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Genetic Technology

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Genetic Technology
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Genetic Technology
Today’s world is all about technological explosion. Whether it is in the field of information technology or biological technology, there has been a revolution in technology. A predominant focus of our campaign is to extensively implement Genetic Technology for the benefit of our population and to sustain their longevity and well-being. We would like to implement genetic technology in day to day use for the welfare of our state that will benefit all our stakeholders from various strata of the society. Briefly, genetic technology or genetic engineering is the science of modifying genetic constituent of a plant or animal for various functions. We promise to implement such technology and at the same time we will ensure the protect ion of our existing biodiversity.
Pros of Implementing Genetic Technology
Genetic technology or Genetic engineering will ensure our primary focus of food security which matches our agenda “Food for All”. The technology will help in production of genetically modified crops, which will sustain climatic and microbial challenges and will ensure safe and healthy food for all. The major assurance goes to our agricultural and animal husbandry support system that would be extremely benefited from this technological implementation (Rodriguez & Grubman, 2009). We would ensure subsidy for initial start-up ventures for implementing the production of genetically modified crops or animals (Rodriguez & Grubman, 2009).

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The yield per hectare will increase because there would be no need to plant the crops at a distant, for preventing microbial epidemic in them (Rodriguez & Grubman, 2009). We were sure that such issues reduced the per hectare yield of our agricultural friends. In cases of animal husbandry the milk production is also going to increase and the chances of various diseases to livestock would drastically reduce. This would help in a decrease in health care expenditures, which our animal farmers will surely agree upon. Overall the implementation of genetic technology will increase the economic profile and the health profile of our residents and that too in a cost effective manner (Rodriguez & Grubman, 2009). The GM crops and foods have been successfully reared in various countries and in the truest sense they are farmer’s friend. Since, plant and animal diseases are one of our greatest agricultural concerns (Rodriguez & Grubman, 2009). Moreover, the nutritive values of foods are not compromised. On the other hand, some fruits have become fortified with nutritive value.
Cons of Implementing Genetic Technology
A lot of apprehensions must be prevalent in the minds of general public regarding the issue of genetic technology in crop and food production. The long-term health effects of consuming GM crops or foods have still not been documented and there can be possibilities that such genetic modifications may lead to future ailments (Bratspies, 2007). To n extent such apprehensions are true, however, research conducted all across the globe till date has not reported any side effects with GM crops or foods. The most encouraging part is that USFDA has not tagged any caution profile with such crops or foods (Bratspies, 2007). These foods are available in the US markets without any discrimination as far as labeling of products is concerned. From a financial aspect, there are also concerns that production or cultivation of such crops is costly (Bratspies, 2007). In certain instances they might apparently seem costly, but they are cost effective (Bratspies, 2007).
Discussing the pros and cons we have felt the number of pros significantly outweighs the cons of implementation of genetic Technology. We are committed to creating a strong state with the power of genetic technology. It will make us independent and self-sustaining.

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