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Hamlet Media News Report

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The rest is silence
In the last scene of the William Shakespeare’s drama, Hamlet, there is a lot of violence that leads to another of many characters within the play. Poisoning, stabbing, and execution are some of the ways in which different characters meet their respective deaths. It is also within this final scene that the theme of revenge is realized in the drama when Prince Hamlet finally succeeds in killing his uncle, Claudius. Despite the fact that Prince Hamlet looks to be peaceful immediately before this final scene, the main character does not seem to be well (Shakespeare 215). Having a closer look at Prince Hamlet’s doing in the last part of the play, one can realize that his heart must be suffering. It also comes at a time Hamlet has ceased to fear supernatural beings.
In spite of Prince Hamlet having a clear firm stand on the revenge of his uncle, he begins to be more understanding and even sympathetic to other people who are being mistreated. In the scene, one can easily see how significant the mental shift in defining the final part of the play. Towards the end of the story, there is an organized fight which claims lives of most of the major characters of the play. Before the fight begins, King Claudius says that he is not bothered by Hamlet’s claim that Hamlet is the weaker when compared to Laertes. It is Osric who brings swords before the two fighters. Laertes seems to be selective as he claims that one sword is too heavy though it is clear that he is looking for the sharpened sword which is poisoned as well (Shakespeare 220).

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On the other hand, Hamlet only inquires if the swords are of the same length and is satisfied with what he picks.
After Hamlet starts off in a promising manner in the fight, the main character declines the King’s offer of a poisoned goblet of wine. However, Queen Gertrude takes the poisoned cup and drinks the wine at the expense of her son. When the fight is restored, Laertes strike Hamlet with a poisoned sword, but through intense struggles, the pair exchange swords and in return Laertes gets a wound from his poisoned sword. It shows that the first bunch of three characters have already confirmed their death.
When Laertes realizes that he is about to die, he shouts “It’s all Claudius’ fault! Claudius did it!” it is the Laertes declaration that initiates Hamlet to grab the poisoned sword and stab Claudius as the people shout that Hamlet has committed treason (Shakespeare 222). Laertes asks for forgiveness from Hamlet when he realizes that he is about to die. On the other hand, Hamlet delegates Horatio the responsibility of explaining to the world what happened as he does not have enough time to tell the story.
After Fortinbras abruptly returns from Poland, Hamlet makes a declaration that the former should be the next King of Denmark and says his last words on earth, “The rest is silence,” before he dies (Shakespeare 223).
Since the Claudius and Hamlet are dead, the leadership of Denmark is vacant. Though Hamlet declared that Fortinbras should take over as the King of Denmark, it is not clear if the chosen king will make it to the palace. It is simply because people who were present during the famous fight that led to the death of the main characters shouted that Hamlet had committed treason hence they might reject the prince’s wish.

Work cited
Shakespeare, William. Tragedy of Hamlet, the. Boston: Ginn & Company, 1909

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