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Fairy Tale/ Fable

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A fairy tale/ fable with the lesson of treat others how you want to be treated
Fairy tale/fable is a short story with a moral aspect or teaching at the end. The stories are instrumental as they create awareness on diverse issues including how people should relate, the virtue of helping, the importance of honesty, why people should treat each other better and why it is necessary for people to do good all the times. The teachings contribute in transforming and shaping behavior, character, personality and perception of individuals on diverse issues relating to life. This paper presents a fairy tale depicting the story between the Turtle and the Beaver. The tale is titled “Turtle races with Beaver”. It focuses on the theme “treat others as you would want to be treated”.
Treat others as you would want to be treated
The tale titled “Turtles races with Beaver” depicts the greediness of the Beaver who focuses on throwing away Turtle from his house. He is seen scheming to take the pond that he has not contributed in developing and does not belong to him. He strives to achieve this using his physical strength and skills in diverse aspects such as swimming and racing. This is evident as he denies Turtle the opportunity to access the pond again despite having lived there for long. The act against Turtle is unfair and the Beaver would not like someone to take over his home the same way in reality
According to the facts, Turtle lived in the fine pond where he could sun himself, get access to food and sleep effectively.

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One day during spring, he wakes up and moves out in search of food towards the surface. While away, The Beaver takes over the fine pond as his home. Turtle realizes that something is wrong when he saw the changes in the pond regarding size, the changing of shady trees to stumps. Turtle also hears a Whap sound and when he turns a round, he sees a strange animal in the pond that is not ready to leave.
This prompts Turtle to propose a competition where the winner remains with the pond. Beaver accepts the idea of competition and challenges Turtle to bring it on. The first proposal Turtle makes is to have a fighting competition to establish who stays or who goes. The Beaver accepted the challenge. He says “great” I got good and strong teeth for fighting.” Upon hearing that, Turtle changes his mind and proposes another form of the contest. The second contest he proposes is that “let us compete on who can hold their breath the longest.” The Beaver equally accepts citing that “I have the strength to stay in the water or under water the whole day.” Turtle did not like the reply given that his capacity to stay under the water for long is limited.

He proposes that they go for a swimming contest to establish the fastest person. The Beaver again accepts this and says that he is the fastest swimmer of all. At this point, Turtle remains with limited options as the suggestions were all favoring the Beaver. Turtle decides to be smart, ensure that he wins the race, and get back what belongs to him. He first tells the Beaver that I will start behind you, as it will be unfair to start before you. Turtle placed himself behind the Beaver’s big tail as the moves take shape. After a distance, Turtle realizes that he cannot maintain the pace of upon which the Beaver is moving. He decides to unleash the idea he has that is to make the Beaver concentrate on swimming to the extent that he cannot see other happenings as he plans to fly to reach there before him. He then bit the tail of the Beaver with his teeth. Beaver fails to stop or even to check what bit his tail but instead focused on the race as he did not want to lose. After detecting the Beaver’s strong concentration, Turtle decides to let go. Turtle flew through the air without the Beaver’s knowledge thereby becoming the first person to land on the shore. His landing is just a few minutes before the Beaver’s final break. Despite that entire struggle by the Beaver, Turtle won the race making him the owner of the pond as Beaver had to leave.
The moral of the story is that one should treat another person the way he would want to be treated. This is evident from the story, as the Beaver’s mission remains a highly selfish one. He strives to frustrate Turtle and deny him the opportunity of staying in the pond that was his home. In reality, the Beaver would not want to receive or encounter the similar aspect of frustrations that he subjected Turtle. It is a life-teaching lesson as the Beaver’s ill-intended mission to reap where he did not show ends for Turtle. It could be a great injustice to Turtle if Beaver could have won the race.

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