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India Kissing

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India Kissing

India may be seen as the origin of the famous known Kama Sutra, the ancient manual on sex and kissing. For several years, the Indian couples did not embrace kissing as an act at least not in the public. However, this behavior is presently changing. Anthropological studies conducted over some centuries ago in India and some parts in Asia by the University of Hawaii revealed that kissing was far away from the universal and was even considered as improper by most societies. Married couples do not consider public kissing a choice to them. Recent studies have however disapproved the fact while backed up by interviews with psychiatrists and sociologists in India that indicate the rising popularity of Kissing act.
Young couples believe that they are much more different from their parents who never knew the essence of kissing as part of their intimate relationship. Sharma, a practicing psychiatrist in New Delhi, claimed that his female patients believed that kissing provides their emotional needs. The popularity of kissing has also been attributed to the growing power of the young women in choosing who to marry. The couples kiss with the indication of having met the right person to settle with in marriage. In most cases, women can now choose their mates without negotiating extensively with family members.

Most couples claim that they can manage to cuddle and to kiss as part of their relationship before getting married and thus they consider kissing not to be a push for the anything beyond such as sex.

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This is a case with most graduates from college who consider kissing to be part of their relationship as a couple. For years, most of the Indian men used sex as a sleeping pill with their partners and rarely did they devote time to foreplay. Currently, many women feel times have changed, and they can now ask for what they like through kissing.

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