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Autism is a disorder that frequently affects one’s behavior and relationship with other people. People who suffer from the autism disorder face the same challenges, but the difference comes in how they undergo the challenges. Individuals with the autism disorder live a different life from normal people and refer the world as the group of people, and they struggle a lot to fit into the society or make sense of it. Instead of being accepted it turns out to miserable to them (Benaron, 2009). The disorder affects the rational judgment of people, and they fail to make correct decisions on different issues they encounter. Creating awareness about this disorder is one of the hardest things to do as parents do mistake the disease with naughty.
How can autism spectrum disorder be treated?
There are couple ways of treating children with autism depending on time and patience. The treatment goes along with having guidance from the specialists who work with children with autism. It can be treated through giving fair warning and letting children know what they expect at any particular time. This helps children to cope or get used to the challenges he is about to meet. This prepares children psychologically and is ready to meet the unexpected. It’s strongly recommended to let children know what they are expecting to happen (Benaron, 2009).
Taking a virtual tour with your kids is one way in which the autism disorder can be treated. This tactic of making the virtual and quick trip with children helps and helps the children familiarize themselves with the environment they are in (Murray, 2012).

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The virtual tour does not necessarily mean physical engagement of the tour, but it can involve visiting store using Google maps. Also, children with the disorder should accompany their parents to go and look at the picture.
Preparing a schedule for the children with the autism disorder can be one of the best methods to rest autism. Since autism is more prone to the children, who lack schedule of what they should be doing, provision of the program helps the children to all the time be busy and know what they expect to happen next. Each kid has its personal schedule and plan for it.
In fact, lack of proper rest before the outings contribute a lot to the autism disorder to children. Before going for any shopping plans, you need to make sure that the kids have had enough rest. A short time of sleeping to everyone brings the effects of shortening everyone’s tolerance. There are also other ways in which the disorder can be treated and heal.
Factors that influence the high prevalence rates of autism among children today?
Research has been done to get the cause of factors that affect high prevalence rates in autism, and it has been found that changes in diagnostic and awareness have contributed to a significant portion (Murray, 2012). Also the fact that parents are also aging and failing to perform their duties as required has contributed to the prevalence of modern autism disorder.
Also, children fail to know exactly the other kids who had been diagnosed. The children involve themselves and in the event end up being also influenced of acquiring the disorder. It is also believed a certain percentage; approximately 16 % has been due to social influence and the increased awareness of the autism disorder (Benaron, 2009).
Murray, S. (2012). Autism. New York: Routledge
Benaron, L. (2009). Autism. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press.

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