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How To Share A Room Between Brothers

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How to share a room between brothers


In those families in which there are more than one child, it is common to doubt whether it is convenient that they live in the same room. Fraternal complicity and lack of independence are put in a balance and it is easy to decide. Here are some keys about what a room between brothers means. Benefits of sharing room between brothers.

In general, the fact that the brothers share a room is something very positive that can bring them important values and learning for their life. Strengthens the bond between brothers. Share space, laughs, games and confidences about the little ones and facilitate both grow and experience together. 


This, without a doubt, will make a narrower and more special link between them that will enrich them affectively. Teach to live. The mere fact of being in this situation will naturally encourage its capacity for empathy and conflict resolution. Children will learn to respect the space, rhythms and opinions of the other and develop their skills to negotiate and assert their views. Something that will be of great help in your adult life. Improves sleep and associated routines. When sharing the room the time to go to bed becomes much more bearable for the little ones. 

Feeling accompanied will help you sleep more relaxed and quiet, without fears. In addition, they will share very valuable moments and conversations when bedtime and waking. Promote solidarity between brothers.

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Sleeping in the same room generates a situation that encourages cooperation rather than individualism. Sharing toys and objects becomes something natural and the feeling of equipment will help reduce jealousy between siblings to the minimum expression. Disadvantages of sharing room between brothers. 

Of course, and like all the situations of life, sharing fourth also has certain inconveniences that have to weigh. The transition from a quarter to another. In the first place, and in relation to the change of the small brother, it is necessary to plan it to avoid problems as much as possible. It is recommended that you do not move to the younger brother to the fourth set until it has at least one year old. Otherwise their sleep rhythms could affect the rest of his brother. 

On the other hand, you have to talk with the older brother and explain the change that will happen and how it will affect him. It is important to highlight the positive aspects, regarding the company and the complicity that manages to sleep together. Certain licenses to the older brother must also be allowed in order to make the transition more pleasant. Small details how to choose the room site where to put your bed can help you involve you in the process with enthusiasm. Less independence logically when sharing a room, there is no own space, personal and delimited for each child. This to some extent can make part of their individual identity. 

In addition, it can happen that children get so customary to the presence of the other that become less independent and largely accuse the lack of the brother when this happens. You may make it difficult to sleep alone sometimes or entertain themselves. Interference in life rhythms. It can also happen that, sometimes, the awakenings or cries of one of the brothers interrupts the rest of the rest. Although generally the little ones get used to and continue sleeping peacefully. It is also possible that if the same space is dedicated to the game, the study and sleep, the schedules of both brothers are incompatible at certain times. Especially if the age difference between them is great, the oldest may need to study while the child wants to play or sleep.


Taking certain measures, disadvantages can be palpated. An individual space for each child within the room must be provided and the different sleep schedules must be respected according to the age of each. In addition, it is essential. In spite of everything, the benefits far exceed the inconvenience. Sharing room is an enriching and positive experience that they will always remember with great love.

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