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Key Factors that Influence the Delivery of Products within Australia by Canadian Firms
Delivery of products is one area that can make a big difference in the success and profitability of a business (” Procurement and Logistics Trends,” n.d.). If clients get their products on time and in good quality, they will develop some loyalty towards a company. First, the distance between the Canadian firm and the point in Australia where the company intends to supply its products matters a lot (” Procurement and Logistics Trends,” n.d.). If the point has good roads and fewer restrictions from the Australian government on the type and quantity of goods to be transported by road, delivery by road would be efficient. Transportation of goods via air is fast but in most cases more expensive than the road, and for any business, reducing operation costs and maximizing profits is of core importance (” Procurement and Logistics Trends,” n.d.). One of the best ways to reduce the costs involved in logistics is to outsource all possibly related functions to a service provider with enough competencies in handling the “international logistics”; preferably an Australian service provider. This way, the Canadian firm in question can learn what means to use when and “where, and how the costs can be reduced” (” Procurement and Logistics Trends,” n.d.).
An Example of a Canadian Firm that uses Outsourcing in Australia
“Outsourcing is a trend that has been on the rise” in the 21st century.

Wait! Logistics paper is just an example!

Organizations that are looking to major on their primary competencies and still make good profits often turn to outsourcing as many services as they can (“Wipro wins,” 2014). One Canadian company that uses outsourcing in Australia is ATCO limited. ATCO limited is one of the leading corporations in Canada. In 2004, it struck an outsourcing deal with Wipro Limited; an Information Technology (IT) consulting company (“Wipro wins,” 2014). The deal involved Wipro providing ATCO with “outsourcing solutions” in both Australia and Canada. The two companies signed a “Masters Services Agreement” which would see Wipro provide almost all IT services to ATCO for ten years at an estimated price of 112 million dollars per year (“Wipro wins,” 2014). As the figures reflect, the outsourcing company also has a lot to benefit from the partnership (“Wipro wins,” 2014).
“Ten Key Procurement And Logistics Trends And How To “Navigate Their Pitfalls. (n.d.). Retrieved January 17, 2016, from”Wipro Wins a Strategic Ten Year Total Outsourcing Engagement with ATCO.” (2014, July 1). Retrieved January 17, 2016, from

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