bensonhurst, Brooklyn’s Little Italy, Is Now Teeming with Diversity.” Amny.Com, 2017, Accessed 19 Sept 2018.

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