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How Health Promotion Has Evolved Since 1986

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How health promotion has evolved since 1986

An introduction to the concept of health promotion. This essay refers to the evolution of health promotion after its conferences. Health is an essential factor for human development, it can be defined as health to the ‘state of complete physical, mental and social well -being, and not only the absence of conditions or diseases’.

In this essay we will analyze the development that had in the promotion of health thanks to the contribution of the conferences that were carried out internationally .Between 1986 and 1991 there were three important international conferences on health promotion, in Ottawa (1986), Adelaide (1988), and Southsval (1991) In these conferences, alternatives for a better health promotion were proposed. Thanks to these conferences you can see some changes in different countries. 

One of the founding documents for health promotion was Ottawa’s letter in 1986 at this conference they realized and came to the conclusion that in order to attack health problems was promoting health, this letter refers to a combinationof strategies of actions of the State, of the community, of the individuals, of the health system and intersectoral associations, that is to say it deals with all these for a good health promotion this is responsible for acquiring knowledge and transmitting it to people forThus, preventing diseases and have a healthier and more prolonged life, these together propose solutions to attack the problems that communities have, for this you have to know the community, carry out studies, evaluations, and see the needs they have, after that put community action into practice.

Wait! How Health Promotion Has Evolved Since 1986 paper is just an example!

Nowadays you can see different ways to promote health, in brochures, in the media, at school, etc. Although sometimes this is not enough, since they do not reduce disease cases, thus health promotion is encouraged, it is not enough, since it also depends on other factors such as economic, social, political, and cultural, for example, there areplaces with poverty and social inequality make the challenge more complex, so it is more difficult to achieve a true social change. 

Many of the health promotion initiatives implemented in recent years, developed, did not give the expected results. It is necessary to incorporate programs that impact the health level of the population, such as the care of the environment, the improvement of the quality of housing, education, drinking water, food security, among others. And all these coordinates properly with health plans, can contribute to promoting behaviors and customs of health prevention and promotion. 

Health promotion is essential to achieve a healthy lifestyle, you must raise aware. For health promotion, community participation is needed so that they can improve people’s health conditions and thus obtain a better quality of life, for this people must raise a commitment to themselves and their community. 


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