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Historical Problem Related To Youth Crime

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Historical problem related to youth crime


Youth crime is a problem that has been historically treated from various moral, religious, psychologists, legal and even biological views. The causes that have been initially attributed are personal factors, referring to congenital alterations or personality disorders, and coupled with this inadequate moral and psychological development in childhood. Likewise, reference has been made in the literature to factors that are external to the individual, as would be the case of the economic condition in which he lives, the family environment in which he develops and the social groups with which he coexists.

Talking about youth crime forces to establish a frame of reference that recognizes this stage of life as a turbulent era, in the sense that it is a transitory stage with severe bodily, hormonal and mental changes that represent great confusion to be able to definean identity with intellectual and social maturity that allows to face the subject its own existence.

We see, therefore, that youth crime is a reflection of a personality that lacks structure and that is observed as an obstacle to face the transition to adult life;The subject adopts a defensive attitude and perhaps of rebellion against norms in general;which leads to marginalization of it, altering this opposition in a pathological way in crime acts.

At this point we must recognize the importance of the study of youth crime as a social responsibility, because not only removing young people from the criminal career is largely avoided that they criminalize when they are adults, but it is clear, that if society does notprovides the means and opportunities, let them rush along the path of crime.

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Basically, the complicity of society is that it does not use adequate method to educate and correct in time the aggressive inclinations and tendencies of young people, asking to avoid that in the long term they get to commit crimes.


Violence appears as a form of response to social frustration. This type of violence can also be a consequence of the deep deterioration that has been reached in a type of society that has put its hopes in a mere quantitative growth of the consumption of material goods and that has barely taken into account the individual in its dimension associally integrated person in a community.

This problem forces us to reflect on the phenomenon of violence and its relationship with youth. It resists today’s social transformations, because the moving that has in itself the personality of the adolescent in becoming, we must add the incoherence of the current world with its propagandas, political and religious dissensions, and the contradictions of economic interests. All this creates confusion and overflowing and tragic disorientation in youth. In such circumstances, not all young people are suitable to see the world as it is and accept it, inserting in it, completely and generously.

Some adolescents and young people suffering from persistent immaturity could become antisocial and even criminals, if they reach a particular situation of maladjustment. The teenager performs his first personal shots and deepens his feelings, ideas and beliefs. His position before the adult world is of opposition and challenge, and this is a necessary defense reaction of a being that is taking the reins of its existence.

In addition, the current industrialized, urban and consumerist society, with all that this entails: ideology of well -being, profit career, primacy of having the being, family crisis, loneliness, anonymity, is the one that secretes violence. Since, as a consumer society, it feeds desires or aspirations and awakens hope that it cannot satisfy;While marginalizing the production and consumption process, excluding and discriminating against a large number of people, classifying and making them misfit and rebels;But, above all, it tends to destroy moral values.

In reality, when current society exalts as supreme values of life to pleasure and money, when it applauds success and wealth, obtained by the means that are, when it despises honest man as a weak being who is not able toGet asserting while exalting the fort that prevails over others with cunning and violent.

Current life causes violence and aggressiveness, especially when the population increases a lot in an invariable space, since this generates agglomerations and disorder in large cities, with the courtship of unpleasant complications that carry with them: haste, lack of time, tension, life, life, lifecomplex, lack of affective communication, etc. If we add to this the anomia, social hypocrisy, the consumerist creation of artificial needs, double morality, etc., We will understand that in such frustrated life circumstances, violence and aggressiveness have to arise as a means to survive.


We are increasingly aware of the increase in young criminals, one of the main reasons, the lack of money, that is, the bad economic situation in which they live, or the environment in which they develop, these factors that affect theYoung, make us see that damage is both psychological and social. One thing is true and real, we have to be aware that youth crime

It should be noted that it is better to prevent you from healing youth crime, that is, preventing new criminals from creating social, economic, educational assistance programs, etc.

Youth crime is a worldwide phenomenon, as it extends from the most remote corners of the industrialized city to the suburbs of large cities, from rich or well -off families to the poorest, it is a problem that occurs in all thesocial layers and in any corner of our civilization.

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