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how would animal farm have been different if snowball had remained and been in charge.

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How would animal farm been different if Snowball had remained and been in charge?
In the book Animal Farm, Snowball is the well-read, innovative pig. He is depicted as the opposite of Napoleon in character and he seems like the appropriate alternative to Napoleon’s rule. His voice of reason and love for desire for the good of all animals in the farm are his main strengths. He is, therefore, a favourite as he offers hope when the leaders that the citizens had trusted initially turn against them. He does not, however, get time to make his wishes for the farm animals a reality as he is driven out of the farm. As the book progresses to the end, a reader is left to ponder how exactly the animal farm would be different if Snowball had been in charge of the farm rather than Napoleon.
One of Snowball’s great ideas for the farm is the building of a windmill. He argues that the windmill would save on the labour on the farm. Napoleon, on the other hand feels that building it would require a lot of labour and therefore not enough would be left to produce food and eventually all animals would starve. The windmill represents Snowball’s love for technological advancements especially in infrastructure. It also shows how innovative Snowball was. Had snowball succeeded in his rebellion against Napoleon, we would expect more technology and innovation in the farm.
Napoleon is also very keen on the making all animals in the farm literate. Once the three dogs, Bluebell, Jessie, and Pincher give birth to the nine puppies, Napoleon chose to hide them and educate them.

Wait! how would animal farm have been different if snowball had remained and been in charge. paper is just an example!

This depicts his desire only to have those in the high class of society and those affiliated with him. Snowball on the other hand, is dedicated to ensuring all the animals have a clear understanding of how things run on the farm. This is seen in the way he explains his idea with the passion of a leader that wants all his followers to be on par with his understanding. He was the master-planner of the revolution that saw Mr. Jones and other human beings kicked out of the animal farm. He was the one that made sure all the animals understood their roles well. Therefore, literacy levels would be higher under the rule of Snowball.
Throughout his stay at the animal farm, Snowball shows great concern and value for all the animal lives. He coined and popularised the new rule: Four legs good, two legs bad (Orwell, 13). This statement shows that he valued all the animals and considered man as the only enemy. It is therefore expected that the dogs that Napoleon used to enforce his dictatorial rule would maybe be used for the good of all animals, maybe for security against outsiders.
Considering Snowball’s witty contribution to debates against Napoleon, he was an eloquent animal that would gain support from other animals without force or intimidation. This depicts him as the opposite of Napoleon who uses the intimidation and terror against fellow animals. Snowball is therefore used to represent the force of revolution against leaders that oppress their followers. The fact that he is chased out of the animal farm, however, shows that wits and goodwill will not always win against violence and intimidation. His role also shows that one’s character is individual since Napoleon was also a pig yet his character was the exact opposite of Snowball’s character.
Orwell, George. Animal Farm. New York: Knopf, 1993. Print.

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