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Legalizing prostitution

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Legalizing Prostitution
Legalizing prostitution
Prostitution as we all know has been there since time immemorial. It is by many referred to be the act of giving out sexual favors to the opposite sex in exchange for services, goods, materials or money (Shilts, 2011). The act is practiced in almost all the countries and basically in the entire world. Statistics shows that prostitution alone has net revenue of billions in returns as revenue to most prostitution practiced countries. This accumulatively denotes a positive impact on a country economy, as resources gained from the act are used internally. Nonetheless, prostitution practices are distinct and vary from nation to nation. As a matter of fact, prostitution is considered so ill of a crime in other countries that the ultimate consequence and price for it, is death. Such consequences are set based on a nation’s constitutional laws. Many reasons have been tabled for the need to legalize prostitution and at the same time cons have also been set for the desire of not legalizing the practice.
The advocacy to legalize prostitution has several supportive motions that critically dwell on the benefit of the country, workers involved and general welfare of the society. As much as it has opposing factors, the pros, on the other hand, dwell more on the need to make the practice legal through an outcry that is precise.
Reduction of violence and sex-related crimes
Since most sexual workers are women, the need to legalize the practice will significantly protect them from sexual violence related cases and incidents.

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Such incidents are orchestrated by pimps and aggressive customers. Prostitution has been phrased as the oldest profession in the world by critics and scholars. Reduction of violence will favor the whole nation in the sense that, sex workers in brothels have a tool (law) to back them up as they would want their business premises to be part and parcel of an institution that abides by the rules set aside. To an extent, this would promote business. If critically analyzed a, a sex worker who has been assaulted will be reluctant in any way to call the police for help if indeed the practice is illegal. This promotes crime as perpetrators of such heinous crimes would be out there committing more related offense, since the outcry of the victims cannot be heard. Not only will legalizing prostitution lead to a decline in violence but also in sex-related crimes such rape. The study has shown that countries where prostitution is legalized, sex related crimes have significantly dropped to unimaginable levels of 39% in decrease (World Health Organization, 2002).
Promote the economy through taxes
Taxes are the major funding of most programs in whichever country. Taxes are used to ensure that the government operates and runs to benefit the citizens in all manners possible. Just like any other industry in the world, prostitution as noted earlier, has net worth billions of money if well harbored. The need to legalize prostitution will adversely and significantly have a positive effect on a respective country’s economy based on the taxes that will be paid for by the sex workers. Prostitution is a lucrative business, if well invested for, millions if not billions will be channeled to a country gross tax revenue which will profoundly benefit the nation at large. Nonetheless, sex workers would be free to conduct business as having licenses for brothels would imply that they enjoy their legal income which supports the government in raising funds that lead to a nation’s development. When and if prostitution is legalized, the demand for it will increase leading to more revenue which in turn affects the economy positively. According to research conducted in the state of Nevada, an individual sex worker earns an estimated amount of $3000 per week. It is important to know that, there are sex workers who earn more than the quoted amount (Bodenheimer and Grumbach, 2002). With Such a lucrative amount while the practice is legal, the tax revenue will amount to millions and thus boost the economy.
Law abiding citizens are protected by law. When law is enforced, we have rights. Rights range from health benefits, safety right at work places, minimum wage, and lawful protection against illegal discrimination. These are just but some of the rights that legally working individuals enjoy. Since prostitution in most countries is unlawful, sex workers don not enjoy these rights just mentioned but a few. The legalization of this act would ensure that sex workers enjoy rights just as their counterparts in other industries. The detrimental worst scenario of sex workers not enjoying rights is evidently witnessed when they are not allowed to enjoy health treatment especially those who have HIV/AIDS. Needless to say if prostitution is legalized, individuals who take part in it will be able to enjoy health rights and the law will be on their side.
Oldest professional in the world
There is a rigid and solid reason as to why prostitution is denoted by many as the oldest professional in the world (Ditmore, 2006). Even in the Bible, which dates several thousands of years back, prostitution existed. No matter what will be done, wherever it will be done, there will always be persons, who will pay for money to enjoy sexual pleasures. Whether women or me, these services will always exist as long as people are ready to pay for them. Prostitution has always been part and parcel of most cultures in most parts of the world. The best solution would be to legalize it.
In the world where activist seek to ensure that equality rules and is uphold between the two sexes; male and female, the sphere surrounded by prostitution is where women sex workers are exploited through all scenarios. Such scenarios include human trafficking, drugs and violence. Nonetheless, as much as there are reasons to make prostitution legal, it does not in any way prevent the ultimate spread of sexuality transmitted disease. Notably as much as legalization would entirely give sex workers to demand protection and the use of condoms, specific clients will need to pay more for more pleasure desires. The consequence of such an incident will lead to more rampant spread of sexually transmitted disease.
As much as legalizing prostitution would not prevent the spread of sexuality transmitted disease, the pro of legalizing it outweigh the cons. Needless to say, legalizing prostitution would ultimately protect minors from sexual related crimes such as rape and violence. Criminalization of adult prostitution is of more reasons as to why adult men turn into pimps as an alternative for the adults. Ultimately, legalization of prostitution has more positive effects to the society and the nation at large. Sexually related crimes will drastically reduce as the government will receive more taxes in revenue.
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